Finally starting to Love this game.

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  1. MuNrOe

    There ya go sony I said it. A PS1 vet and avid supporter of the game since day one and even before you were in the process of making it. I can finally see you guys are on the right track towards making this game great.

    It's coming up 3 years since you started and since then things have come a long way.

    Keep looking to PS1 for future development keep working on ironing out those bugs and hit reg problems. You will get there eventually. Keep adding content depth and meaning to fights , I can see things working out.

    Nerf this buff that threads ignore them the classes and vech infantry stuff is fairly balanced focus your time on making this game even better.

    I have had a roller coaster ride playing this game but looking back on it all it's been allot of fun. Allot of people have left but every one of them knows once you play planetside you never really stop playing. You just take breaks but you always return.

    I'm really looking forward to where this game will go in 2 , 3 years time. Don't ever give up on it just keep doing what you are doing in the end you provide allot of fun for allot of people. Keep marketing the game bringing new people in.
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  2. Ronin Oni

    Great thing about PS2 is that, instead of every year having to buy an all new game*, and grind out the same old unlocks, the same game just keeps getting better. Everything you've invested in is still there, there's just... more to invest in!

    (*Not actually much of a "new game" and really just some new maps at best. Which we get our maps updated constantly as well for free ;) )
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  3. KenDelta

    -Claps- a SOE appreciation thread.:eek:

    been a while since we had one of these , since every one is busying whining about something. or bashin' SOE for how crappy EU servers were being.
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  4. SacredRay

    I.T.T infantry baddies giving each other high fives after spending the last 3 years getting everything in the game nerfed.
  5. VonStalin

    I have no problems with hit reg on EU servers (I am from EU, I get 80ms ping on Miller). But when EU servers were broken the day before yesterday I was playing on Emerland with ~250ms and hit reg was horrible. So I guess its ping problem or US servers only because no such problem on EU servers or with ping below 100.
  6. MuNrOe