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  1. DeMaggo

    Their new ability is not just way better than the alternatives of other maxes, it totally ruins the game.

    I had a group of 10 players playing together on Planetside2, each very experienced, with good gear and lots of money spent into the game.
    The only one that's occassionally playing PS2 now is me. For 10 minutes to a maximum, that is.

    The Vanu maxes ruin the game for all opposing factions. They evade most shots, cannot be hit by rockets and gun everyone down that is trying to get the C4 close. One single max without repairs outpowers a squad of 12 players, especially in closecombat situations.
    While the rocketpods for ESF are overpowered, the Vanu maxes crossed the line of invincibility.

    I beg of you- find another ability for the Vanu maxes.


    PS: I don't care for the following troll wars.
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  2. Mackintoke

    Whats ZOE?
  3. chrisbeebops

    If your whole squad got gunned down by a single MAX, regardless of faction, then I can guarantee the problem is not the MAX.
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  4. DrunkenDoughnuts

    If you can hit regular infantry you can hit a ZOE max. If you can't, then...

    And if your squad quit because of ZOE, then they weren't meant for PS2. Gotta have a little more intestinal fortitude than that.
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  5. PurpleOtter

    All fear the Zo(E)idberg MAX!!!!
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  6. Cougarbrit

    I agree. Zoidberg OP.

    Fear the whoop.
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  7. Mackintoke

    I gotta try this thing out. I'll be the wisest guy.
  8. Shinrah

    I bet if SOE removed all positive effects from ZOE, bar the Purple glow, people would still open at least two ZOE threads a day complaining how op it is. It´s like a childrens nightmare for TR and NC, every night their parents have to check under the bed to make sure no purple monster is hiding there.

    25 friends, 237 members of my outfit and 5431 of my faction quite due to ZOE

  10. Vixxing

    Yeah, i take out 12-ish experienced well-certed HA's regulary with my ZoE +blueshift all i have to do is dodge 95% of their bullets and 100% of their rockets... while keeping each of them in my sights for about 4 seconds 12*4 48...
  11. Bolticus

    Even a strafing MAX can't dodge bullets.
    If I ever tried to take down 12 HA myself, they would just focus fire with their LMGs. I'd be down in 2 seconds flat.
    Very few people even try to use their RLs now.
  12. Vixxing

    Man there is no fooling you... Bolticus Holmes? (or is it Sherlock Bolticus)
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  13. Bolticus

    (I killed Thor and stole his hammer)
  14. Timperium

    I bet if ZOE didn't glow, half of these whiners wouldn't even know the difference between a ZOE MAX and a non-ZOE MAX. They are just complaining because they died to something.
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  15. Torok

    haven't experienced any more traumatic encounter with ZOE lately, it's finally affordable to engage.
    next patch will even address bursters, can we just get over with this one?


    inb4 new FOTM JACKHAMMER
  16. Pat Cleburne

    ZOE is game breaking. OP I feel your pain. The defenders of the ZOE will never listen though. They know it all. Meaning, they know they can **** any and everything with it.
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  17. Fumblewatt

    There is a well kept secret in this FPS game, if you point and click on the glowing max it will take damage and die.
  18. Wulfen109

    i do just fine with my NC max against Zoe. But i fear with the 3rd or 4th shotgun nerf thats coming in GU11, Itll be a bit more difficult for us. But you wont see NC get a buff ever because people complain that higby and smedly are playing favorites
  19. FnkyTwn

    If by 'quit' you mean "rolled VS alts so they could ZOE too" then yes, they did.
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  20. Eyeklops

    While the TTK isn't quite 4 seconds, I agree with your overall assessment. I have killed entire squads before with a ZOE max, but not all in the same room, at the same time. Normally when I own up a whole squad/platoon full of noobs it's more like a trickle effect. Idiots will come through the door 1 or 2 at a time. Well, derp, try sending all 12 through the door at once. It's funny because radar usually picks up the other 10 standing outside the door too chicken $hit to just charge in and kill me (which they could easily do).

    As far as the VS ZOE max being the best QCQ MAX vs MAX, big eff'in deal. NC hacksaws dominated other maxes in QCQ for more than a few months, now it's our turn for a bit. The devs see the data and ZOE will get balanced regardless of the forum QQ. Besides, the NC max is still the best anti-infantry max for QCQ. I do think they should consider changing the NC Maxs intense 0-10m instagib in favor of a usable TTK and 20-30m of range.