Finding a fight in Planetside 2

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  1. hellaskan

    A well-run game of PS2 appears to me to be nothing more than a capture/leave/recapture later game.. with the largest platoons of either faction ignoring each other and being content with capturing the unattended bases.
    I spent about 2 hours yesterday running with a huge group of people all hopping around to open, or barely defended bases and just eating up XP.. with maybe.. MAYBE.. 6 instances of fighting.

    I'm honestly wondering if we'll ever see areas where we all have to fight and the game forces action upon us :(
    Sort of like a well run game of WvWvW in Guild Wars 2.. if it's effectively run, there's hardly any good action. (some will understand this reference)
  2. gunshooter

    You could get a group of your closest buds and go zerg undefended bases like i'm sure you already do. Great! Thanks for the info! Improvements shouldn't be made to the game because you already have a grand old time zerging.
  3. Clay Pigeon

    So if a new player can't find a decent battle using the menu, the problem lies with new players, and not the game?

    I don't think so, Tim.
  4. gunshooter

    This is hardly just a new player problem. The amount of relevant information given is miniscule.
  5. Brok9000

    Answer: Connery
  6. gunshooter

    Is there some sort of special setting on other servers that gives them actual relevant map information when they mouse over a hex?


    Thanks Brok9000 for your insight.
  7. Tuco

    mistake #1. Only use Hot Drop for free 1,000 XP caps.

    It's real easy to find a battle. Look at map, click on the "display enemy population by color" thing. Suicide travel there. If you see a bunch of friendlies shooting out of the spawn building, and/or hear an enemy liberator floating above and shelling the ground, and/or if you see too many blue skullandcrossbones too close to the spawn, go somewhere else.
  8. sustainedfire

    Absolutely precise information about the number of enemy present in a particular hex, while it sound fantastic for the lone wolf player, is not really an ideal game feature.

    The game is intended to be squad and platoon based. If you want to know where the fight is you should ask your outift, or do some recon on your own. Its not hard to guess where the enemy is advancing by viewing the hexscreen. The map provides a decent overall picture of the battlefront, you need to make use of the tools that are available.

    And further, theres whines about getting put into a battle immediately, and now whines about not being in a battle immediately. Wishy and washy.
  9. Marked4Death

    I agree with sentiment. It is actually hard to find a good fight at any one time.
    Been playing more casually over xmas and this morning I logged in, stared at the map and couldn't see anything moving outside of small bases being ghost capped. I'm sure there was a good fight somewhere, and there's always action at the [yawn] crown but I just said stuff it and logged out. Couldn't be bothered diving in somewhere only to have to chase for ages to find the fight.
    I can't see the harm in providing more relevant info on the deployment screen.
  10. iller

    And this is exactly the entire reason all of YOU PEOPLE (lazy purple spandex monkies) are so poorly represented on Connery.

    While the TR and us are constantly out there risking our KDR's to find eachother.... rolling up our sleeves and dabbling our toes in the water of every little podunk base that shows up yellow or orange. Or putting around in the skies looking for allies where we'll just get out-maneuvered five ways to friday by some W.G. lovin'Scythe Jockey (YOOOU PEOPLE) while our Allies ignore the scythes completely unless they're wearin' Dual Bursters. (Why even waste rockets on something with a hitbox so small that they don't even deal damage consistently to it when they do manage to explode on it?). Hell we even risk our necks in Lightnings just to "explore" faster which have No chance in hell against a Magrider. Where were y'all Last night? ... HUH?? On Indar with your Indoh and Purple Drank? ... waiting for 'ya crew' to roll out in another 20 Magrider pride parade???

    All ^this Satire aside^ .... you have to face the fact that this is an MMO where EXPLORATION is a game mechanic.
    It wouldn't be a very interesting MMO if it told you exactly where to go and exactly what was there before you even got to it.
  11. Savvon

    I stopped reading there.

    VS is so overpopulated that I bet finding a fight is hard for you. Even when I have all of my outfit and friends on fighting you guys, you still out number us 2-1 on a VS slow day (normally its 3/4-1).

    Roll another faction, problem solved.
  12. gunshooter

    Why is the average player of this game so utterly braindead.
  13. Cygnus

    I think the problem is you were playing at 9:30 this morning. Hardly anyone is on then. From 5pm to midnight there are ALWAYS fights.
  14. Savvon

    You tell me. If you do not agree with the post you quoted, you are talking about players like yourself.