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  1. MasterTater

    Yea I know - there had been tons of threads about this topic BUT none resulted in a proper adjustment or rework of the empire Specific heavy weapons from SOE Dev Team.

    Everyone which uses the lasher knows that it is completely useless weapon for 90% of firefights while in those remeaining 10% it leads to a weapon lock for the user after 10 minutes. The Design and mechanic of the lasher completely lacks creativity, which can clearly be reflected in the fact that the Lasher had to be completely revamped in BETA and was turned into a completely useless and underpowered weapon which hurts own stats and game performance more than it helps as soon as grief points get introduced.

    The current Bubbles Firemode is BY FAR too situational, with too little dmg and a by far too low Rate of Fire. Using the Lasher is leaving you bloody dead as soon as someone comes into close combat - cause the splash dmg from the lasher together with the enemy fire will kill you faster than you can kill any enemy.

    A proper solution would be to add a secondary firemode which turns the Lasher into a continous laserbeam for close combat similar to the LASHER Version in the Beta. So we have a certable solution for close combat - which would also reflect the theme of flexibility of the Vanu faction.

    As the Art department at SOE does such a lousy job in creating attractive or at least diversified weapon designs and mechanics - HERE A CREATIVE APPROACH FOR A SECONDARY FIREMODE ON THE LASHER (Even the sound is more attractive than our current laser poopoo):

    Actually this is how I thought the Lancer would perform before I got disillusion by its in battle performance.
  2. Highway_Star

    Better to just make a 'Fix all heavy special weapons' threat instead. They're all unpopular/highly situational. I'd never recommend any of them right now.
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  3. Ganjis

    Guess what weapon I have most kills with? Lasher!

    Lasher: 577
    Pulsar C: 361
    Pandora: 224

    Guess how many times I have been weapons locked? None!

    Edit, try hanging with snipers and painting targets. A bit of lasher and a body shot kills quickly.
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  4. Nepau

    As someone who has spent a ton of time with the lasher, it isn't as bad in 1v1 as you might believe. Yes a shotty is probibly going to kill you, but with practice you can hold your own much of the time with it. Just as a hint, aim for their feet, ttk between body and head shots is minimul and pure splash will get you nowhere.
  5. Nyscha

    God so much whining about the lasher from the OP.

    The gun is amazing it kills players in 5 hits on the body and it also has aoe..

    The only time I TK people are the idiots who run in front of me even when they see me shooting as they deserve to die.
  6. WaRadius

    Lasher is the second weapon on my list because I play engineer most of the time. Never locked for it as well.
  7. Lafladitu

    I have most kills with the Lasher as a infantry weapon goes, and I have never been weapons locked even when using the Lasher i have been closer to a weapon lock when my sunderer got pushed downa cliff by a trolling VS player when I had people onbord or when being on Maghill near crown using a Magrider.
  8. Hashlak

    I think the lasher really needs some tweaking !!!

    Its better now than it was in beta but still.. there are certain things that just dont make sense..

    Why would you allow the lasher to do so much team damage !??!?? In ps1 Vanu had specific armour to prevent getting hurt by the lasher.. WHY THE HELLL HAVE WE GONE BACKWARD IN TIME??

    Also i dont know if any of you guys noticed, but the lasher doesnt lash anything ! its a lie ! It jus explodes and damages everything, there is 0 lashing going on.. I mean it is suppose to lash as it skims targets but it doesnt !! I think the forgelight engine prevents that kind of stuff i dunno :s either way SOE U GUYS SUCK WITH GUNS (Sorry, i love the game and appreciate the effort, but i hate the way you go about it, Ps1 devs were way better)

    That alone would fix the gun..
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  9. JudgeDeath

    Clearly undisputed proof that lasher is fine.

    Btw personally never been weaponlocked with the lasher since I allways die way before that could happen, either by a sniper bullet or someone that just happened to come within 30m so they could TTK overpower me even if being suprised.
  10. Noktdaz

    Having it "lash" at enemies would make it not totally useless when firing uphill or at elevated targets.
  11. Hashlak

    What judgedeath and ganji said is completely and utterly undecisive and useless evidence that the lasher is fine.. lol i have like 800+ kills with my flare and alot less with lasher.. It simply does not compare.. lasher only works 10% of situations right now where the flare VE6 can kill anyone, anywhere in any situation
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  12. Ganjis

    I am not saying it is fine, just contesting the idea that you get weapon lock with it. I still like it, but that is personal taste. My default HA is Lasher/Lancer. Either I am just nostalgic, like pretty lights or am a glutton for punishment ;)
  13. Reis

    So you want it to be a suppressive weapon as well as a hitscan laser stream?

