First stab at playermade armor (infil x 3 factions)

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  1. Faven

    Hey guys. It's me again to pester you with fluff.

    So we still arent allowed to create player armor, but I wanted to give it a try anyways, to figure out how hard it would be and what can be done.

    The overall idea is that I'm following the exact same formula as SOE does with composite etc. Ie nothing on forearms/hands and try to avoid areas that bend a lot.

    Now this proved to be really hard work and I would love some input from you the community of what I did right/wrong.

    I know the cloth around the neck is a kinda love/hate bit, but beyond that it would be great to hear your thoughts.

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  2. HyperMatrix

    Is SOE planning to release player designed armor at some point?
  3. sindz

    Cant wait until player made weapon, since design wise, the biggest downside of this game is prob the gun design or lack there of.
  4. Faven

    yeah they have said that its something they looking into:)

    As for weapons, much like armor we can't expect to do full weapon/armor revisions at any point tbh. Its way to complex since it would require custom animations etc. Thats why we see things like scopes on weapons from playerstudio. Since they work without having to rejigg/reanimate anything
  5. CEGrif

    nice touch with the knifes on the back
  6. Movoza

    It all looks nice. Side question though, are the last few finished? They seem to lack a lot of surface? No criticism, just curious. The overall idea of the armour is clear, and it looks good.
  7. Ixidron

    VS infiltrators have 2 knives, OP, please nerf.
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  8. Faven

    The last 3 is the same as the previous, just greyed out stuff that's "standard" armor so you get a sense of what's added.
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  9. Faven

    So does the NC, except they couldn't afford to replace them after they lost them in a drunken brawl.
  10. PKSpark

    I guess if you scream your stuff loud enough till Higby fall from his chair he may dig your stuff :)
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  11. John_Aitc

    More black camo for Vanu is the only think I took away from the video.

    I know it is theoretically "purple", but do we need more artistic bias in favor of one faction now that T-Ray is gone?
  12. Faven

    In my own defense it's actually not really my "fault"

    The VS diffuse map (where we get our colors from) sucks absolute balls. We basically have 3 colors to pick from. Purple. Purple and purple.

    The rest is various shades of black or grey.

    Could of course make the entire armor bits teal colored but those areas don't have any detail/bumps on them so would ahve to waste a lot of polys to make that into something else then a blank surface.

  13. Mitheledh

    Are those fully rigged? Do they even provide you with the bones to do that?
  14. Faven

    Nope no bones yet, I've spoken at length with both Tray and mor recently about player armor and it's something thats on their horizon, they are fully aware that they are severly lacking in the armor department so they are looking into ways of bringing the playerstudio in on it.

    The riggin part is intresting since with the upcoming playerstudio tool we are meant to rig our helmets/cannons/whatever ourselfs so I assume they will provide some way of weighing the bones.
  15. KnightCole

    PLayermade armor

    Planetside 2: New Terran Sovereignty

    The time when people start making armor and SoE starts releasing it and we all start to look the same......NC getting rounded armor, VS with boxy armor, TR wearing spandex.......

    Or heck, one suit that is moderately boxy on the shoulders, fat chest piece like the TR and thin, spandex around the lower portion....and everyone starts to use it...
  16. Cransoon

    I can promise you, that's never going to happen, unless it's 100% aesthetic. Player made weapons would just provide way too many balance concerns to be viable for SOE to let through.

    I really like the knives on the back of the VS infi, looks really slick.
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  17. Faven


    And yes, the chances of doing *anything* from the base up is slim to none, that's why we get to "add" bits to vehicles. Not redo them from the ground up. Same thing with wpns, we get to do scopes, maybe in the future, stock/or magazines, basically small parts of the wpns, not anything from the ground up.

    If you look at the lasher for example the animations on that wpn are so intricate and it's all connected to the animations of the hands etc.

    Same reason with playerstudio armor, when the day comes it will most likely be about adding details, much like the composite armor. Not redoing anything.
  18. sindz

    Ofc i meant asthetic. Just like helmets, but actual good skins for guns.
  19. Faven

    yeah, helmets dont ahve moving parts though. thats the big big difference.