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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Hellspawn, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Hellspawn


    Playing on Mattheson / Amerish as a VS defending Onatha. A big force of NC roll in and attack. It's going pretty well and I'm getting some good XP with my S-AMS inside the shield walls at the base of the bio-lab. Suddenly, without warning, the S-AMS takes damage and explodes. It's not close to the wall and the shield hasn't been down for over 10 minutes.

    An HA NC soldier appears inside the shielded area - flickering in and out. You could almost hit him a few times but it looked like massive lag was causing him to appear and disappear. He was able to get past the shield wall and destroy my S-AMS with a rocket launcher. When we tried to kill him, he would run right next to a friendly and cause us to grief one another. Wasn't able to get his/her name.

    Once the S-AMS was down, the other force took the generator and that was the end of the defense.

    Pretty lame.
  2. GlitchTracker5000

    The question here is was he hacking, or was it a glitch that he used to his advantage?
  3. ScarsRemain

    I see this happen atleast once every single time I play, which is usually a 2-3 hour time span. Ive been playing online games for 14 years now, so Ive gotten aquainted very well to the usual everyday lag. I have to side with this guy as it has to be a hack. The last time i saw this happen today, the guy was flickering all over, not skipping or freezing flickering you couldnt hit him. I emtpied my entire clip trying and only when I went to reload did he appear infront of me and 1 shot me.
  4. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    If you have not already done so, please open a support ticket with our in-game team including this information so we can investigate this matter further. Your assistance with these matters is appreciated!
  5. Hellspawn

    Will do.

    Really makes the game uninteresting when there are individuals pulling crap like this.
  6. Chondrite

    If a large force came in, could it have been a Light Assault using C4? That will one shot an AMS. I am doubting that a single HA would have had either enough ammo or time to kill your sundy w/o you noticing.
  7. don

    had this happen to me too on a towers landingpad. the enemy HA was flickering like hell. he was shooting rockets down on our tanks from the pad. when we finally killed him using 4+ magazines we could see his dead body switch to another class and his ressurection. he then walked over the pad back to center of the tower - we could kill him again with a rocket and alot of shooting.
  8. Tiny

    Seen countless of people flickering myself.
  9. 4Play

    I am not sure about getting through the shield but come play the eu servers and you will see players flickering in and out every minute or so in the big battles and in a fair few small ones too.

    Pretty poor but i guess if you are gonna rush a game you might as well use this kind of business model because you can always fall back on the game is free whilst receiving money from people for items that dont work properly in a very buggy badly performing game!
  10. GlitchTracker5000

  11. SolLeks

    sounds like lag to me.

    I have run into 3 aimbotters however, /reported them all. getting killed instantly from 200 meters by a LMG and then running into the same person again and getting killed instantly again seems kinda fishy...
  12. AdamantK9

    You know.. I saw this same thing happen on Waterson last night, was defencing an NC base when a TR light assault poppped up near a node I was defending.. he kept flickering in/out of existence- causing every other shot I made to miss.. but this was different- I had no friendly targets around and each hit I made on the guy caused me to get a friendly fire message. I eventually killed him and it showed the kill as normal.. but I have no idea where the friendly fire messages came from.. there was no friendlies and no vehicles around.. just walls.
  13. Teribad

    I do believe that's just a rare bug. Been around a while. It doesn't happen often, I ran into it twice in a few months of game time. I think it's caused when people have characters in multiple factions and switch between them.

    As far as people flickering, I see it often enough right now to call it lag. Or there are more then a few hackers running around, which is highly possible.
  14. Jac70

    I've seen a few people who are shooting constantly - I thought it might be an ammo cheat but it could just be a bug.
  15. Fabien

    The constant shooting is a bug since beta, the flickering while teleporting 5-10 feet then killing you right away, has got to be an exploit or hack.. I'd love to say it's a "pocket lag" they claim to be randomly experiencing but this happens when everything else is in sync and fine except for this one person, usually an Eng so he can reload himself easily.

    What I hate is when there's too many players in one spot, especially while fighting in doors, people disappear / vanish until you get very close to them.. that's very game breaking..

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