Flak Armor Broken on Direct hits

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Torok

    as the title says, add it to the list of broken things after yesterday maintenance, you still die OHK from rocket launchers, default or decimators doesn't matter.
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  2. MorganM

    Glad I'm not the only one that feels like their infantry Flak is pointless now. It's not just infantry launchers. You get killed in one hit from tank AP and HEAT rounds. It's redicioulus that I have Flak 4 and get OHK by this stuff.
  3. Wezdor

    Not sure if trolling, or are you seriously expecting to survive a tank shell to the face?
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  4. MorganM

    Not trolling at all; Flak 4 used to let you survive these things... now it doesn't... it's broke. I'm also dieing to Proximity Mines! It's insane.
  5. CharlieTwoZero

    flak armor does not mitigate direct hits, only splash damage, dont know if a patch note said it would be changed.
  6. IamDH

    :S seems like the patch messed up quite a lot of stuff. We'll then have a hotfix that fixes the original stuff and introduces new bugs. Then we'll have a hotfix for the hotfix
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  7. TheFamilyGhost

    I remember when I got hit in the chest with a 120mm round...good times!
  8. deggy

    Flak Armor never used to let you survive a direct hit from a tank shell.
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  9. KnightCole

    I suppose thats why I couldnt roadkill enemies effectively as well? Dat Flak armor stopped my 70ton Nanite tank from killing them lol?
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  10. LordCreepy

    So much bull**** .
    Old Flak never let you survive a direct tank shell of any kind. ( maybe prowler he when shielded with HA shield)
    Nanoweave + resist shield protected you against direct hits from Prowler AP shells.

    Flak 4&5 will possible not protect you from Magrider or Vanguard shells as their direct+splash is always >2000
    As no Prowler shell reaches 2000 combined at least Flak 5 should protect against a direct hit of any kind no matter if HE/HEAT/AP
    (Which is ******** imho but thats another story)

    Regarding the Patch notes infantry Launchers got lowered to default : 1135 deci: 1335 damage.
    Now if I'd might guess SOE failed and that are the direct hit damage numbers and the splash damage of the rockets still is 1000 which means both do a combined damage of >2000 and can't be absorbed by Flak on a direct hit.

    Funny sidenote :
    this means jack **** as long splash is 1000dmg the direct damage could be changed to random numbers until its smaller 1000 to make any effect
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  11. Nhilys

    Working as intended, most thing that OHKed you before the patch still OHK you after(exceptions I can think of right now are halberd, bulldog, zepher and prowler main gun direct hits) , FLAK was not meant to become the next nanoweave with over half the population using it.
  12. RogueVindicare

    Flak 4/5 should protect you from OHK from Prowlers only, as well as the Halberd.

    As for infantry rocket launchers, I don't know. Maybe it is broken vs them. Flak 2 should be enough to prevent a OHK from a default dumbfire launcher, and Flak 3 should be enough to prevent a Decimator OHK.
  13. Spolin


    Yeah, yet another thing they broke while "upgrading".
  14. RogueVindicare

    Except for, y'know, this

    Flak Armor
    • Flak armor now resists direct damage from explosive weapons in addition to resisting AOE damage
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  15. Nhilys

    All rocket launchers inflict more than 2000 combined damage.
  16. Nhilys

    So? It works, except you're taking over 2000 damage which mean you're gonna die either way.
  17. Pikachu

    The 1000 indirect damage is wrong, it's only 500. Try suicide with a rocket launcher. Just a note.
  18. Kite Carling

    Feck this forum software...

    Big-assed explosions such as tank shells and bazzookas should OHK non-max infantry units
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  19. LordCreepy

    maximum certable flak armor is - 50%

    as long all launchers do >1000 direct and 1000 splash it doesn't ******* matter. I wonder why they changed the direct hit damage at all. You know it doesn't change anything as if they can't do simple math
  20. KAHR-Alpha

    I sure hope that doesn't apply to AP Prowlers, that'd be silly.