Fix the Mag Rider.

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  1. AntDX316

    You have to stop the Mag when you turn making it difficult compared to other ESMBTs. The lightning and harasser can give a lot better damage performance and cost less.
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  2. OneShadowWarrior

    And most main battle tanks including lightings have 360 degree turret rotation, while with the Mag you have to turn completely to expose your rear.
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  3. Johannes Kaiser

    And all other vehicles can not strafe. Unbelievable, must fix!
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  4. Pelojian

    if you know what you are doing you don't need to slow down too much when turning the magrider.
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  5. V43xV1CT15

    What ? Have you tried setting up controls that are easy to use? Are you doing most of your maneuvers and motions with the mouse alone and no keys? Do you know how to drive the magrider? If you need help find me in game I play on emerald too. Magrider is fine bruh
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  6. Liewec123

    What do you mean you have to stop when you turn?
    Unless it is a bug this patch mag can move in any direction while facing any direction,
    They don't need to stop to turn.
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  7. Demigan

    You can turn while holding the W key.
    If you want to turn and keep going in the old direction, you can hit the A or D key (depends on your turning direction) as you turn, eventually releasing the W key when you are almost perpendicular to your old direction.

    Isnt the point of turning that you can aim your turret at your enemy? And isnt the turret located at the front rather than the rear? And doesnt the Magrider have the best chance of finding a spot on the battlefield where a second threat cant get in its rear?

    If you are talking about when you flee: all 3 vehicles have to turn their rear if they have a glimmer of hope of escaping. The Magrider is simply the fastest to turn and can flee into much rougher terrain when necessary.
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  8. Goodkat

    You just need practice. Mag can turn alright. Just don't let lightnings or harrassers drive under you. Bottom armor weakness only exists to **** over magriders.
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  9. InexoraVC

    you'll be roadkilled here for this post :)
  10. Caesar_REDMIST

    Nice,I've been alive so far to see Vanu MBT tankers wanting a better tank. Sometimes life surprises me.:eek:
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  11. Demigan

    Bottom armor comes into play when the other vehicles are scaling the top of a steep hill. Otherwise I just cant see the problem with Magriders and vehicles underneath them. Have you ever TRIED to get underneath a Magrider? A Harasser cam receive a lot of damage from ramming a heavier vehicle, there's even a video of a Magrider killing several Harassers by ramming them as they get close. With other vehicles its a nightmare. From underneath all you can see is Magrider, but your turret often cant elevate to hit the Magrider meaning you cant even see if you can hit the Magrider or not. You also have to save up your shot, as a Magrider only needs to turn on the spot to get off of you and if it is any normal Magrider it'll be strafing as well.
    You also make it easy for the Magrider to get into your rear. To get underneath a Magrider you have to drive at it at a good speed. The Magrider can easily strafe to either side just before impact and make sure you only skim underneath one side. Since the tank trying to get underneath needs to have a speed greater than the strafing speed to have any hope to get under (if the target has the brains that he can change direction) he'll just fly passed as he tries to slow down and turn. A Magrider can easily expoit this by turning around and shooting into the back of the guy who tried to get underneath.
    In fact I sometimes see the exact reverse: the Magrider tries to get over the target so he can turn as he slides over the target and get a rear-shot into the non-Magrider.

    TL, DR:
    Complaining about enemies getting underneath the Magrider is like complaining that Fire Suppression creates a visible light. Yes its there but the positives greatly outweigh the negatives.
  12. tootoll

    Think that OP is talking about long range targeting, even slightest bump on turn to take aim is making you miss your target. Yea Maggis can have element of surprise jumping from the cliff behind enemy or running away when in trouble. Close range is ok, long range is a joke especially on moving target. Shot for shot long range Maggis are weakest MBT in game due to problem aiming on long range.

    Prowler have its fire rate or shealds (Anchored Mode) or shealds with speed (Rampart Projector)
    Vanguard have its def. with Forward Vanguard Shield and Nimitz Reactor
    Magrider have.. flying o_O, like that will help on open field on long range :0)

    Strange how faction with claimed low bullet drop does not have lower bullet drop on MBT main wep to compensate.
  13. LordKrelas

    You mean the strafing tank at long range, doesn't have perfect bullet-drop-less accuracy at long-range where they are the hardest thing to hit in vehicle combat, due to their strafing having the most effect by range?

    Maybe they have bullet-drop, due to their advantage of strafing which scrambles hitting them at long-range.
    If they had both, They'd never would get closer.
    Anchor mode for TR does not have Shields ; Rampart Projector enlarges their Hitbox.
    Vanguard Shield Lasts 6 Seconds - This makes it useless at range.
    Nimitz, removes Vanguard HP for a tiny Shield HP - Which barely helps with a rocket, and can't be repaired.

    Magriders have Strafing, which means hitting it is bloody difficult if the Operator can operate a keyboard.
    If they had the easier time firing at Long-range; They'd have both the easiest shot & hardest-to-hit traits by range.

