Fix the damn redeploying!

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  1. Codex561

    Redeploying is broken.
    Yesterday I was at mani lake satellite capturing the facility. When capture, I saw that mani tower was under attack so I decided to redeploy to it!
    But wait... I could go there yet the base was right next to it! :mad:

    So all optimistic, I spawned at Mani biolab to redeploy again to mani tower!
    But wait.. I couldn't redeploy to the satellite of a facility!

    What is this bull nanites?! :mad:

    Would it not be much nicer if you could spawn... EVERYWHERE ON THE MAP?!
  2. Codex561

  3. FateJH

    Couldn't you have just taken the jump pad from Mani?
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  4. Codex561

    Thats what I ended up doing, but thats only one of the cases.
  5. Beeman

    You just bent my mind. I didn't think I'd see someone so fervent in their support of redeploy traveling.
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  6. Bl4ckVoid

    Even worse, when you try to redeploy at the same facility where you died, sometimes it redeploys you on the other side of the map.

    As for redeploy traveling, I only use this method when I am alone. Going on the road is way too risky:
    - you die on a Flash to mines even with mineguard equipped
    - Libs and ESF hunt low pop zones and kill you
    - if I spawn a sunderer, I can be sure the next thing that happens is tank buster lib (that thing is way too effective and has no counter)
    - infiltrators on every hilltop

    Sorry, it makes zero sense to travel in this game alone any other way then redeploy. Situation would improve if:
    - mineguard should be fixed on flash
    - remove thermal sight from all vehicles
    - nerf Libs to hell

    Until that happens I will use redeploy only. If that is made unfeasible, I will play something else - I refuse to be farmed.
  7. KnightCole

    Yes, but the teleport pad means running out in potential fire zones, then dropping onto a pad that is out in the middle of no where. YOu have no protection and its not like the enemy cant see you coming a mile away.

    Redeploying is how you do it whne you wanna be stealthy and NOT let the enemy know your coming. Also, its good for not getting farmed by air. I redeploy pretty much everywhere....any other form of movement is suicide.
  8. NC_agent00kevin

    Redeploy is annoying at times...especially when you click on one base and get spawned at another on the opposite side of the continent.

    I also use it a lot. I play alone a lot and dont typically enjoy getting ganked. I pull vehicles to use as weapons, not a taxicab...outside of Gals. Even if I did pull vehicles, its still faster to quintuple redeply many times than it is to drive or get to an air terminal and fly.
  9. biterwylie

    Remove redeploy.
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  10. IamDH

  11. UberBonisseur

    Redeploy travelling is not the problem.

    Instant redeploy travelling is. Doesn't matter if you can redeploy anywhere as long as it obeys some sort of logic.
    Redeploying entire platoons at the other side of the map within 15 seconds is complete ********.
  12. Beeman

    Either way, I find it rather bizarre that transport vehicles are completely useless in the role of...transporting people about >_>
  13. Huxer

    yes. Redeploy does kinda turn this game into a lobby shooter. Having said that I almost always redepoly as well. If I am leading a squad or platoon, so are my guys. I only pull vehicles as necessary to fight never as a means of transport.
  14. biterwylie

    It sucks. It makes the idea that this game is an ebb and flow battlefield a joke. The reality is the bases might aswell be space stations that you teleport between. Nothing in between matters.
  15. UberBonisseur

    The current logic for the deployment system is to offer "Fair" fights so it puts underpoped bases as a spawn point through "Reinforcements needed".
    It's not about coherence, it's about convenience.

    SOE never intended to make a "smart" game in the first place.
    You can boil down their design philosophy to two words: Reducing downtime.
  16. Seuchensaal

    This happens to me a lot in the last time. Suddenly standing in the middle of nowhere... alone... thinking "WTF!" :)
  17. Athon Solo

    Multiple redeploys should be limited (eg. take longer and longer each time you redeploy within, for example, 2 minutes)...

    ...BUT only after vehicle physics have been fixed. The main reason I use redeploy travel is because I hate pulling an ATV, getting halfway to my destination, then having it randomly flip over and blow up. Physics on other vehicles such as the Sunderer are pretty terrible too... I can perfectly understand not being able to get up a hill, and even sliding back down, but does the Sundy have to flip on its side or roll over while it's doing it?

    My only other gripe with deployments at the moment is being completely unable to deploy to a friendly owned base which is being captured (often >50% gone) and has zero friendlies. Even if there's only 1 enemy there, if there's no friendlies, I should be able to deploy there to attempt to defend. The enemy has already had the advantage of surprise and all the time they want to prepare the base (hacking, etc), deploy a sundy, start the hack and find somewhere to sit and wait (hidden or in position to kill people coming out of the (single) spawn).
  18. KAHR-Alpha

    I'll just run into the first enemy I see or I'll sit on my own frag grenade then.
  19. Beeman

    That may be true, but not necessarily. It's very important to make a game accessible. The problem with ArmA and ArmA 2 was that very few people could jump in and immediately play. The first time you log in, it's like...okay, how do I crouch? X, what? What's prone? Z? Man that's weird...and C stands? Bizarre. But when you've been playing the game for a hundred hours, all of these convoluted controls make sense and you wouldn't dream of changing them. But it takes a good two or three hours to get used to them in the first place.

    Unfortunately, they kind of went a little overboard with making the game accessible. They pushed toward accessibility and straight off the cliff into the mindless void of modern FPS drudgery. They can still dig themselves out, there's a lot of potential left in Planetside 2...but it's nothing they can accomplish overnight. It would probably take them a full year of solid work, long nights and short weekends to pull this game out of the gutter and make all that they wanted it to be from the get-go. I have faith that they can and want to do it...but I guess we'll have to wait and see how things go in the coming months.

    Would be nice if they were a little more transparent about what they're doing and why in regards to developing this crazy game. Lack of information is part of the reason why so many people are giving up hope or losing their faith in Planetside 2 and SOE in general...even though they're very transparent and responsive with Landmark and H1Z1 so far >__>
  20. Demetrios

    There's a command built-in for that, /suicide; saves resources.