FIX WEAPON SIGHTS ALREADY - will help with weapon balance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trysaeder, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Trysaeder

    Half the reflex sights in this game are pathetic. They're either too big, or their colours are stupid and they are not illuminated properly. Some sights have a good dot, others have a bad one. I don't understand why this is the case, as it would be far simpler to design a single good sight.
    • BIGGEST ISSUE - SOME SIGHT DOTS ARE OVERSIZED, see first image below. That is a distance of about 20 metres with an NC 2x reflex and it covers the target's head completely. This seems to be random, as some guns have good dot sizes and some are just horrible. Applies to 3.4x scopes as well.
    • VS reflex sights turn black/brown at night. The green dot of the 2x is especially terrible at night, and the red dot isn't even illuminated.
    • NC reflex sights are impossible to see on Indar. Who thought that pale orange was a good idea?
    • Some weapons suffer from BOTH the large dot and terrible visibility, making them especially horrible.
    • IRNV crosshairs are black. WHO THE HELL THOUGHT OF THIS BRILLIANT IDEA? They should be rewarded with a kick in the face.
    • Precision scopes are not sharp enough. Having a chevron that's morbidly obese in a higher powered scope is completely counter intuitive.
    • Iron sights are not visible while in final stage cloak. Kind of a pain in the ***.
    • (VS) Iron sights have different front post marker sizes. Huge green blob of paint for the CME, tiny, precise marker for the Corvus.
    • GIVE PISTOLS REFLEX SIGHTS ALREADY. Probably most important for the VS as their sighting becomes hilariously inaccurate as soon as you start firing. Would help the Repeater too, but that thing barely needs to be aimed.
    Fixing weapon sights would improve everyone's aim, and bring other factions closer to the level of TR's sights. Remember that MONSTROUS + on the TR 1x reflex back in beta? They fixed that stupid idea but didn't do the same for the bad sights in other factions.

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  2. Meiu

    I would like the option to alter the coloration of those kind of sights by the player because due to my colorblindness I can't even use half the sights available in the game :/
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  3. Nephera

    I'd like TR standard ironsights on my NC guns personally.

    never had a problem. I use the x2 reflex on all of my guns. I play NC and mostly on indar and amerish. If this is TRULEY a problem, and not merely an annoyance, then people really need to learn how to play FPS's. Using the reflex sight in this game is much like you would use it in real life:as a reference only! They are not friggin scopes, their intend is for moderate accuracy at short ranges with fast target acquisition.You are never supposed to be looking at the dot. you should remain focused on your target and your peripherals move the dot onto the target automatically.

    I thought the dots were to small TBH
  5. Raigir

    I have literally gotten to the point where I no longer use Reflex sights on my NC weapons. They just too wonky to use. Iron sights is cleaner and easier to see, making aiming far better. If they could seriously make these scopes a bit more user friendly so to speak I would definatly reconsider them. Right now iron sights is far better and far more pain free.

    Oh and who they hell thought gray scale was a good idea for the infared night vision to begin with?! That thing needs changing or at least change the color of the dang crosshairs for it.

    Finally, I don't have any pictures for it, but has anyone else noticed the inconsistent levels of zoom(ness) when ADS'ing. For instance when I ads on the NC lmg with a 2x reflex it feels like the sight and my characters point of view from it is at a naturally correct distance. BUT when I go over to the carbine and assault rifles its like the character now has his eyeball glued to the sight when in ADS. It would be extremely helpful for the carbine and AR point of view to be pulled back slightly and be similiar to lmg's point of view.
  6. d1spatch

    I like using iron-sights, but VS sites are complete garbage. A circular blob where I'm trying to be precise with my aim? C'mon man.
  7. Takoita

    +1 to this. Unless I can catch my target on a bright 'white' backdrop in IRNV, I have to fire than correct by tracers.
  8. Stealth0wnz

    Thank you.
  9. Trysaeder

    Half the reason why people use the NS-11a. It has one of the finest iron sights out of the assault rifles.
  10. NovaAustralis

    I can tell you for a fact that real-world NWS have illuminated red crosshairs / mil dots... they are powered by a small battery.

    Reflex Sights are also battery-powered. The red dots / crosshairs in Reflex Sights are not opaque either, you can see- through them.

    As to why they put black crosshairs on an IRNV scope, NFI...
  11. Wahooo

    Weird... I don't like the iron sights on any of the guns so far but the TR standard I felt was the worst. VS the best and NC a bit in the middle.
  12. Retool

    There is something off with your settings. Or perhaps its a real issue on low settings?
    The reflex sight on my NC always has a clear red dot (even on indar).
    Im not saying it couldnt be improved and others have said the size is too big. To me the size isnt an issue either.
  13. Wahooo

    That's what she said

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  14. Pinchy

    I want a RANGE FINDER sight for the rocket launchers, it makes it so its harder to quick-fire on close infantry but easier to aim at range, with the dot range finder.

    You place a dot, then it gives you a range and a rough dot of where to aim, the fatter the dot the more of a players judgement needs to be used.
  15. Monnor

    Yeah sights need a rework, or at least some sort of different settings.

    The IR scope crosshair is black cause in beta the targets were red.

    And this is not future stuff.
  16. Trysaeder

    That's something I'd like too. The rockets have a unique path where they fly straight for a certain distance, then start dropping. A sight that accommodates this would be really nice.

    same here. yes please
  18. phreec

    I agree.

    The NC RDS is quite terrible, it's way too bloated and oversized. We're not playing this on consoles so our monitors aren't 3 meters away from us so copying BF3's terrible RDS design is doing you no good SOE. The worst part about the RDS is how it just seems to be a solid texture instead of a transparent one...

    You should instead copy the MG36 red dot from BC2. It was very transparent and you could pixel snipe with it quite well as the dot wasn't just a huge red circle that covers the whole enemy past 50 meters. The brightest point in the middle (white) was excellent for aiming at further ranges.

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  19. MartianDiscoFish

    The Scythe's crosshair is pretty bad too, Cyan against a bright blue sky is very difficult to see sometimes.
  20. Trysaeder

    Just experienced this today. It's really annoying to switch to first person to read my pitch angle, only to find that it's unreadable until I look someone else.