    Magrider has the drop, to give a reason to get close.
    Otherwise, they'd dominate at a distance, in both defense & offense.
  14. Demigan

    You do realize that the Magslider is the least affected by rough terrain while moving compared to the other vehicles in the game?
    You also realize that the Magrider is the only one that can present its slim front armor and still dodge shots where the other two have to show their weaker and broader side-armor to do even half of what the Magrider does?

    Also what the Magriser has is:
    - strafing, avoiding shots can easily outweigh the advantage of extra health or DPS.
    - omni-directional movement. The other tanks have to turn their chassis just right to get in and out of cover, which is the most basic tactic used in the game. Magrisers can get in and out of cover with more ease from mamy directions, this allows more Magriders to use the same piece of cover.
    - stable firing on the move. The other vehicles tend to have to stop to fire because of how terrain affects them, the Magrider is the only one that doesnt have to do that.
    - auto-granted afterburners. This gives Magriders the ability to pick Fire Suppression without penalties and gives it extra health to counter the extra health or DPS the other two have.
    - less affected by terrain overall. Other vehicles have to stick to the roads for the most part, Magrider doesnt.
    - front-fixed weapon. Means you have your front armor facing the enemy.
    - highest turn rates. Makes the Magrider the least affected by Harassers as the Magslider can more easily keep its rear armor away.

    Also the fact that you named the Nimitz Reactor a boost just shows how little you know. When the Nimitz Reactor was introduced the other factions got:
    - Free afterburner that doesnt take a slot
    - free Anchor mode that doesnt take a slot, ability to move while DPS is increased.

    You may notice that those are straight upgrades (although the people on TR who fail to use maneuvering disagree). But the NC Nimitz Reactor takes a slot, does not upgrade the tank and is practically a Nanite Auto Repair that only repairs 1000 health from the Vanguard and prevents that health from being manually repaired.
  15. Goodkat

    As someone with 5000+ kills driving a magrider let me address this oft touted "advantage." Strafing to avoid shots does not come into play in 95%+ of engagements. Why? Because the magrider strafes slowly and tank rounds move fast. This means that in order to doge a shot by reaction, you have to be very far away. Shooting at enemies who are very far away is mostly pointless as you won't get a kill. The enemy vehicle will move behind cover or simply run away. The way to get kills in a magrider is to ambush. You need to flank and strike from an unexpected angle against other MBTs. This happens at ranges too close for shot dodging.

    This "advantage" is just as much a disadvantage. It means the front of our tank always gets to point the way we shoot, but it also means that the front of our tank always has to point the way we shoot. The magrider turns slower than any turret so it makes tracking harassers more difficult for us. The front fixed weapon combined with its low mounting point and the fact that the magrider floats means it is nearly impossible to hull down effectively with the magrider which is something that all other vehicles can do. This means we nearly always present a large profile to hit.
  16. tootoll

    Yap, quite correct on that, that is why i do not even pull maggie anymore. Indar is mostly unsutable for them, amerish and esamir more or less, only hossin is alright by my option, and most of people do not like to play on hossin. Edit: nice post and comments that sums it all

    So as OP already stated Harraser or ightinig is my prefered MBT :) . More hits on long range more mobility when running.

    Wonder whats the statistic on number of pulled MBT for each faction.
  17. tootoll

    Ooh i found one nice funny video for you all :)

  18. Campagne


    Fresh data! Population wise, as of the time of posting according to Dasanfall:
    • Connery: Total of 103,984 players = 39,109 NC, 35,181 TR, and 29,694 VS
    • Miller: Total of 106,614 players = 42,975 NC, 34,617 TR, and 29,022 VS
    • Cobalt: Total of 101,782 players = 34,605 NC, 37,973 TR, and 29,204 VS
    • Emerald: Total of 127,434 players = 46,324 NC, 46,173 TR, and 34,937 VS
    • Briggs: Total of 17,537 players = 5628 NC, 7017 TR, and 4892 VS
    • Soltech is not tracked.
    Therefore the totals are 168,641 NC, 160,961 TR, and 127,749 VS, with a grand total of 457,351players in total.

    Given this, on average the NC constitutes ~36.87% of the population, the TR being ~35.19% of the population, and the VS occupying only ~27.93% of all players.

