Feeling a little cheated by the ISO Implant packs.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Luicanus, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Luicanus

    My NC character that I've been playing lately has 27 of the 50 implants.

    So there are 23 I don't have, I'll grant that there are 12 exceptional in there which have significantly lower drop rates but that's still 11 regular implants and 12 exceptional that I could have gotten.

    But when I spent 3000 ISO on 6 packs which ostensibly have higher rates of dropping exceptionals all 6 of them were ones I already had.

    This isn't the first time either, I've tried in pairs of packs or tripels before, by my reckoning from a 26:24 I've spent 5500 ISO on packs and gotten only one I didn't already have.

    This is statistically improbable...

    Even with the remaining regulars being less than half of the regulars I already have, when you factor in the exceptional the odds of getting something new should surely be close to one in three?

    Unless DBG is using code to boost the odds of receiving implants you've already got? And if so by how much exactly are they more likely to show up?
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  2. Zagareth

    Of course you are cheated - not in the meaning of "cheat", but some implant get worse droprate than others and the droprate is of course set by DBG.
    You are better adviced to use your ISO to produce your implants in the implant generator, than getting them from boxes.
    The overall costs might be the same as using boxes (the generator isnt cheap to use) but you get what you want, when you want it.
  3. Luicanus

    Oh yeah, I've used the generator plenty. But now I'm trying to get some exceptionals so I'm using the recycler, and yes I'm aware that the non-exceptionals have a range of drop rates. My point is that I'm developing the impression that as soon as you've unlocked an implant it gains a boost to its drop rate further reducing the odds of getting what you want.
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  4. Liewec123

    its all just random chance,
    like you i've poured iso into the 500 iso "better chance" single implant pack and got nothing but junk,
    but i've also opened regular implant packs and gotten exceptionals,

    i think the reason you're seeing more of some implants than others is that they do have different drop rates,
    even amongst the greens, you're far more likely to get buried in ammo printers than get one of the class implants like Robotics Engineer.
  5. strikearrow

    I've spent 50k+ ISO on packs and I've only found 6 exceptional implants and I still do not have all the regular implants. It's a very rough grind.
  6. Armcross

    You didn't got cheated. But you must understand the house always win.
  7. Luicanus

    I calculated the probability based on what I know I have versus the odds of getting the remaining implants as shown here:


    I should have a 29.956% of getting a new implant yet in the last 8 tries I've gotten none. Not impossible, of course, but I grow steadily more sure that there is a bonus probability to get what you already have.

    I'd be very curious to know what that bonus probability is.
  8. Trigga

    I have all implants unlocked.
    I usualy buy as many large packs as i can with 10-20k worth of certs.
    Last time it was 20,250 certs spent on 27 packs, got 6 or 7 duplicate exceptionals, dont know how many greens...too many.
    I used to buy 1 at a time to see if there was any difference in the chance, but couldnt detect anything.

    I believe even amoung the exceptionals there are different drop rates, took me ages to get the bionics one(infact last implant i unlocked), but minor cloak and infravision were repeated many times, they were part of the original implant list IIRC.

    If my recent calculations are correct, even after unlocking them all you still need 139,650 ISO-4 to max all implants, with only green duplicates thats 621 deluxe implant packs, at a whopping cost of 465,500 certs.
    Thats a heart attack inducing 116,375,000 experience points...
    Of course getting duplicate exceptionals will reduce this, and the ISO-4 you win from alerts will also help.

    Implants are defo a cert sink.
  9. DeadlyOmen

    Those that play games of chance cheat themselves.

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