Fix the Railjack now!

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Vanon, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Merzun

    Bought the Railjack without testing it on live believing it would be like the one on PTS. Luckily I used certs.
    In its current state I can't recommend it. Maybe it will grown on me but I doubt it at the moment.
    There is barely any difference between Longshot and Railjack. The Railjack has slightly less drop and maybe it's
    a bit earlier at the target, but I had to conclude it from the video. Gameplay wise I can't really feel the difference,
    but the delay vs live targets is very noticeable. With the delay I can't recommend it, without it maybe, if you don't own the Longshot already, as the gun would be only a slight upgrade.

    Here's a video comparison between the two guns from PTS and live showing non-silenced/silenced shots. The delay is not very visible, you have to fire the gun in live environment to really notice it.

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  2. Nephi1im

    The final iteration on the PTS was perfectly fine. It was a longshot with a bit less drop. That might have been why everyone was saying it was fine.... because it was.
  3. Dragonblood

    No, it wasn't. A gun that is dominant in every relevant attribute over the rest of it's class, is not balanced. The nerf wasn't very user friendly, though.
  4. Valok

    IF we could see infantry and pull of shots from 400-600m, then the RJ would have a place due to it's increased speed even with the delay. Right now though, depending on the situation/distance it's a worse/normal Longshot, which is sad.
  5. Vaphell

    you can't be serious. 0.2+850m/s vs 0+650m/s looks like this.


    it takes 0.85s for Failjack to come on top and that's beyond rendering range (~560m) , any target within 130m is killed with longshot before the bullet even leaves the barrel. Did i mention it also has less ammo and a fancy firing effects that draw enemies like flies to honey?
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  6. Dragonblood

    So how should they fix it....I mean rebalance it?
  7. CrazyMike

    Wish I had found this before I posted in technical, oh well. But yes, there is a real crappy mechanic with the railjack. If you are used to the Longshot or bolt driver, the impact is immediate and very, very obvious. There is a delay between trigger and fire which is a ridiculous, counter intuitive and ignorant design.

    Also, I am not asking for anything too far fetched here. I would suggest, since you insist on gimping everything for the sake of making it weaker, put in a firing timer, a 'ready' option. Put in a 'hold and release' option, where the player can click the left mouse button and hold it, then release it when the gun is charged or an indicator on the HUD says 'ready' like the gate shield diffuser or the vanguard shield etc. I will take almost any other way to delay time between shots as long as the bullet leaves the gun when I want it to.

    Also, with latency always in fluxuation for everybody, how are we supposed to compensate for the delay after we pull the trigger, consistently ?
  8. EvilMindedSquirrel

    So let me get this straight:
    You guys want an (a) incredible accurate, (b) one-shot-kill sniper rifle with (c) the fastest shot speed in the game, (d) the highest amount of ammo for a sniper rifle and (e) an almost none existing learning curve.
    Yeah, about that.You see what the problem is here; don't you?

    It is your own fault if you did not test it in the VR or got a trial on it. Seriously, there are often changes from the test server to the actual in game patch. This is nothing new.
    Sorry to hear that you feel "ripped off" but you had the same change to try it as everyone else and as every other weapon in the game.
  9. Epicstrat

    1. They changed it from test to launch.
    2. They got rid of the ammo thing.
    3. We don't want OP god rifle, we just don't want a worse longshot.
    4. Fastest shot time = .11 fewer seconds to target at max range. Ranges below 130m the longshot impacts before the Railjack fires due to shot delay.
  10. Iridar51

    This would be true if the delay made your gun freeze in place. You still can steer the gun during those two 0.2 seconds.
    Until recently I wasn't aware that 10 ammo in a mag was a bug. Should've guessed as much.

    Look, I'm not protecting the railjack, I've changed my opinion since I wrote that post. It's just when I first held the gun delay seemed barely existing.
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  11. ISKNausicaa

    Did my own math in the the 10 shot thread i started independent to this, at 300m the Railjack barely beats the T1 rifles
    Railjack@300m = 0.35+0.2=0.55
    T1@300m = 0.56

    Under 300m and every BSAR has a quicker travel time, in terms of bullet velocity the Railjack the worst rifle in the game (obviously not counting the Phase here).

    The only thing it has over the other rifles is a flatter bullet trajectory and the ability to hit people in exposed vehicles further out than 300m.

    My main gripe is we spent 3 weeks testing the rifles and giving feedback for them to go and shoehorn this random change in at the last minute, when i tried it for the first time i thought the 10 shot + increased ammo was recompense for this added delay, the maintainance patch notes kicked that thought in the balls.
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  12. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the Empire Specific Sniper Rifles go the way of the Empire Specific MAX I predicted.

    Except for, maybe, the TRAP...which some TR seem to like. That, however, reflects the NC shield that some MAX users still wield. Pretty much the same outcome, underwhelming empire specific weapons because the development team didn't listen and rushed.
  13. CrazyMike

    Yes, **** this gun, I want a refund.
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  14. ISKNausicaa

    The problem is if you move the cross hairs between the time you press the trigger and the bullet leaving the barrel the COF blooms leading to missed shots.

    That delay also stops dragshotting (or at least makes it bloody hard to do).
  15. CrazyMike

    I don't think people understand this, who do not fire at running targets. This is a game breaker for somebody who is even semi skilled at sniping.
  16. Vaphell

    i updated the google doc chart to include other basrs but it made the original image broken.

    so here it is

    edit: it fixed itself? lol
  17. ISKNausicaa

    lol missed off the close range BASRS, even at 500m/s they still beat the railjack at their intended OHK max range (200m)
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  18. ISKNausicaa

    Just jumped onto the PTR to check the new mission systems, i also thought id swing by the VR room to check for any potental changes to the rifles, on the PTR in the weapon description they have dropped all mention of the split second delay, and in its place a confirmation that this rifle requires significantly less leading.

    It feels instant when i tested it but its hard to say on PTR VR against static targets.
  19. Merzun

    The delay was never implemented on the test server.
  20. Vanon

    Go back to what it was on the test server. and what everyone suggested. 3-4 round clip, 40% longer chamber time. It was enough to seriously punish any misses, and prevented someone from racking up huge numbers in a short time, as the reload was the longest in the game. The 200 more velocity on test in actual combat was not as dramatic as everyone thinks. It wasn't easy mode, as you had to lead your targets just as you have to now. It just changed where you lead them. If it's still to powerful take away the extra 50 damage. At the last possibile resort as NO ONE wants these stupid delay/charge mechanics, atleast give us an indicator and the ability to hold the charge like the VS.