    Thus, in terms of tanks pulled per faction population:

    • 7007 Vanguards total per 168,641 players = ~0.04155 Vanguards per player or one Vanguard for every 25 players.
    • 8316 Lightnings total per 168,641 players = ~0.04931 Lightnings per player or one Lightning for every 21 players.
    • 15,323 total tanks per 168,641 players = ~0.09086 tanks per player or one tank of either type for every 12 players.
    • 6618 Prowlers total per 160,961 players = ~0.04112 Prowlers per player or one Prowler for every 25 players.
    • 8264 Lightnings total per 160,961 players = ~0.05134 Lightnings per player or one Lightning for every 20 players.
    • 14,882 total tanks per 160,961 players = ~0.09246 tanks per player or one tank of either type for every 11 players.
    • 4632 Magriders total per 127,749 players = ~0.03226 Magriders per player or one Magrider for every 28 players.
    • 7098 Lightnings total per 127,749 players = ~0.05556 Lightnings per player or one Lightning for every 18 players.
    • 11,730 total tanks per 127,749 players = ~0.09182 tanks per player or one tank of either type for every 11 players.
    • The NC & TR pull roughly the same number of MBTs per capita, with the VS pulling fewer.
    • The TR & VS pull roughly the same number of lightnings per capita, with the NC pulling slightly fewer.
    • The TR & VS pull roughly the same number of tanks per capita, with the NC pulling slightly fewer overal.
    • Overall, lightnings are universally more common than MBTs per capita across all factions.
    • Despite player and faction populations increasing over the last testing period (just over one year ago), the number of tanks of all types for all factions have dropped significantly. The ratio of players-to-tanks have all doubled to tripled within a period of thirteen months. All players are pulling fewer tanks than previously.
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  19. Demigan

    You can't dodge the shots? Oh infantry is even slower when strafing than a Magrider, so they have even less chance of dodging! On top of that infantry small-arms have often more than twice the muzzle velocity and fight at 1/4rth the range of tanks! So you heard it here first folks! Stop strafing in infantry fights because you can't dodge the shots!

    If you have more than half a brain you may have come up with the idea that it's not about dodging, it's about making yourself a harder target. Saying you can't dodge is like saying the slim frame of the Vanguard when looking from the front is a useless advantage, or that firing on a Vanguard on it's massive side is just as easy as hitting it from the front.

    A quick comparison (Vanguard missing can't find that one):


    Here's the good old Magrider. Notice that if you are looking at the front only the middle bit is big, it immediately slopes down to 2/3rd the size when you go off-center and then the Magrider slopes even further to less than 1/3rd the center's size.
    Now if an enemy aims perfectly on the center of the Prowler or Vanguard it matters little if your aim is a bit off. A bit to the left or right and you'll still hit it all the same. With a Magrider though it's a world of difference:
    • For starters the Magrider is almost guaranteed to be strafing. So aiming at the center means you can only really hit the 50% on one end unless you are almost against it.
    • If the Magrider is strafing you immediately aim for a hitbox that is less than 2/3rd of the size of the middle-section, meaning you are aiming at a much smaller target.
    • Combined you are aiming at less than 33% of the Magrider's total hitbox. Looking at the Prowler above you can see that you have loads more to aim at.
    • While strafing you can also get into new positions. IE move towards cover or get into a flanking position.
    Now I don't know about you, but if a Vanguard or Prowler could make you aim at less than 50% of it's total hitbox it would be massively powerful right? So I may hear you say "ah but you can lead the target so you can hit that big center that's even bigger than the Prowler". And yes you can, but at that point the Magrider can start dodging your fire.
    So you have to choose: Do you pick firing for the "sure-fire" center of the Magrider and effectively narrow your surface area to less than 1/3rd of the Magrider's total hitbox or do you lead the target and have the possibility that the Magrider dodges your shots, besides ofcourse that there's no guarantees and that in all tank combat misses happen.
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  20. tootoll

    Please do not yipyap snipsnap users. Its ugly and disrespectful towards others for someone your age.

    No one is saying "buff me more to be stronger" and so on. It's more about a versatility, versatility and more versatility of game play.
    As i stated maggies are bad @ range combat so that tanks and harrasers are a must, and that cripples faction at close range especially tanks coz of smaller hp.

    Get one take one. If we would have additional ability/performance slot something that would have better stats for range combat on cost of lower crippling performance in close combat like climbing terrain turn speed and somewhat i would not mind. You need a range tank? Go meg. You need close combat, change your slots, pay 450 go close combat.

    Other factions have both on MBT. Close and ranged and Vanu does not.

    Numbers do not lie..
    You just sit on some hill shooting hiding behind rock or long range 400~600m combat popping in and out. For Mag to pop in and out on long range = 2-4 shots to realign trajectory, for others, 1-2 maximum. And there is still that god darn small rock size op pick of dust that will while make your vain pop on forth shot that you miss when realigning.

    Vanu need that 2. Then you try to go behind and Supreeze!!! us. You only sit and expect, no one is moving their but except Vanu coz of need, or others coz of zerg. Driving from point A to point B just to get around someone all the time is no fun just to be blasted and hear we go another circle. Pop mag try to get around. We need more versatility...

    If Mag is so good evading long range and hitting long range targets why you do not use Mag all the time then, instead you roll with other faction? Hope you will not answer "Coz MAg suck", or i am hopping you will?
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