[BUG] First floppy legs. Now backwards arms...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by phreec, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. phreec



    I don't even...
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  2. RageMasterUK

    Yeah just saw this live myself. What a ROFL that was
  3. 3asyD

    Lmfao thats epic
  4. CatinHat

    Don't judge him how he shoots... "Live Free in the NC"
  5. TheRealMetalstorm

    stupid nc goofing off with firearms..
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  6. Marked4Death

    Yep, just logged in and saw everyone doing yoga at the WG. Gotta stay limber!
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  7. Gustavo M

    I say leave as It Is.
    Makes the game much more interesting.
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  8. CatinHat

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  9. PsychoBat

    Say what you will about SOE but they have the funniest and most random bugs I've seen in a game.

    Crazy legs, green people, people spawning in enemy VR rooms, now backwards hands. Keep them coming :).
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  10. Badname0192

    Orangutan arms? "Left turn Clyde"
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  11. Herrick

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  12. IMTasty

    Waaaait just a minute, Phreec you did not just log on right after the server went up and neutralized Esamir did you? I am gonna log on and check, if you did I will be very, very upset. :p
  13. TotalNoob

    PS2 'Special Olympics' Version.

    Hilarious. Don't change please
  15. shd

    You have to hand it to them. While we all expected they would screw something up with the update i doubt anyone was expecting this :p
  16. Herrick

    Floppy legs patch was QWOP version?
  17. CatinHat

    yes... or TF2 scot
  18. OlPaine

    The Spycrab is back in action, now in Planetside 2 ;)

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    omygawd cant stop laughing
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  20. phreec

    We didn't manage much with all of us laughing our ***** off. :oops: