Fix the Trash that is the Spawn System

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  1. Campagne

    Look at this screenshot and understand why I am unhappy about this:


    Things to note:
    • There are four possible spawn locations currently available to me.
      • One of them is the warpgate.
      • One of them is a PMB spawn tube 1962 meters away from my current position (not pictured).
      • The other two are uncontested bases.
    • The NC which I'm playing as has the least population and the least territory by far.
    • I cannot spawn in the base directly next to the warpgate because for the first time in literal hours the fight is equal population.
    I should hope this alone makes the issue obvious. The problem is that I can't spawn anywhere. How can there be only eight bases (plus the WG) and only two of those allow spawning? Empty bases at that. (I don't really have a huge issue with the unlinked bases, this isn't about them.)

    When a faction has less than ten bases with a lattice connection to the wargate any and all players in that faction should have open access to spawn anywhere in that area. Especially if one of the bases is contested and literally touching the warpgate, regardless of local population balance. Especially when that faction is massively out numbered.

    And secondly, I don't want to spawn on a tube in the middle of nowhere. I don't want to spawn on a tube literally kilometers away from the only territory my faction has a connection to and especially not when I have only four total spawn choices. I should have spawned there just to blow it up! But then how would I have gotten back? :rolleyes:

    Ultimately there should never be less than five or six spawn options not including the warpgate at any given time. If a faction has so little territory and population "redeployside" isn't going to be an issue. What am I going to do? Spawn at Sharpe's Run and make it a 6v5? Good gawd the horror that would have been. :p

    Meanwhile I've enjoyed many 10-20% NC (AKA me) verses 80-90% TR/VS and they had no issues moving around.

    And to top it off Join Combat offered to take me to uncontested bases around the center of the map instead of actual fights in allied territory. (Hence why I redeployed from over 3000 km away from said territory.)