First impressions: new Carbines and the Lynx

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  1. iPlague

    They really are fumbling around with that NC Carbine. Mercenary with ADV laser and .75 ADS, but then again same can be said about the TRAC-5 and the Jaguar
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  2. OddChelsea

    And soft point ammo which the Merc doesn't have. Those are all really important things, advanced laser, soft point and 0.75x ADS. It's going to be far better than the Merc up close and far worse at range. I see no problems with it.
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  3. iPlague

    The real 2 dollar issue with this gun, is the fact it'll have the some horizontal recoil shake as the AF-19 Mercenary. Which is OP considering it's an .75 ADS. Compare that to the fact that the TRAC-5 is .225-.225 and the Jaguar is .245-.275 the new NC CQC Mercenary is going to be a heck of a lot better.

    But that's mainly because of the lack of recoil on most NC guns and the.... PRESENCE of it on TR weaponry. cut for Higby TR /wrists
  4. OddChelsea

    The Bandit feels like it has a lot more recoil than the Merc to me. Even so it would hardly be OP. Have you seen the muzzle velocity on this gun? It fires rocks. It's not going to be super overpowered compared to the Merc. It will be superior up close for sure but that's the whole point. It wont be better than the Merc at range.
  5. asdfPanda

    I don't like the direction they're taking with the cougar either. We could've had a carbine variant of the SABR-13 dedicated to mid-long range. TR should deal with their long range problems through burst fire, not through NC clone weapons.

    As for the Lynx, the new one seems okay to me; higher rof for some tradeoffs. I still like the old Lynx better, and I wish that we could have both the old as well as the new Lynx.
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  6. CMDante

    I mostly agree but I don't see why it couldn't keep it's current ROF, it's already harder to control than the NC/VS versions so let it have something over them, then slap the mid range mods on it and call it a day.
  7. Blarg20011

    I would far rather have the HC1 be a carbine version of the SABR, as many others have said we have plenty of CQB weapons. Personally the HC1 seems to be exactly what the NC need for a close range carbone, instead of one that cuts into the TR's high RoF territory.

    As for the Lynx I was really hoping for a 50 round mag, between the DPM, DPS, and .75x ADS loss it seems like a nerf to me, hope that these are changed or other stats gained quite a bit to make up for it.

    Can't say anything about the others, haven't tried them out yet. Nice that the other factions are getting .75x ADS carbines though, hope TR and NC will get .75x LMGs soon (Or all .75x LMGs will lose that, IMO it's something no LMG should have.)
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  8. Goretzu

    Yeah, we'll have to see if it does work out, just at the moment it seems uninspired although maybe it will surprise me and actually fit well into the Jag sort of area.
  9. Goretzu

    The Cougar would certainly work as an NC Jaguar equiverlent (because it basically is), but it would be a bit poor as a Lynx/GD-7F/Serpent equiverlent, the RoF (and therefore DPS) would need to be a lot higher with a higher damage drop off.
  10. repairtool6

    Simply cannot wait for the Bandit! It makes me drool so hard.
    167 dmg-tier with 0.75x ADS?? Yes please, yes yes yes!

    So far only the cyclone (the insane beastly beastly cyclone) have this feature.
    And now we get an all-purpose carbine with this?

    Need to start saving up certs!! :D

  11. Blarg20011

    Agreed, a 167/720 or 200/600 would be amazing though, I don't understand why SOE things CQB weapons have to be low damage high RoF, when they can be high damage medium RoF.
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  12. Goretzu

    I am a bit surprised they didn't try it post-Flinch fix with the GD-7F (al la Lynx) or with a new NC Carbine (of course, prior to the Flinch normalisation RoF was exceedingly important in CQB weapons).

    Maybe they've come across some issue in testing that causes problems with these sort of guns.
  13. hawken is better

    The reason why it hasn't been done is exactly that; it's amazingly overpowered. Were you around in beta when the Gauss SAW fired at 550 rpm? The headshot multiplier only made the problem even worse.

    That is why flinch made playing NC horrible once the game was released - it was about a week before release when many of the NC weapons were suddenly nerfed/had their rate of fire dropped. Prior to that, flinch wasn't even an issue due to the raw dps of most of those high-damage weapons.

    Sidenote: back then, the CARV also had a rightward pull (like the MSW-R) and had the exact same horizontal recoil as the Gauss SAW (.175).
  14. Blarg20011

    Why would it be OP? With those numbers they would have almost identical DPS too the 143/845 model, and other stats could be adjusted (such as giving it the .1 starting CoF of a 143 damage weapon) to make sure they were not precision weapons.
  15. DevDevBooday

    Lynx is OP because it does better at long range than GD-7F.
    Cougar is OP because it does better at close range than Mercenary.

    -_- Typical NC double standard. here ill put the same argument the other way around.

    GD-7F is OK because it does better at close range than the Lynx
    Mercenary is OK because is does better at long range than the Cougar.

    But apparently THATS ok.
  16. Bankrotas

    Generalizing like a pro 101 was not a thing you would ever know. Prejudice 101 is.
  17. DevDevBooday

    Haha, Id probably agree with you there.

    Nice ad hominem btw.
  18. Bankrotas

    Need to keep it in practice.
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  19. Koldorn

    I really, really hope we can get HVA on the Zenith.
    (Total Razor fanboy here.)
    VS only has the option of HVA on the Pulsar C, would be nice to branch it out a little.