[Suggestion] Fixing mines and c4

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  1. sagolsun

    One of the great contributions of chemistry to modern warfare were modern stable explosives. Black powder had the tendency to ignite easily, which was generally considered to be a bad thing. One of the requirements of a modern explosives is that they don't go off when they're not supposed to. C4 is, contrary to common belief, quite stable.

    Simply put, if you shoot a block of c4 it won't explode. Even incendiary rounds won't make it explode, it will just burn, venting the gasses through the hole left by the projectile.

    Mines are even more specific - they're generally using shaped charges, like HEAT rounds or (kinda) claymores. That means the armor-penetrating slug goes only one direction - upwards, while the blastwave, much less lethal to armored targets, spreads outwards from the point of detonation.

    An anti-tank mine, when shot, wouldn't create an effective penetrator. Most likely it would just shatter and break or ignite and create a flashy but not very lethal fireworks display.

    This isn't ARMA however and realism should be applied when it's conductive to gameplay. Here's my suggestion:
    Divide the mine's explosive power into a directional AP cone and small HE blast. Shooting the mine with any weapon or secondary blast will trigger only the HE part of the blast - lethal to infantry in close proximity but not damaging armor much. When a mine is triggered by an enemy vehicle both the AP and HE blasts fire.

    That way we still have viable mine clearing, mines still explode when shot (that's what players expect) but also removes the glitchy effect of mines being used as a superior C4.