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  1. RomulusCreative

    Just a few thoughts and changes needed lol..

    1. Planetside is truly being ruined by the hords of tank whoring going on. Even at tiny tiny bases you have 16 or more tanks 6 7 air ships with no way of ever turning those tables no matter how good you are. So if the no skill people are going to try and turn it into tank wars give the people who come to play infantry so way balancing out this. it takes 2-3 c4 and few rockets to take out one . there needs to be some way defense against the silly people who just want to rack up points without any merit for skill.

    2. same thing... aircraft 16 at a time literally camping over spawn points fireing the way over powered hellstorms constantly along with the tanks no matter how tiny the base or big...

    Just saying the game is getting harder and harder to find decent infantry battles. if there were some way of even a closer balance it might still be fun.. Calling in a hard earned air strike, making rockets worth using especially the seemingly soda propelled and powered rockets with Vanu..
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    It was the liberatator update today. It will go away in about a week. And some Vanu weapons do need a velocity buff (i'm looking at you Magrider main cannon).
  3. gigastar

    This is not an infantry game. If you havent gotten used to that in the time youve been with the game then i must wonder why you simply havent gone back to Call of Battlefield, or whatever its called.
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  4. Leftconsin

    16 Tanks and 7 Libs shooting at your doorstep and you want to run out and solo them? Whatever world you want to live in, it is not this world.
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  5. FateJH

    Go get a Galaxy and ram them all to death. That's all I can think of.
  6. Pikachu

    You make it sound like its strange and wrobg that defenders cant win when the atrackers have superior numbers and stuff. o_O
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  7. Iksniljiksul

    All the majority of players are asking for is proper map design that does not allow camping of any sort. It's an outstanding issue as to why this game will never be taken seriously. Reinforcements should have been properly thought out, not just some random death match spawn idiocy as it is now.

    The only people who disagree are people who enjoy ruining any sense of fun for others; selfish cert farmers.

    Until any fix, which isn't going to happen, just cert farm. **** taking or defending bases. It's what the lemmings want to play. Stand in one spot and farm. No tactics, no maneuvering, and no thinking required. So be it.
  8. Modern Ancestor

    Oh i know go to forums and write how youre going to quit.

    Thatl show em.:D
  9. The Rogue Wolf

    Man, they went to a lot of trouble to give us six classes of infantry if we weren't meant to play it.
  10. gigastar

    That was done for vareities sake. In PS1, infantry were fully customisable, but this boiled down to everyone using the same inventory biulds for everything.

    Also, very few offensives are won without a Sunderer.
  11. AzureKnight

    Where's the fun in losing an attacking battle? that's pretty much what half the people here seem to believe. People can't have a defense-able base because others would stay away from it (Underground Nanite research for example). It comes down to massive zerg fights with tank and air spam becoming "name of the game" from what I'm getting fro this thread...
  12. Nate

    You can go find a small fight somewhere. That will be all infantry.

    You could also look for defensive fights at the bigger bases where you do have cover from air and ground vehicles. You might have to switch continents to find such.

    Or you can join an organized outfit that will bring the proper equipment to counter what the enemy is fielding.
  13. Leftconsin

    They wen't though a lot of trouble giving us 12 vehicles to use if we weren't meant to use them.
  14. The Rogue Wolf

    True, but I'm not going around claiming that Planetside 2 isn't a vehicle game.