first look at the new torQ-9 for TR

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  1. Halkesh

    VS Terminus will be like the SABR... But with the same problem as the beamer : more than 6 clik per sec to have the max RoF. (SABR only need 5 clik/sec)
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  2. KnightCole

    General theme of the TR is if it isnt a Mini Chain gun Gauss SAW firing Dalton rounds, and available to all classes, including infiltrator, able to be stuck in the secondary slot for use with stalker and equipped with a built in Scout Radar, its UP and in dire need of buffs.

    Meanwhile the Primary weapon is equal to being able to carry around a Dalton, fires 950RpM, has AP/HE/HEAT/Frag/Explosive/Radar ammo, has a massive built in shield, has 0.75x ADS movement speed and has the Hipfire acc of 0, its UP and in need of buffs.
  3. Greddy

    As TR, I pick this over T1 cycler. These TR scrubs only look at RoF and think CQC, and ask themself why they should pick this over TAR or TRV, which the TORQ was clearly not design to replace.

    It has the same DPS as T1 Cycler (it even beats T1 at longer range due to flatter damage curve)
    Better accuracy than T1 cycler while moving ads.
    And have better CQC capability than the T1 due to higher RoF.
    Faster muzzle velocity, easier to lead targets.

    TORQ-9 as it stands is second best Allround AR rifle in the game right now. (The carnage beat torq due to .75 ads speed)

    Devs please dont change it. Maybe add .75 ADS speed :p
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  4. KnightCole

    About the only TR weapons I think are jokes are the TRAC-5 and T16/32. THe others are ok, some are meh, some are a bit less meh, but they are all workable.

    T9S? Good acc, good control, kinda avg overall.
    TMG50, decent dmg, acc, poor in CQC....
    T9, great in CQC, good mag cap, moderately acc, requires good trigger discipline.
    T16/T32.......crap, put back in the box with a Return to sender tag...
    MSWR: Lowish mag cap but great in CQC...kinda a T1 Cycler for the HA.
    MCG: Kinda a meh gun. Seems to be ok in CQC, is hella fun to fire, actually works like a MCG able to just endlessly dakka..ideal TR Weapon lol.

    TRV, fun gun, great in CQC. Pretty decent at short range with proper burst fire.
    T1 Cycler, decent accuracy, overall not to horrid. I havent used it much, but its ok.

    TR are boring if anything, not UP.
  5. Fenrisk

    Keep avoiding my point because you can't argue with it. TR lack long range high accuracy strong DPS automatic weapons but we have plenty of shoter range high ROF weapons. Adding anyone one would be like adding another shotgun to NC.. No faction has the rights to say that theirs exclusively should have access to the best in that role. The TMG-50 should fill it's long range role better. Arguing that the NC are only allowed a strong DPS automatic at range (SAW) is pure BS.

    You don't get any of this because you likely only extensively play NC so quit trying to tell TR players what's good for them. TR want more variety in infantry weapons. Not a bunch of the same less then 100m spam trash weapons we always get and the torQ offers nothing for base fights that the TRV or Armistice didn't already have in spades. Both match or surpass it in DPS and both have better acrurracy so what exactly is the point of it? A niche role at 50 too 70m? Where a SabR would be a much better choice.

    BTW i Agree the Sabr is excellent. I dare say one of the best TR weapons we have and no I would have no issue with NC/VS having their own variants that fill that role well. I don't believe any faction has the exclusive rate to good infantry weapons at a certain range. The differences should purely come down to bullet damage/no bullet drop and ROF.
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  6. OddChelsea

    Give NC a T9 Carv and you can have something close to the SAW. NC heavy lacks the close range heavy assault primaries that the TR have, TR lacks the long range HA options that we have. Shotguns aside. *GASP* Asymmetrical balance! If you are going to talk about other classes well TR and NC both have plenty of good options. 1 NC char, 4 TR chars, started as TR which I played for the first few months exclusively. Besides if you're using anything but a sniper rifle from 100m away you're doing it wrong.
  7. Fenrisk

    NC has weapons that match the carv in DPS and hip shot accuracy in CqC. What exactly does the NC want from the carv? You can have the thing for all I care as we have plenty of weapons that fill that role at that range. There's also shotguns which are the kings of CQC.

