Fire... oh **** F... FIRE!

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Creedom, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Creedom

    WTF is up with having to turn stealth off before attacking? :confused:

    In any game I've ever played a stealth character in, the whole point of them being so weak is because they can pick and choose their battles and if they get the drop on you from stealth, the initial attack is usually some sort of "assassination" critical attack. In this game, not only are we the weakest class but if we set up a sweet assassination head-shot, we have to press two buttons before the shot even goes off. That works in 2 cases, A) if they are afk and B) if they are also an infiltrator trying to do the same thing you are doing. Forget about it if they are in motion...

    It's been a long time since I played PS1 but I seem to remember when you would fire your gun or take any action, the game would automatically unstealth you while taking the action. That just makes more sense. Not sure what the logic is in restricting us in such a way. To me, it's more of an annoyance than anything else.

    Worst case, put a short cool-down on stealth once you take an action so people aren't able to pop in-an-out of stealth with impunity. But let's be honest, even if they did, it's not like people can't see them with or without it... o_O
  2. Ymaros

    I kinda agree with you, this mechanism is not easy to play with, but when you are un-cloaking you are doing a big song, and maybe devs expect that we need to let 1 second to the ennemy to react before knifing/OHK him. I guess they let that like this for this reason. I'm ok with the pop in/pop out when you want for the cloak. For me when you are camping, you kill, you kill, and when you get a bullet, you stealth and go away. It's the same when you infiltrate a facility, you stay near a dark wall, you go on somebody to CQC him, if you are loosing your fight you expect to be able to stealth and run away directly.

    Anyway this F key won't be change if you want my opinion, so get used to it ;)
    And the stealth of the cloak is ok, just try to slow down, reach dark place, crouch, go from behind, etc etc.
  3. Vepo

    All I wish they would do is add an indicator when scoped to say "your cloak is still up" cos many times I've gone for a headshot and nothing happens and then I hear the cloak run out xD
  4. Soylent

    Agreed. Firing when cloaked should just automatically turn off your cloak. No idea who even thought the way it works now is fine.
  5. yama

    This would be useful. I got around it by enabling centralized HUD mode. The energy bar is a dead give-away.

    I suppose breaking cloak with the fire button would be neat.. but I bound special ability to a mouse key ages ago.
    Haven't really been looking back ever since.