[Suggestion] Fix the TR Infiltrator's camo

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Ned

    We recentely got some great camo fixes in GU7 but it was not enough, anyone who plays a TR Infiltrator and uses a camo knows that the camo barely covers any of the infiltrator, we have a lot of black and red still visible, compared to the NC and VS's Infiltrators which the camo basically covering everything, to illustate my point these are all infiltrators using the Esamir Snow camo

    NC [IMG]

    VS [IMG]

    TR [IMG]

    As you can see, while the VS and NC have camo that covers their whole bodies and makes them really blend in, the TR infiltrator has big splodges of Red and black everywhere that really break the effect, Il be tweeting this thread to the development team also and just wanted to raise awareness of the issue, if we buy camo we expect to be camoflaged and not stick out too much!
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  2. Shockwave44

    You have more camo showing the the NC infiltrator does or at least the same.
  3. Ganelon

    TR infiltrator looks awful anyway.
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  4. RHINO_Mk.II

    Yeah, but you get green goggles, so it's all fair and balanced.
  5. Rudette

    I like how we look!

    But admittedly, this camo issue has been something I've thought about from time to time as well. The red trim even with camo makes us easily distinguishable at a glance unlike the other two! I've never been a fan of the glowing yellow trim on the NC either!

    I've been wondering rather or not it was a big enough deal to mention, but I suppose I support your thread!
  6. tenzenator

    you are arrogant faction, you dont need camo at all :D
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  7. Ned

    The issue is paying for the camo than barely having it show at all, its not fair compared to the other two infiltrators
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  8. desdicardo

    dont the NC suffer from tron armor?

    4:35 is what I'm talking about
  9. Makora

    I feel camo helps quite a lot on the TR infiltrator. And to kinda debuff the OP on this, you forgot tot take off the composite armor on the TR.

    Red is one of those colors that, at first glance, would mean that "oh I pop out so easy!" but actually, it's not. Red is drowned out quite easily, especially at darker conditions. Why do you think militaries use red flashlights? It's not because of tacticool, red disperses and dims into black very fast.

    That being said, OP is making a point. I just don't see it as a pressing issue.

    EDIT: Also I can say that the glowy lights on an infiltrator is... just weird and something I can't get behind. I can somehow see the argument that if infiltrator's were too good at sneaking then they'd be a bit OP, but... we all know better. If you weren't going to see the infiltrator now, you could of had a brightly colored assault there.
  10. Rogueghost

    NC and VS infiltrators are aesthetically OP, nerf them and make them as ugly as tr infiltrators...
  11. Fried

    Red is used on flashlight to avoid damaging your natural night vision, for instance if you look at a map at night with a normal lensed flashlight and when you turn of that light you will take some time for your eyes to aclimatise to the darkness and you cant see a thing, I use red light in a couple of my hobbies including amature astromony and thats why its used.

    Onto the Op and yes I agree, the TR camo needs to get rid of the red stripes, infact all red apart from the red triangle on the chest, I chose NC for my Infiltrator just because the camo worked far better than TR and VS, we now have better coverage on VS so I do feel it would be only fair that TR get the same coverage
  12. Kunavi

    I play mostly as an Infiltrator for the TR and I agree that they look... Odd. It's the only Faction for which I don't think I want to spend SC for Camo. They all look bad, I much prefer the original suit's colours.
  13. Llaf

    I very rarely wear camo on my infiltrator because of this.
  14. Lepalose

    The design on TR infiltrators has always been significantly worse then the other two factions. This should be fixed in a future model update, because it is so easy to spot TR infiltrators relative to the NC/VS factions.
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  15. TheRealMetalstorm

    i love posting this video whenever someone questions glowy armour or bright colours.
    people in PS2 are completely blind because it's just too tiring to be on the alert at all times.

    and while defending, the garage of the crown is the last place place you can expect an enemy tank to be in, anyway. by a long shot. hilarity ensues.
  16. Ned

    Got a tweet saying they would pass the message along, but try to keep the thread alive guys, so we can be sure something is getting worked on!
  17. Papio

    Just saw the new VS composite armor...... black.... completely black with a silver face.
  18. Lazaruz

    When I bugged T-Ray about the issue earlier, he mentioned that they are doing a cosmetic touch up pass on the TR as well.
  19. NyaR

    TR has always been screwed in terms of camo. They are a military faction but rag tag NC dogs have better camouflage. I got better camo at home than TR does thousands of years in the future. 2013 people are using multicam and atacs and we're stuck on Gulf era desert scrub and woodland from the 60s.
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  20. Dishwasher64

    You're absolutely right. The issue is just that by and large I hate the camo changes. It's not that I have an issue identifying someone as friend or foe (it's not that hard when you have good situational awareness and check for the chevron), I just dislike that people with camo look totally bland and identical. Infiltrators might be an exception though, because A. they actually look pretty distinct, and B. they are the "sneaky" class, so it's kind of appropriate for them to be the best camoflaged.

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