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  1. Camycamera

    regarding the recent post of "how to stop a max crash" i was reminded of a small problem that has been persistent since the beginning; spotting through smoke. it has been mentioned a couple of times before (most notably by WarpathWrel on youtube)

    i am referring to this direct part of the post:

    it doesn't blind them... they can spam Q to "see" you anyway. that is the problem with smoke. you can spot through smoke.

    you SHOULD NOT be able to spot through smoke, obviously. one can simply throw down smoke, but the enemy can simply spam Q and spot the enemy regardless if they can see them or not through the smoke, rendering smoke almost completely useless.

    sure, IRNV is useful to see through smoke, but it is not really needed to see through smoke, when one can spam q and shoot under the red icons anyway.

    smoke in this game is like a false prophet, it makes the newbs come from their hidey holes and run through the smoke to the objective.... only to be blown away (sometimes, as some people dont even know you can spot through smoke). the only other thing it is useful for is to stop lockons, but that is about it.

    so devs, please fix this. it is quite simple really :D
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  2. Serval

    Is it still just a few errant puffs of smoke on low settings?
  3. Chipay

    indeed, and if you set your graphics settings in your drivers to the lowest option, smoke won't even spawn
  4. Kunavi

    It needs a lot of work as it is. I am not even sure which of the smoke types block Lock-On. Yeah let's start with no spotting through smoke, making it actually do SOMETHING.
  5. Konfuzfanten

    They could start with fixing smoke on all settings.

    Remove the low setting crutch.