    There is no Asymmetrical balance advantage for any faction who only has good medium to close range weapons as shotguns/SMG's trump all in close quarters and all factions get excellent shotgun options. If all factions didn't have access to plenty of powerful accurate CQC infantry weapons you would have point but we all do.
  8. OddChelsea

    If only it was only about numbers. It's also about how they perform in those situations. The NC HA has no true CQC LMG, we just do not. The MSW-R and Carv both feature fast RoFs that in a CQC situation are far more valuable than 600/167. It allows you to miss shots and not be hurt by it. 600/167 guns are more valuable outside of this range, into the close to medium range as they offer more control and damage. Your TMG-50 performs well at the max ranges that you should use a HA. (Beyond TMG range you shouldn't be engaging as a HA with any faction, pull an infil.) Not as well as the SAW but the EM6 isn't as good as the Carv up close and personal either. Both the MCG and Jack shine in this range so that's not worth bringing up.
  9. Clay

    This. At least your Weapon is not a useless burst weapon with messed up aim. Pls SOE give us something between hv 45 and pulsar we can acutally use.
  10. Lord_Avatar

    The T9 Carv is *not* a CQC LMG - it's hipfire is godawful. It's perfectly workable around midrange, but when getting "intimate" you'd be better off with the Repeater. The MSW-R, *that* is a CQC LMG.
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  11. OddChelsea

    Okay fine, MSW then. But my point remains the same the Anchor is more close to medium than CQC and so is the EM6. We don't have a weapon like the MSW, just as TR doesn't have a weapon just like the SAW.
  12. Kaktwox

    Awesome. This is so unique and different then every other gun in the TR's arsenal. /end sarcasm

    Please fire whoever is making the design decisions for TR.
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  13. Tommyp2006

    Does the TORQ fill a specific gap in the TR arsenal? Not really. But its still a good gun, an actual sidegrade.

    Its hard to find a gap in the faction with the best assault rifles.
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  14. Zorro

    I do not see what is wrong with the weapon. The recoil does not look to be that bad, and it is certainly a versatile weapon. The only thing that throws me off is how 825RPM is considered "fast-firing." Maybe for WW2...
  15. KnightCole

    Then someonewill call for a Super Commissioner and that will be bad.
  16. Heyitsrobbie1984

    I approve of this message
  17. Vearo

    In the time I tried it in the VR, it seemed to be a very flexible gun. A High RoF version of the T1 Cycler that is good at nearly all engagement ranges, except where you would want a sniper rifle (80m+). The vertical recoil was higher than I expected, but nothing really to complain about as I think it had less H-recoil than the T1. That, and it has a compensator if you need one.

    In essence, a high RoF generalist gun that trades damage/mag/bloom for better general accuracy and reload times. If you want something specific it can fulfil it, although the dedicated options are better in the extremes of engagements.
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  18. Epic High Five

    It's a common fallacy - to the majority of people a high ROF = CQC and a low ROF = long range and there are NO EXCEPTIONS

    Meanwhile Vonic has umpteen million kills tower stomping with an 11C and my best CQC gun is the Cyclone, which is veritably pokey by CQC standards. I generally use the SAW/Reaper/X11 because with the alpha factored in they have equivalent DPS to guns like the TRAC-5 and CARV, and I do very very well with them as well. 5400 SAW kills and most are in the 0-15m range it's supposedly awful in.

    Plus it's just FUN to hipfire 3 headshots into somebody and have them die from full health.

    The TORQ is a souped up T1, which itself is a 0.5x Carnage AR. TORQ is gonna be goooooood
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  19. Bankrotas

    I would trade Tross over for this sweet thing, but Epic High Five would kill me, before I could strike a deal :/

    TR will whine out again a great gun, for something crappy. It's funny to see them harming themselves :D
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  20. Trudriban

    I just feel like I need to say this...