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  1. L1ttlebear

    as an added bonus, it is WITHOUT A NERF!!!! YAY!

    As with most things in this game that can be balanced WITHOUT the need for buffing or nerfing, the pheonix just needs to be given more narrowed roles.

    I suggest a cert tree for all the new launchers that allow them to perform specific functions much more reliably while making them worthless in other situations.

    The pheonix would have a cert tree like this:
    AA: Makes the projectile SUPER fast while extending its range. The missle would be able to chase down all but afterburning ESF's and have the ability for manual detonation that would produce a forward blast to his fast moving vehicles.
    AT: this would basically keep the pheonix the way it is now only reduce the amount of damage to infantr to almost nothing and prevent the missle from being able to climb up very fast. (try to keep it on the ground) but increase its damage against tanks by about 20% (modify if needed)
    AI: Maybe it doesnt need this varient but it could make the pheonix a SUPER slow moving projectile (so it could properly render) that would detonate like a grenade upon manual detonation but would just phizz out if shot.

    AA: damage to air only, fast moving projectiles that are "painted" on with a laser rather than lock on.
    AT: Lock onto ground vehicles but will perform top attacks just like a Javelin IRL. Needs lock
    AI: Can anyone say a dumbfire thumper? or maybe like a smaller M40, operated similar to how a lasher does but as a launcher.

    NO ideas at all. Maybe just thermals or something lol you vanu are so hard to customize.

    Anyways, I just dont like cries for nerfs and i thought maybe a cert tree could help aleviate some issues. Thoughts?

    Sorry, the Forumwarriors have spoken. A nerf is on the way.

    And no, there will be no refund.
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  3. L1ttlebear

    None needed. I use it for its intended role regardless so its all good to me :) Place the same mechanic on my lib as a camera guided bomb and we will be good to go! :D
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    Never bought it to begin with :D

    But a camera guided lib weapon is a great idea. I wouldn't mind a "Saron-esque" railgun on the belly as well.
  5. NinjaTurtle

    The forum cry babies have cried you mean. They will complain about something else next, there is always something OP

    +1 Anything that defines the roles of any weapon has my vote. we need more dynamic gameplay and less generic weaponry.
  7. Apples

    I've been using it on sunderers and tanks galore and AI/AV/AA turrets, but also on any infantry silly enough to stay in one place and never move for extended periods of time even after the first time I kill them with the Phoenix. The smart ones usually learn to step out of the way before it hits or to just shoot it while it's on a straight path.