Fix the game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tito, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Tito

    fix the game SOE

    you netcode its terrible

    fix the killing trade

    fix the game
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  2. Key Pusher

    DICE fixed Battlefield's netcode. Time for SoE to step up.
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  3. Tito

    this game has 5 tikrate a you serius soe lets face and fix the damn game
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  4. Whatupwidat

    I'm sure, even after 100s of nigh-on identical threads, that this thread will finally make SOE pull their socks up and fix everything - well done Tito and Key Pusher, you truly are the heroes Forumside needs :rolleyes:
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  5. eldarfalcongravtank

    "fix the game"?

    at one moment i thought i was in the battlefield4 forums...:confused:
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  6. TopVanuTroll

    oh, kewl, another one of these threads
  7. Tito

    clientside its ********
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  8. Goden

    Netcode is a serious issue with this game.

    One of the biggest features of PS2 is the big fights but if you actually do have a big fight the server cannot handle it and you get kill delays up to 1.5 seconds sometimes. Which means every kill you make will be a kill trade.

    It needs to be fixed.

    (But it never will. Don't even kid yourself)
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  9. doombro

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  10. Tito

    this game starting frustrating killing behind the cover mostly
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  11. JesNC

    You know, proper spelling and complete sentences would go a long way in making an argument.
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  12. Tito

    best argument its stoped play the game
  13. Tito


    Fix the game 0% health this its the killing trade
  14. JesNC

    Bullets not being hitscan by actually having a travel time unadvertedly leads to killtrading. So, bad luck?

    If you allow me the question: if you quit playing, why are you still posting?
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  15. Key Pusher

    English is not everyone's first language.
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  16. Tito

    yea sory for bad english guys
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  17. Trudriban

    What a great time to use a new gif as an example of the net code
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  18. Psycho13

    SOE is too busy removing posts/posters that are deemed to be negative towards PS2 or SOE in general. They haven't allotted any time to remove cheaters because that would require an EFFORT!!
  19. BITES

    They do regularly update and improve it.

    Its not.

    They can't other than increasing the speed of everyones internet to be unilaterally identical (lowest common denominator probably)..

    They do regularly update and improve it.

    How about rather than just posting pointless complaints, actually posting usefull or helpful suggestions? ... Know how to make the netcode better ... post away just posting "WAAH I DONT LIKE SOMETHING AND YOU MUST FIX IT OR I THROW TOYS" will do nothing.... as this has.
  20. Utrooperx

    As I heard, it seems DICE figured out a way to improve the tick-rate on their servers for a more reliable experience...something about a selectable update rate for each client based upon individual requirements?


    The patch features a new “High Frequency Network Update” that updates data within a certain radius of the player at a faster rate. According to the developer, this will give a “smoother, more ‘correct’ player experience”.

    After updating their game, players can enable the new high frequency setting in the options menu. Those boasting a faster connection can set the option to high, while those with a lower bandwidth connection will be able to reduce the setting to Low or Medium.

    Seems to be a workable fix to find a happy middle ground between blazing fast fiber optic ISP's, DSL, etc...

    Quick...reverse engineer it and put it in game with the next patch!!!

    PS...a five tick update rate is...well...really "you should be ashamed to call yourself a game developer" bad...