Finally Saved 1000 certs... what should I get?

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  1. FactionTraitsFTW

    OP it would be easier to help you, if you could give a more detailed list of what you already have.
    Generally I would not buy the Anni. You can get the dedeicated AV and AA lockons for half the price, while still maintaining dumbfire capabilities, which is especially important to fight MAXES.
  2. Ronin Oni

    not if he buys with certs.....

    It's only account wide if you purchase with SC
    I meant cheaper in NANITES.

    That said, bursters are also pretty bad until you invest ANOTHER 1000 certs for the extended Mags. THEN they're good enough AA.

    Skyguard is pretty solid AA outta the box. Extra ammo capacity is always nice and first few ranks dirt cheap. You can get a couple clicks of zoom cheap but you're prolly better off learning just normal vision lead anyways.

    For low cost AA though, nothing beats the G2A launchers at only 250 certs. If you want low investment AA, it's the obvious choice. Doesn't even cost you nanites. And the Annihilator is pretty good at letting you engage both Air and Armor with the same launcher.
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  3. cruczi

    I find that the opportunities to do damage on ESF's are short enough that extended mags are usually not needed against ESF's. They mostly affect DPS against libs/galaxies.
  4. Alizona

    Here's my suggestion: Don't spend them.

    I only spend Certs in two instances, first of all, if I'm hitting the 10K mark (go over it, and you won't accumulate any more certs until you drop under 10K by spending some), and second, if I actually NEED something. Just because I have the certs doesn't mean I need to spend them immediately.

    When they installed the 10K cert cap about a month ago, I had 10K already... so I decided it was time, and I spent the entire 10K to outfit my MAX properly for all situations (anti-infantry, anti-armor, anti-air, etc.). I finally wanted to play the MAX, so I splurged and went full-out. I'm already back to 5K+, just gotta keep grinding every day (and premium account helps too obv).
  5. Ronin Oni

    LOL wat?

    10K cert cap has existed since launch man.

    It just got increased for members only to 50k this last patch.

    10k limit was ALWAYS there. You could only exceed the limit from a cert grant/refund

    Also, saving certs is all fine and well when you've got your cores fleshed out...

    that means the top 2 classes you use and top vehicle/nanite expense you use are fully slotted with max, or 1 down from max rank (cause lets face it, many of those last rank for 1k certs aren't really worth it unless you're needing to dump certs)

    This is his FIRST 1k certs... I guarantee he has stuff he still needs.
  6. Alizona

    Oh okay, my bad. There was a big huge cert refund a month or two ago and for some reason I thought the 10K cap was installed during that same update.
  7. Ronin Oni

    Ah, the Acquisition timer refund.

    Yeah, some people got some serious certs back from that (I got 3k on 1 char, 1-2 on the other 2).

    Indeed it was the first time many people went over 10k limit and the first time those people then ever knew of it.

    I was given a MASSIVE cert grant way back close to launch from the Cross-Faction SC unlocks change, and I had to spend 20k certs on each character before I even really knew what was worth investing into lol.

    Made a *few* bad choices... but not many... though some things ended up getting nerfed over time of course.
  8. Jogido

    I don't know what you already have, but if your character is still overdeveloping, I'd lean toward avoiding items that cost a full 1000 certs unless you are absolutely sure you want it. ...for example for rocket launchers, I think the best all rounder is the AA one....cause it works well is all situations and only cost 250 certs...I'd call this a must have to have an response to aircraft that doesn't involve a max suit. AV turret is useful, but kind of situational, so think about it....but I would not call it a must have.

    For 1000 certs items, I'll throw this idea's not that crazy to use SC to get them....sometimes saving time is worth it. If you want more bang for you buck, you can always just keep watching the daily specials. Bundles can be a nice way to save money too.
  9. Ronin Oni

    ESPECIALLY if it's an NS item.

    Burster 2nd arm, Skyguard, Annihilator, and AV turret should ALL be up for priority consideration for SC purchase if you're going to be buying anything in this game. Anything on the Lightning, Liberator, Valkyrie (hah), Galaxy, or NOT ES on the Harasser should be considered as well (well, if' they're 1k certs. Anything less than 1k certs, just get it with certs. SC to cert ratio is ONLY ever worth it on 1k cert items, and then usually only if it's all faction.)


    Start a brand new alt, any faction, any server, and you'll have that weapon.

    Also, you'd be supporting the game development.... so, do that :D

    But do it smart ;) Get your money's worth. If you can, wait for a sale. There should be some big category wide sales around christmas time if you can wait.
  10. FactionTraitsFTW

    As I dont know what exactly you have,
    Here are some ideas:
    -At least 3 Medkits are a must
    -Grenade bandelier with conc or AV nades for heavy
    -Bandit or Jackhammer seem very good, but I have not actually used them myself
    -Many people also love the Cyclone, although I dont really like it
    -Definetely AA lockon, maybe AV lockon
    -GD-22S or EM6 if you dont have them already, are really good LMGs with a small pricetag
    Hope this helps
  11. BadAsElite

    Max out Nanoweave and be a combat engineer! :)
  12. \m/SLAYER\m/

    :eek: how did you got 1k certs without maxed ammo :eek:
    but if you want invest for get more profit there:
    Sunderer with Proximity Repair System (you want it max lvl)
    Ammo Dispenser - must have, it just extra profit.
  13. Ronin Oni

    Because last rank really doesn't do a whole lot for you for a heavy cert investment?? o_O

    I'm not even sure if I've even bothered to max it yet. Certainly not on all 3 factions if on any of them at all.

    Also, it's nice when there are logistic sundies out there with repair or ammo, and a single ammo truck on the front lines is a godsend, but far from necessary, and I'd only recommend it as an early investment for particularly support dedicated players.
  14. redmamba

    then you would be where you started :D
    GF suck the life out of you don't u know that
  15. Hegeteus

    get mag-scatter so you have a handy pocket-shotgun where-ever you go