fix friendly fire please

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  1. CaBrA

    Yes, why don't SOE disable all weapons and we just fight with water guns....

    I never get kill by FF, cause I don't put my head in front of a Friendly gun. Just practice more your way of playing
  2. LibertyRevolution

    FF is fine, but I think friendly roadkill needs some tweaking..
    They need to make it as hard to run over friendlies as it is to roadkill enemies!
    Better yet, switch them, make it easy to roadkill enemy and almost impossible to kill friendlies..

    I am tired of getting weapon locked for driving my battle bus over squads of friendlies.
    Weapon lock does nothing to punish my actions in that situation...
    I can just continue driving and making XP while the gunners shoot no matter how long it weapon locks me.
    Seems borken.
  3. Alizona

    If they ever remove friendly fire, this game will go from being somewhat realistic (it's pretty realistic to me) to being somewhat silly, like a "real looking" Team Fortress 2 (which you can't hurt your own teammates, the bullets just go right thru them like they aren't even there).

    Now don't get me wrong - Team Fortress 2 might be tied with Planetside 2 for my favorite game of all time... but that doesn't mean I want the games to work exactly the same way. TF2 is a "cartoon" game, while PS2 is a "realistic" game. Let's keep em both that way.
  4. Myrken

    So i just realized something awesome with team kills im usually a dedicated harasser driver heres where it gets good look at my team kill stats then hover over Lelderin Whats awesome is hes my dedicated gunner. Way to go soe that's special and his record as non driver

    Don't worry auto turrets count towards tks and you don't even gotta do anything woot!
  5. Golganeth

    I have never had many problems with the TKing system while playing as infantry but one thing I really hate is getting my sunderer destroyed by my own faction.

    Some weeks ago a group of guys were throwing tank mines under my sundy as it had the deployment shield, a few minutes later I saw them farming under the biolab with their repair sundies.
    The next days to that a single guy BR 99 with utility pouch 5 destroyed every sundy deployed at red ridge comms, after that we were pushed to Tawrich Tech Plant as he continued to destroy our vehicles

    The thing is that getting tk'ed as infantry doesn't affects much the outcome of a battle given that in the majority of cases it happens by accident but when one random guy decides to destroy at least one sunderer for his or his true faction benefit it does affect the result of the battle. What I suggest is to lower the dmg done to friendly vehicles with c4 or tank mines.
  6. Goretzu

    Again this isn't a problem with Friendly Fire, the problem is a person with a 29% TK rate should be auto-banned by SOE, but isn't.
  7. PurpleHIppo

    You cant fix stupidity
  8. Saool

    BR100 K/D 1.58 XP/min 255

    Not the definition of terrible. Try above average.