FIX the damn anti-air hacks FFS!!

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  1. swatti

    - A single BURSTER (and i do say single, he had mercy in his other arm) cannot destroy a Liberator with ONE magazine, mine cant even with TWO, tested.

    - ONE magazine from Hailstorm should not be able to destroy a full HP mossie, my rotary sure cant.

    - AA-turret simply cannot hit a ESF flying over 800m and at 200+ kmh with perfect accuracy.

    The stories behind the hatin...

    Spawned a libby, saw a max, decided to take him out as he was standing in a hill. He turns and simply EATS my libby away in seemingly one magazine. Kill-screen says only single burster did the dmg, full 100%.
    Needless to say, there werent many friendly air around there. The usual "wierd name" and all sorts of camos etc.
    I got dual bursters, ive tested how much they do dmg even at up close(ESF pilot sniped, went to try out the DPS up close) and no way a single burster can do so much dmg.

    One on one dogfight, or should i say "two on one" as i saw it. Friendly ESF was taken out "oddly fast", i took on Scythe as he was flying away, I open up, he slows down and burn past him to get some distance, suddenly I start to take HUGE dmg while flying in "cork-screw" manouvre thats usually is very hard to lead a target. I even CHANGE my heading before im taken out but even so the incoming dmg wont stop.
    I spawn right next to where i died, spawn a new ESF and boom, get taken out by the same guy in ONE pass before i can even take controll of my craft.
    Perfect accuracy and MASSIVE damage... Real legit.

    Looking for targets, flying at 800+ trying to see that potential infantry cluster-spot. Decided to move on, suddenly i start taking hits, i burn and turn, STILL taking dmg. (Speeding up should have broken the shooters leading to target but no) I go higher and reach 900 something before i get blown up. AA-turret did 100% dmg.
    Auto-aim anyone...

    For the love of god, try the get something done to these things, its not fun trying to find a spot without hackers.
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  2. Aerius

    Wrong. The rotary guns all had their starting ammo increased, mine [not fully upgraded] now has 45 shots. It takes roughly 44 rounds of HS to take out an ESF. Possible to take an ESF out with 1 mag? Yes, very likely to do so? Not really.
  3. swatti

    Well, i trialed the Hailstorm and even found a target to test it on, sniped an enemy pilot while he was repairing. Hes ESF was not even fully fixed and the one magazine DID NOT DESTROY THE ESF.

    However, i cant deny he may have had upgraded magazine, what makes me wonder is hte fact that he had seemingly perfect accuracy with a gun that has had its bullet velocity REDUCED quite recently making it HARDER to lead a target. I considor myself good yet far from the "best" pilots around, but seeing their videos, even they wont pull of that kind of shots.
  4. {joer

    That hack has been around for ages too. Oddly its always scythes abusing it. I've reported a few via ticket.
  5. Justicia

    Indeed he must have had. With Hailstorm, it takes 44 bullets to take out a full HP ESF. Magazine size of the Hailstorm is from basic to level 4: 40 - 42 - 45 - 47 - 50. So he must have had at least a level 2 magazine upgrade.
  6. Bravix

    I'm going to assume that you weren't right on the guys *** and suffered from damage degradation due to range. Each empire ESF can kill the other with one magazine, just gotta be a good aim. Or the other pilot just has to suck. I pulled it off today on a guy flying in a linear path.
  7. Justicia

    Just for completeness sake:

    Each ESF has the following anti-air clip size, with upgrades from basic to level 4:
    - Reaver: 35 - 37 - 40 - 42 - 45
    - Mosquito: 50 - 52 - 55 - 57 - 60
    - Scythe: 40 - 42 - 45 - 47 - 50

    The amount of hits needed to take out another ESF:
    - Reaver: 35
    - Mosquito: 57
    - Scythe: 44

    In other words:
    - a Reaver can kill a full health ESF with one magazine without any upgrades, if it hits all bullets.
    - a Mosuito can kill a full health ESF with at least a level 3 magazine upgrade.
    - a Scythe can kill a full health ESF with at least a level 2 magazine upgrade.
  8. Aerius

    Default HS is 40 rounds, I said it takes roughly 44. Factor in repairing and I assume you didn't even put him on fire?
    Like I said, it's highly unlikely that you'll take out an ESF with 1 clip [of upgraded rotary], but it is possible.
  9. swatti

    Ok, so its possible "on paper" but considoring i was hitting afterburners, evading and there was LOT of range between us, i find it IMPOSSIBLE to have a 100% hitrate.

    Anyways, i spent some time looking thru what hacks are for PS2, its simply hilarious how much there are and how easy they are to use.
  10. Azsune

    If hacks were hard to use you think hackers would use them?? Every game I've played has had an abundance of hacks. Could you imagine if a hacker paid his money and it was easier to play the game then it was to hack? Be no more hackers that's for sure.