first look at the new torQ-9 for TR

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  1. OddChelsea

    The Jackhammer is all fine and good but the reason I was complaining about our lack of CQC LMGs is because someone was acting like they should have a gun just like the SAW because their LMG arsenal was lacking in one department. I was just making a point because ours is too. Also not everyone likes to use shotguns, some would prefer a CQC weapon with a bit more versatility. So no, you didn't really need to say this. I'm pretty sure we were all aware of the existence of this gun without you bringing it up.
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  2. Epic High Five

    You wouldn't even get the first syllable out :eek:
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  3. Lord_Avatar

    Considering that most modern assault rifles boast a ROF of ~700 rpm...
  4. Unclematos7

    Just like in spring 2013, TR conspiracy theorists speculate NC favoritism on the part of Higby.
    It appears we have come full circle!:eek:
  5. minhalexus

    NC does not have an LMG that can compete with the Orion or Carv.

    I really dont know of a NC LMG that has the DPS of a Carv. (enlighten me)

    I can say that every faction has access to battle rifles which are superior to LMGs at extreme ranges.
    That still does not change the fact that TR does not have the best long range LMG, and NC does not have the best CQC LMG.

    The way you look at it, all factions are very well balanced.
    Everyone has sniper rifles, battle rifles, shotguns and NS weapons that fill all roles from long - mid - short.

    TR is not an UP faction. They are just boring to play.

    For example, the Prowler is much better at farming infantry, for me its simply not fun enough to do a thing like that. While the Vanguard is better at hunting MBTs, I consider that to be more fun than farming infantry.
  6. Zorro

    My error. Still, a super-fast RPM would fit TR.
  7. KnightCole

    Yeah, I got most my kills inside of 40m, since im not real amazing at ranged firing with LMGs. A fair portion inside towers and the like. SAW is not useless in CQC, it just sometimes gets its bullets side stepped and then you die...

    But that 200dmg, just ouch.
  8. Stargazer86

    Eh. I'll keep my Cycler 1S, thanks. Good RoF, good accuracy, nice all-around gun. I've got my TRV/SMG for close-range and 1S for everything else. Pretty sure I'm set in regards to Assault Rifles.

    Oh, And call me back when you actually make TR gun designs look interesting. Quit hacking parts off of already existing designs and smashing them together like they're silly putty. Put some actual effort into it.
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  9. DevDevBooday

    I like it, recoil is actually really easy to manage and its DPS is higher than the TROSS.
    Its a solid weapon

    Its ONLY problem is that its ADS COF is INSANELY large during full auto.

    as a 125 damage weapon, burst is incredibly useless especially at range.

    Its a bit like the old MCGs situation. The MCGs only strength was full auto, yet its stupidly large COF literally made full auto unrealistic. Its the same with the TORQ

    it WOULD be a long range weapon IF they reduced its ADS COF by a bit.
    Im also over the moon that it has access to a compensator!
    No Adv Forward grip like with the other two empires though because they wanted to give it soft point as well, incase we wanted ANOTHER CQC gun.
    Get rid of soft point ammo, it only drops ONE DAMAGE TIER ANYWAY. what the hell are we gonna need soft point for?

    Other than those GIMME!
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  10. Epic High Five

    Glad to see someone else is blindly opposed to the thought of a low ROF gun in CQC. From the biolab alert just now, jumping from lab to lab (hotlinked instead of posted because lol large)

    As far as long range just goes, I just hose down and hope for the best. Hence my 18% SAW accuracy lol
  11. jollybadger

    I don't know why everybody is complaining. The only bad thing about this gun is the small ammo pool for a damage per bullet of 125. Oh and the ridiculous two round burst. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with it, long range tickle my enemies to death?
    Anyway, this seems like an overall okay-ish gun. Not quite the death ray everybody wished for, but that's fine.

    Although... I still won't use it probably. SABR is too good!
  12. OddChelsea

    Tickle me Elmo, soldier edition.
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  13. John_Aitc

    Recoil seems to carry the muzzle straight up and maybe a tiny bit to the right. That reminds me of the Armistice. It is great to start firing in the upper torso and have the weapon travel up a bit for a finishing head shot. (if you are as bad at controlling our guns as I am)
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  14. OddChelsea

    That's actually one of the biggest advantages I can see from it's recoil pattern. With a grip it's almost just vertical kick and that can be an advantage itself as you said.
  15. Cinnamon

    It's almost exactly like the t1 cycler except worse in most categories.
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  16. MostlyClueless

    Yeah if we pretend the weapons have the same Min and Max damage drop off distances but they don't. The Troq is the T1-Cycler with better attachment options. This is a good thing because the T1-Cycler is already a friggin' awesome gun held back only by the lack of attachments.

    Any Assault Rifle we got was going to compete with another one we already have because we have the best selection of Assault Rifles of any faction.
  17. AMARDA

    Take that back! The T16 is one of the best Long Range LMG's in the game IMO. Adv Forward Grip and 3.4 scope and it's a beast in Open Field combat!
  18. NoctD

    T16 is just silly because SOE refuses to give it a 2x reflex (seriously, why?!).

    I would say the best thing that could happen for the T32 is if it was given a makeover, make it like the new Lynx and TORQ... high ROF 125/112 damage plus an all rounder type gun like the TORQ. The TORQ's damage and ROF will likely work on the T32 Bull as well... same attachment options as current Bull, and it would be a viable alternative to the CARV and MSW-R.
  19. AMARDA

    They don't need makeovers, they work well and are fun to use.
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  20. Unclematos7

    Bloom per shot matters too. The higher the damage per bullet, the more bloom per shot there is. So 167s and 200s take fewer shots to lose accuracy than 143sand 125s.