    Ok, why pick any of the regular LMGs then? The faction specific weapons are supposed to do a job. This job will probably not coincide with regular weapons that you have (the MCG is pushing it). The MCG is a hose. The Jackhammer is a shotgun, for close range. The Lasher is a ranged AoE DoT that makes people think twice about standing near a door with disco lights hitting it. Asking for it to just work at close range is like asking them to make buckshot viable for long range. Overcoming the limitations that are actually there just to give the weapon it's role is pretty backwards.

    Sure, you can buff stuff about it. Reduce team damage? Fine. Larger AoE? Pushing it, but I won't judge. More jarring suppression? Go ahead. But if you are going to try to change the identity of a weapon, why not simply use a weapon that already suits the needs that you want the change the Lasher for?
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  14. Blitzkrieg

    I leave you three words.

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  15. Shockwave44

    Clearly you need help.

    When you compare a crappy weapon to really crappy weapons, the least crappy weapon will look good. BUT THEY ALL SUCK.

    Got it?
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  16. Shockwave44

    Or just, oh I don't know... make... it... lash.
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  17. Prince Planet

    The Lasher is great to tag people for assist kills. End of story.

    A) If they shoot at you, you're dead.

    B) 1 vs 1 you're dead.

    C) CQC you're dead.

    D) Any enemy with a brain can side step your orbs. See point A.

    E) Self harm using the Lasher is a constant threat.

    Yes the Lasher is a spammers delight. If you had 10 Lashers you may find that viable, but have you ever seen that? Nope.
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  18. WildCatNL

    The Lasher is by no means a perfect weapon, when I first started using it, "What a piece of <bleep>" where the first words that came to mind. But stubborn as I am, I kept using it nonetheless to see how I could make it better.

    You need to learn to make every energy bolt be of use. Scoring direct hits is more difficult with a Lasher compared to any other regular weapon that fires bullets. If you miss with the Lasher and the hit the ground, wall or another object in close proximity of you're target, you will still deal splash damage. It's not a lot of damage, but it's still better than not hitting at all.
    When i'm using a Lasher, depending on my position and the distance from my target I'm often aiming for the lower torso or even at there feet to ensure that if I do miss, I still hit with splash, hardly aim for upper body shots hoping to score a head shot.

    Being on higher grounds is a must, you have a much greater change of all orbs that miss to still deal splash damage. Plenty of video's on YouTube that have demonstrated this.

    The Lasher is a suppression weapon, a single Lasher might not seem that threatening, but 3 or more shooting at choke points were a miss would still be a proximity splash hit is a serious threat to even a MAX unit will have have problems with.

    If more VS would be using it, it will be of greater value, I've seen what an event squad with 12 Lasher can do and the can really punch a hole in the enemies defense with focused fire (combined splash damage)

    Teaming up with another lasher user (even a totals stranger) is also a good way to make the Lasher more effective.

    At first I really disliked the Lasher, but now, now that I know how to use it more efficiently, I like it a lot more and believe it's a decent weapon the enemies should respectfully fear.
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  19. Bl4ckVoid

    Lasher is a pretty good weapon you just have to know when to use it.

    It basically works in any biggish fight where you can avoid CQC and getting flanked. Tower defense: shoot from the parapet, biolab: shoot into objective rooms or to any choke point, big station: shoot from spawn room roof/any tower, or get on a hill and just spam any location where enemy is coming from.
    It only works where you have many allies, in smaller fights it is mostly suicidal, but if you can land the orbs it actually works there too.

    There is only one thing I do not get: why it does not damage ESF. It is good against MAX, good against terminals and Flash, but does not damage ESF. This is illogical, as it would be hard to hit non-hovering ESF with it anyway.
  20. NDroid

    It has its uses on occasion but I still think that the Lasher is too situational and could use some buffs\ tweaks. Even without those, the biggest change that I would like to see is to have the AoE lashing effect do no damage to allies. Direct hits would still harm them but much like in PS1 they should be immune to the lashing. It would stop it from being the grief machine it currently is.
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