first look at the new torQ-9 for TR

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ghost001985, May 10, 2014.

  1. ghost001985

    857 rpm
    125 /10m to 112/50m
    620 msec
    2.92 sec long/ 2.125 sec short

    and im sorry for the quality and the lighting!
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  2. Fenrisk

    Another short range low damage high rof TR weapon. What a surprise! :rolleyes:

    My god look at the recoil. Talk about a utter joke. You would be better off using a Shotgun or SMG. At least with a SMG you get exactly the same damage and higher ROF but you can actually hit something past 10m.

    Hey Higby! When are you going to be done throwing complete trash weapons at TR which are worse then we currently have? You going to give NC the best of the set of three being developed as per normal right? No bias there lol
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  3. AdamPA1006

    Can we get some new LMGS? Didn they just do new ARs
  4. ghost001985

    we will when they re-do the heavy.
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  5. Hoki

    This thing would need to have increadibly low recoil. It's handling would need to be that of a bullet laser in order to justify those stats.
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  6. libbmaster

    ...Have you guys actually tired the thing for yourselves?

    Sure, the gun goes for the ceiling if you don't compensate for it at all. All guns do that.

    My first try with it, I was able to easily put most of my rounds into the same human sized target at 40ish meters range.

    I found it very easy to compensate for.
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  7. Fenrisk

    SMG's have next to no recoil on TR side and they do exactly the same damage as this new assault rifle. TR SMG's are flat out better then is thing in terms of ROF, DPS and accuracy. I don't even have to compensate for SMG's recoil.

    What TR get given AGAIN a a joke weapon no one will ever use because all it's stats are worse then what we currently have access to. There might be a excuse if this weapon had 167 damage bullets or 143 but the recoil on this for 125 damage per bullet? That is poor. TR have weapons that surpass this one in terms of rof/damage/accuracy and reload speed.

    This TorQ has the stats of 250 cert nerfed version of a NS-SMG. The initials properly mean "TR Oh Really QQ 9?" lol
  8. ghost001985

    ok, whats the other joke weapons your talking about?
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  9. Tentakewls

    He's obviously not compensating for recoil at are you even talking about?
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  10. doombro

    The TORQ's recoil is nearly effortless to control. Have you actually tried it for yourself?
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  11. Quikloc007

    I want a mid range weapon. The mini chain gun does what this new weapon does. I want something in the 30-40 m range. A little more hit damage but less RoF.
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  12. Tentakewls

    Ummm...T1 Cycler?
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  13. M2_Bradley

    SOE....y u no take the chance and make a new BULLPUP for once.
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  14. Quikloc007

    Cycler is not for HA class. The MSWR is close but I want more hit damage but slower RoF.
  15. Tentakewls

    Neither is the TORQ...? If you want a slow firing, hard hiting LMG on TR you have the TMG-50.
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  16. Latrodectus

    Why would I use this over the TRV?
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  17. Tentakewls

    Because the TRV has crazy as balls recoil.
    The problem with this weapons is that it competes with the T1 Cycler, which everyone already has, and is arguably better at longer ranges.
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  18. Fenrisk

    SabR is better then it for 50-200m ranges in terms of Damage and accuracy.

    Armistice and TRV are better then it at 50m or less in terms of damage and accuracy.

    It will change NOTHING for TR medics. They will use TRV/Armstice for close to med range and cycler/Sabr for the other ranges.

    A assault rifle that would fill a blank in the medics weapons would be a automatic with low HOZ recoil and 167 damage. A bit like a more spammy SabR. We already have plenty of high rof low damage TR weapons to choose from. We need more ones with higher bullet damage and less HOZ recoil.
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  19. Paragon Exile

    In case you suddenly forgot, the TR weapon lineup has a jarring lack of utility weapons both the VS and NC have in abundance. This weapon excels at nothing, but is highly accurate and adaptable. Also, the horizontal recoil is insignificant in its intended range.

    Load up the PTS and you'll see these facts. Again, don't ruin this for the TR.
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  20. Kunavi

    EHRMAGERD New TR gun, let's call this... Super-Repeater? Is that OK, SOE? OK so Medics get this Super Repeater like the Infiltrator got the Super SABR and Engies and LAs got the Super SMG Lynx... Look... I was going to type some half intelligent rant about how we don't really need this more than a complete REBOOT as a Faction; I regretted it. This sentence is the gist of it, because there is literally nothing to say any more.


    InB4 Super-Inquisitor later on. Called it 1st.