[Suggestion] Flail/Glaive needs more use

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RblDiver, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. RblDiver

    I love the concept of player bases, but it seems like they've really fallen by the wayside. Everyone just sprints from one base to another, or a bastion comes through and destroys a strongly-built base.

    The flail and the glaive were built almost exclusively for player base-on-player base combat. They can't fire into no-deploy zones, and the shots take so long to come that the enemy can easily scatter before they land. As such, I very, VERY rarely see these being used.

    First, you have to go get enough cortium to build a silo, the device, an AI module, and probably a repair module and skyshield module as well. You have to build all of these within 650m of your target (which is completely "danger close," and with how much no-deploy zones there are plus the most popular base locations, basically means you have to build out in the open). You have to wait for them to finish. You have to collect the targetting weapon (which you can only have one of, so no flail+glaive combo), then you have to get extremely close to your target, fire, and only if you're lucky will a shot hit and kill someone. Oh, and if you were doing this to try to support an attack on the enemy base, likely by the time you make it there, your team has already destroyed the base, making yours now worthless.

    We need something to make these useful again. For starters, I would like to see more range on them, offering more positions to attack from. Second, the "no deploy" zone restriction should NOT be "no building deploy" zones, but rather "No sunderer deploy zones," such as right on top of capture points. I would love to support my team creeping up the TI Alloys-Crown rock bridge with artillery fire, but that whole spot is verboten.

    If you think this would be OP, maybe decrease the splash radius of the damage or something when it's in those areas.

    Other ideas would be allowing the manual firing of the shots, similar to the PS1 flail, or possibly giving them some sort of anti-bastion utility (like a stationary colossus that fires very slow-moving shots against a moving target, hardly imbalanced). Heck, I don't know, maybe you could make them shoot anywhere you want, but they'd do a large bubble of flak damage in the air at 50m, making them fantastic against aircraft who don't move, but almost useless against the ground. Just something to make them worth spending credits/certs on, because right now, I very much regret getting them.
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  2. Crayv

    I think the no build zones need to be made smaller overall and the Flail/Glaive made to fire kinda like an outfit asset. The console brings up a map and you select where to shoot. Then you can have a friend/outfit play spotter for you.
  3. RabidIBM

    Please no, they are already on a path of dispersing construction into other aspects, don't encourage them. I like my flail. It's very situational, but very useful. The glaive is really only an anti base weapon, but the flail is useful in several places.

    I do support increasing the area they can fire into, as just in general this game needs more splash damage to break up the 96+ fights a bit. I would like to see a new engineer deployable weapon added, and give them a mortar. Rifle grenades need a redo as well.

    I also support giving the player bases some ability to fend off bastions, as they currently have no counter. I'd make whatever counter weapon show up on the map like orbital strikes (something else that got devalued by spammable outfit assets) and make it cortium hungry so players won't use it frivolously

    It would also be nice if cortium bombs required cortium...
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  4. RblDiver

    Absolutely. When I used to see OS towers on the map, I tended to ignore the main fight in an attempt to destroy those before they wrecked my team. Now, I just ignore 'em until we're moving in that direction anyway.

    Fun note, just yesterday after doing this post, I actually did use the flail offensively. I built it, raced over to where the enemy armor column was, and got two shots off...before marauding harassers took out the AI module. Went back, built another, got back to the armor column, got one more shot off before the tanks destroyed the flail. It didn't do anything to slow them down, only ~20 kills from targeting a popular sunderer. By the time I was able to rebuild later, they were near the base, which has a ~300m no-build-zone, so I couldn't use it anymore.
  5. RabidIBM

    I'm not surprised that's how it ended given the scenario you are describing. I've been doing up some posts about construction lately, and the biggest thing I need to hammer home is that it is not a solo op. You want to be working with a team, and in the matter of armoured fights, supplying them with free lightnings while flailing. The flail is good, as you pointed out, for knocking out sunderers. It is also good at forcing tanks off their good firing positions, and forcing them back out of cover when they are trying to repair, which often results in them getting shot while they dive for new cover that doesn't have shells incoming.

    Construction is often not great for making certs yourself, but fantastic for setting your team up for success. It's really intended for the players who have the toys they want, and now are just playing the game for fun.

    Honestly, buy now I probably could have bought every certable upgrade in the game if not for all the certs I spend trying to loot box the minor cloak. I think that would be fantastic to have on a light assault for delivery of routers and orbital darts, nobody expects cloaked light assaults. But nooooooooo the loot box mechanics won't give it to me.

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