Firestorm or "Tinkering versus Designing"

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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    Firestorm is a sad story. Not because it has been [over-]nerfed but because it is a good indicator how things are done at RPG:

    Wrel: "I got an idea! I always got ideas! This is extra cool, a new implant for the directive."
    Andy: "Excellent. What's the name? Never mind the Implant mechanics, you have to come up with a good name first."
    Wrel: "Firestorm, isn't that great? I already have the animation in mind. Some flaming stuff of course."
    Andy: "Wow! I like it. Much better than the other one, what was the name? Dysentery? Ah no, Philactery. Whatever. What will this implant do?"
    Wrel:"Hmm... What about RoF? Yes, It will increase RoF, people will love it."
    Unknown Developer: "But RoF is a faction trait. TR has always higher RoF. Besides, an implant increasing RoF does not fit with the implants overall concept. Implants make people survive more but do not help to kill faster. We have no implant decreasing TTK."
    Wrel: "That's a detail. I am the Lead Designer. Firestorm will increase RoF. How much? Well above 10% is too much, 9% sound like 9.99 USD it is too obvious. 8% is good stuff - for a few seconds, increasing with the level."
    Andy: "That's right. We'll couple it to the directive so people will grind a bit more than usual. People have to grind, there is no endgame. So grind is good. And greed is even better. All the poor sods who didn't manage to complete that moronic directive will drool for that implant and buy our Implant packs like there is no tomorrow. And the more implants we have the lower the chances to get the Exceptional ones. So win-win situation."
    Unknown Developer: "Look, the average precision is low. 20-30%. Not so many people burst fire. Except very good ones. Many will waste a 30 rounds magazine to kill an enemy and ending up without enough rounds to kill another. Reloading takes time. At the end only weapons with big magazines will benefit. That means HA. Aren't HA powerful enough? And guess which HA will benefit the most? Vanu HA with the Betelgeuse."
    Wrel: That's a detail. Let's roll it and if people complain we'll nerf it 7.5% to make them happy."
    Unknown Developer: "It is a mistake. Don't you remember making the Bastions so powerful they could kill inside Spawnrooms? That broke the game mechanics as well."
    Wrel: "Oh well, that happened due to a bad implementation of the Bastions weapons."
    Unknown Developer: "You specifically said that Bastion's guns could hit any ground structure."
    Wrel: "Obviously not Spawnroom. You misunderstood. I can't consider all the nitty gritty details, I am a designer, I must conceptualize. That's why we have people like to you to work on the implementation."
    Andy: "Enough of this. Let's get it out. Make a good animation for the effects and put it on PTS for a couple of days to pretend to gather feedback before going live and then roll it with the next update."
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  2. Liewec123

    this guy has no clue what he is doing.
    how did they take a random youtuber with zero experience and make him LEAD DESIGNER!
    this youtuber is now calling the shots on what gets added, and what gets balanced.
    fumbling his way through bad update after bad update.
    like a chainsaw attempting surgery.

    "yeah pocket orbitals! they'll all love that!"

    "yeah invincible flying farming machines! fun! 700 killstreaks is balanced right?"

    "yeah lets make magburner default! but don't worry NC in the same update you
    can spend 2150 certs to get a weaker version of Nanite Auto Repair, something for everyone! see?"
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  3. vonRichtschuetz

    I'm more disappointed that this could have been TR faction flavor, built into the Chaingun or a MAX weapon, maybe even a firemode for the Butcher, but instead got made into a neutral implant.
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  4. Pelojian

    it would have made a decent TR only implant since VS gets cold heart.
    then they'd just have to figure out what to give NC, it'd probably be slightly more damage on their guns.
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  5. Campagne

    Fixed that for you. :p
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  6. Crayv

    I kinda wish the factions had traits that applied to even NS weapons. TR get more RoF, NC get more health, VS get more movement speed.
  7. Pelojian

    to do something like that they'd probably have to actually mostly enforce faction traits on weapons in the first place, which in itself makes it harder for them to design newer faction weapons to sell that don't steal existing traits.
  8. Demigan

    Why would it be wonderful for TR only? Saying that ROF is a TR only trait and shouldnt be given to others is like saying that only NC is allowed to have high HS modifiers because high damage per shot is their thing. I'll give you that at least your outlook of "potential TR-focused implant" is much better than the "MY GOSH ROF IS TR YA KNOW NO ROF FOR OTHER FACTIONS" that others have said.

    As for NC-oriented implants, you could boost the damage and velocity (its a railgun, it should be possible to boost that). Or NC could finally get its just lore-based abilities in the form of experimental things. The penetration rounds are a good low-power boost. Halo's needler system could be used: each bullet has a time delayed 10 damage explosion, but if more bullets are in the target the explosion is bigger and more damaging than the sum of bullets when the first one goes off.
  9. Pelojian

    then let me ask you, how many faction specific implants are there?
    it's bad design to give one faction an exclusive implant and not give one to the others.
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