FF needs to go.

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  1. slannmage

    It just doesn't work for what PS2 is trying to do, in Planetside you could get away with it because the TTK was much higher and the grief system meant it took a lot of be locked. However in PS2 you barely tap someone with a vehicle and they die now, I mean how are you not meant to kill friendly's when raiding bases? They're all narrow paths to the entrances and you have hundreds of soldiers on the road running around you. Then when you have loads of people warping and lagging around in close infantry fighting, you always clip a friendly now and then. I've killed 2 friendly's and blew up a Lib that happened to fly past as I was shooting a tank and I'm now locked. The game gives you no feed back on it like Planetside did, there is no UI I can look at now to see how much Grief I have.

    What does FF add? Bullets don't go though player models, grenades bounce of player models. So it isn';t like you can all stand in once spot or in a line and fire. FF adds nothing but to piss off Engineers most the time, I mean the slightest tap of a vehicle and they're killed, like a 1mph tap lol. The Vanu have it worse seeing as their tanks can move any direction.

    It needs to go it adds nothing.
  2. DJPenguin

    liberators carelessly bombing courtyards with friendlies in them.. tanks spamming shells into windows w/ capture points in them without fear of blowing up their own team's defenders..they're not better alternatives.
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  3. pbody

    It punishes spamming and standing in someones line of fire
    It makes you drive and shoot carefully, do not run in front of the tank, and travel in sundies Insted of mocking around armored column in a flash.
    You maybe have the point, that grief can be lower in highly populated combat zones, but imho it must be there
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  4. 5L4Y3R

    FF as "his" atm... will make me quit game...
    Game were way more playble during Beta... Maybe back then we had less "are u mad bro" kids playing.
    SoE please do something regarding FF or ppl will be pissed and quiting.
  5. Nasher

    The game would be broken without FF. It's isn't designed to not have it. Learn to live with it or play something else.

    Without FF it would turn in to a mindless explosive spamfest.
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  6. IshanDeston

    Friendly fire (isn't friendly) has to stay. I don't need to see Infantery advancing in the constant explosions of their Armor and Airsupport.
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  7. 5L4Y3R

    Sure i will :D
    Ofc i know ff should exist, but not like this,ffs, i saw ppl just killing all on same team that spawns in base, just for fun...
    I dunno about those that only thing that do in life its play.. i work... and time i spent ingame itsnt to be lost on respawns just cose someone decide to "wipe" all squad, or cose a tank passad to close to me...
  8. Tharrak

    They should most definitely not remove friendly fire and turn the game into a mindless and uncontrolled spamfest with no sense of tactical depth. That would be a blow to the strategy aspect of the game, which translates to making it more boring and one-dimensional.

  9. Nasher

    They will eventually get weapons lock. But I think they need to make it come on sooner, the system just isn't harsh enough at the moment and doesn't always make it obvious when you hit enemies.

    I'd like to see the server start kicking people off if they are TKing X number of people within a small time frame. Which obviously puts you back at the warpgate.
  10. iEatGlue

    FF needs to stay.

    Massive improvements to grief system do need to occur.
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  11. KoukenNZ

    no, FF needs to stay,
    Go play another fps please
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  12. Bags

    The game already is a massive spamfest with no sense of tactical depth. I was defending a tech lab last night and 90% of my deaths were from grenades.
  13. Fleabag

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.....

    ..no. It does not. It is another level of challenge to manage, the game is already dumbed down enough without it being turned into a mindless AoE n00b-fest. Why do we get so many of these threads? :mad:

    The grief system needs to be improved, that is to say copied heart and soul from Planetside 1. A points system, that shows players exactly why what they did got them exactly the amount of points it did, and then how far away they are from weapons lock. A variable points system gives the dev's more scale to award different penalties and the speed at which it accrues and declines. It worked in Ps1, it should work in 2.

    Also, Ps1 awarded grief to both the mower and the mowee. Encouraging footzerger and MBTer to respect each others personal space.
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  14. iEatGlue

  15. pbody

    Or even timeout on sever or no deployment at all, if they keep running over people after lock. They can still get their fun at the warpgate.
  16. Tharrak

    Very funny Bags.

    I love a good spamfest, but not without the checks and restrictions of FF. That *is* a tactical layer, for it affects the game quite profoundly on many levels. It's there so people have to show restraint in some situations, not to prevent bombardment or indirect fire, which should be part of any dynamic battlefield.

  17. 71dana

    Team kills needs to be in the game. There is COD, MOH, & BF3 for the mindless shoot entire clip in the enemy direction crowd. Now that the closed Beta is over we are getting a huge influx of 12 years olds (free game) who think team killing & spamming "umad bro" is the height of trolling. Personally I killed 2 of these children last night after seeing them TK players for fun. Anyway IF your main argument is about Engineers dying while repairing vehicles, then I agree. I use proximty voip to tell the tank to stay still for the repair, only to get killed by the turret turning around :-(
  18. Fleabag

    Seeing next to no deliberate TKing or rampant muppetry on chat channels on the EU server(s) myself so far. If you see someone doing it and the grief system itself isn't taking care of it, /report name them?

    Spoiling the game just to make it be able to cope with a small minority of [insert remark] players is really only giving them what they want in the first place.
  19. saltin

    I like FF on but i also noticed that FF is basically not compatible with the shop.
    Most skins you buy at the shop will get you a large increase in deaths due in a big part to your teammates being confused as to what camp you belong to.
  20. 71dana

    Too true. I have the Alpha squad (TR red) camo & the white skull medic helmet on, & get TK'dby injured (shaken) soldiers I am trying to heal. FYI a medic / repair gun can't kill you.

    A lot of the new players seem to be overwhelmed by it all, it should settle down in a few weeks (I hope).