first look at the new torQ-9 for TR

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ghost001985, May 10, 2014.

  1. Quikloc007

    I didn't know that was just for the medics. But I don't care for the TMG-50. I think it looks ugly and is VERY situational. I want a weapon that has around 680 Rof and damage of say 150 and looks unique. But hay, thats just me.:D Oh, and has a usable CoF!
  2. IamnotAmazing

    you should trying pulling down on your mouse next time... after doing some duels with all three the new vs one actually performed the best
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  3. M2_Bradley

    Looks just like the T5 AMC....
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  4. libbmaster

    Cause it's wicked controllable.
  5. Areski

    You seem to have picked the wrong faction if you don't like High ROF, low damage per shot weapons.
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  6. Epic High Five

    Maybe it's because I play NC and I've got a ton of kills with guns that the TR would dismiss out of hand instantly as uncontrollable, but but none of the guns listed here have like...any recoil at all. The TORQ especially is a death laser.

    The TRV is the gun I wish the 7F was...slap at grip on that thing and oh dear
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  7. OddChelsea

    Here my friends is another case of Whineside 2. A popular game among the Terrans as of late, especially in regards to new weaponry that would have or did turn out fine.
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  8. Fenrisk

    A new gun that's weaker at it's role then the other options TR have is not fine. It's a waste of time, resources, certs and SC. Some single faction players don't get it as they don't look at the gun stats from all 3 factions or compare the stats and ranges to the min/max values. TR players complain because a lot of our infantry weapons are just weaker ones then their NC counter-parts for their specific role.

    A prime example is the TMG-50. Best TR long range LMG but its still less accurate then the NC default LMG "SAW" and does less DPS then it. The TMG-50 also has no access to advanced foregrip. This is a prime example of a TR weapon falling far short of it's NC equivalent for the role it's used (medium to long range engagements).

    TR need more weapons that don't fall short in their roles. This is especially true for our longer ranged weapons.
  9. Lord_Avatar

    A 2 round burst with a 125 dmg weapon? Hmm...
  10. OddChelsea

    Oh lordy, for the last time the TMG-50 is not the equivalent of the SAW, nothing is directly. The TMG-50 is almost the same as the SAW S however, same RoF, same damage, pretty damn close performance from both. Just like the Flare is not a SAW but rather a SAW S contender. Why should anyone other than NC have something like the standard SAW? You didn't pick the high damage faction. Stop comparing apples to tomatoes, they may both be red but that doesn't mean they're the same (yes I know it's supposed to be oranges.) Anyways the TORQ is a lot better than you guys give it credit for, it's supposed to be an all-rounder and it's recoil is controllable. It is better than the T1 Cycler if you get headshots and if you aim at the chest the recoil kicks it straight into the head. With a grip you have almost no horizontal recoil. It's a good gun, stop playing the victim.
  11. Spude

    **** yeah, we get nerfed copy of armistice SMG. But atleast the model is nice and new . . . . . OR not.

    My eyes melt when i see that AMC barrel+Armistice stock.
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  12. Hiding in VR

    True, but his other complaints have merit. The TMG-50 does not have access to adv forward grip, or extra mag and costs twice as much as the identical NC SAW-S. People keep telling me that TR large mags are the TR trait, but on my NC character I can by the SAW-S get extra Mags and have change left over. Maybe its things like that that make TR players suspicious.

    Apologies to the tread for going off topic ;) I would comment on the TORQ but I can't buy any attachments on Test at the moment :(
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  13. OddChelsea

    Copy? Really? RoF and max damage aside they are nothing alike. The damage model, velocity and how controllable you can make it with attachments make it more than just a nerfed Armistice.
    Built in ex mags are a faction trait but that doesn't mean they have to be on every single gun. The TMG-50 is meant to offer an experience closer to that of the NC which specializes in weapons like that which imo means they should be only slightly better there. Faction traits don't apply to every gun on any faction, you will always see some weird examples. Overall the TMG-50 is close enough to compete with the SAW S completely with the S just having some things to make it a bit better for the people who joined the faction that specializes in guns like that. The EM1 for example is worse than the Rhino and the Bull, which are closer to your faction than ours, same thing.
  14. Fenrisk

    Since when do NC weapons have the role of doing the most DPS and have the most Accuracy at range with their automatic weapons? Last I checked NC weapons should have harder hitting bullets but less ROF meaning DPS is equal to not better then TR's but NC have the advantage of stronger Alpha damage. Accuracy is a TR trait, not a NC one. Pity the devs messed that up when they added more HOZ recoil to TR weapons then NC's. HOZ recoil is all that matters BTW.

    As i said the TMG-50 is a prime example of a TR weapon falling short in its role (long range) compared to a NC one(SAW). It's so bad it ends up in a short of it's role and compared to a SAW S when it should be up there with the default saw in terms of DPS/accuracy at longer ranges.
  15. OddChelsea

    Since when was accuracy a TR trait? Last I checked that was a Vanu trait. The TR spam tons of bullets down range with high RoF and large mags, that's the point of them. The Vanu rely on accurate and fast reloading guns. If horizontal recoil is the deal that pisses you off then you should be just fine with the TORQ, as with a grip it has very little of it. The TORQ has a kick vertically like NC guns that is stronger than it's side to side kick and this can be used to your advantage. Once again the SAW S is not a downgrade, it's a different gun. You shouldn't have anything like the SAW, just like we don't have a Carv.
  16. Udnknome

    looks like a 40 round GD-7F for the TR (with less horizontal recoil and faster reload). What are you complaining about. Finally your medics will have a Boss CQC weapon.

    I can definitely see this getting a nerf bat once you guys figure out how good this weapon is.

    (wish the GD-7F had a 40 round mag)
  17. OddChelsea

    Fenrisk keeps complaining that the TR have nothing like the SAW, as if it being like the SAW S and Flare is not good enough. So I will switch it around and do the exact same thing. Why do NC and VS have nothing like the SABR? Sure we have burst guns for our medics and weapons that can cover the same range (yes the TMG can cover the same effective ranges as the SAW, so can the SAW S) but since they are not like this gun that is supposed to be unique and the best for it's role and specifically for this faction only I can't be happy if I take Fenrisk's stance.
  18. Cinnamon

    If this was a rework of the T1 it would be really bad for TR but as it is it's just another useless weapon variant to auraxium. I've given up on expecting any developments in TR weapon design that make them worth playing. This is a viable weapon but it is just a bit sub par and has no really interesting feeling or style to it. Boring stats, recycled model and sound assets, not worth it.
  19. OddChelsea

    Why did you join TR if fast RoF weapons with low damage were not what you expected or wanted? If you guys seriously dislike guns like this then you may as well hop factions now to one you are more satisfied with gameplay wise.
  20. Cinnamon

    Yeah I only play NC now really. If the TR player base want guns like this then they can have them but I think it's pretty much overpriced tat.