Feedback Thread for the "PlanetSide 2 Test Weekend"

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  1. tijolo

    Tested a lot, flew a lot, didn't read many of the comments here, already gave feedback on flying on the post for that, here's my feedback:
    -Lots of bugs
    -Vehicle weapons, mounted or not, dissapear at a certain angle. The NC AV specific doesn't show the reload timer circle correctly.
    -Constant beeping sound of vehicle on fire even at 100% condition.
    -Hold Q menu on friendlies doesn't work
    -Is the aircraft and vehicle 'after-movement' after releasing the key/stop moving the mouse supposed to be like it is? Or is it supposed to stop turning immediately?
    -Yaw speed is clearly broken, as it can go faster depending on what you do.
    -Can I say it's a bug yaw not being on mouse? :rolleyes: I'm sure a lot of people agree when I say: "Let us choose if we want roll or yaw!"
    -Aircrafts don't seem to have inertia anymore. Which was a big deal for reavers or any other ESF not using hover stability.
    -Koltyr is awesome. Only bug I saw was the NC warpgate landing pads not ressuplying. For anyone.
    -Aircraft gunner sensitivity is now on the same slider as pilot sensitivity. Which is bad, really bad. More sliders doing less (Ex.: Gun specific sensitivity) >> Less sliders doing more (1 Overall game sensitivity slider for EVERYTHING).
    -Those are my opinions and bugs noticed in MY client/pc. If you care to change what I wrote about it would be nice to have polls on how people feel about stuff like mouse yaw and weapon/weapon type specific sensitivities.
    -BTW can I get muh helmet nao? :oops:
  2. Smoo

    There's an invincible galaxy flying around Koltyr. The infinite-lock-on noise bug is back. (Or is that the damage warning?)

    These no-fly zones are getting REALLY annoying. STOP TURNING MY SCREEN RED. I can understand popping people who fly out of bounds, but the Live no-fly borders are annoying, and the no-fly killzones on Koltyr are just RIDICULOUS. Have YOU ever actually FLOWN on the continent? "YOU ARE IN A RESTRICTED AREA" is stupid. Pain fields, I can deal with. Papa Vanu ******** at me because I'm not flying inside the lines? Is STUPID. Not fun. Not immersive. Adds nothing to game, and annoys people for no gain.

    Oh. Right. The actual flight controls. They feel... squishier? Not a fan of change. Not unless you go ALL the way and remove the frankly silly ability to fly sideways and backwards.
  3. Varley44

    Being a novice pilot, it was awesome to have this massive air battle in the middle of the map. The new flight controls felt surprisingly well compared to what I thought they would be, but I feel the turn/freelook combination should not be part of the game. It makes it harder to track your target when your craft keeps rolling, and is just inconvenient when trying to fly in a straight line, while checking around you.
  4. SimoCF

    Where can i see if i already gain the helmet?
  5. Safgaftsa

    I'm not a very experienced dogfighter, but this change threw off everything I did know. The controls feel kind of unresponsive, which makes it hard to turn quickly.

    Also, there appears to be a bug where the spawnroom teleporters don't work.
  6. Voross

    Flew around 40 minutes on the PTR (20 min ESF, 20 min Gal) since those are the only vehicles I have some experience in/know how they feel on live. The only noticeable change I felt was that the pitch of the ESF and gal felt much more sluggish, the same goes for the roll. It seems the roll continued for a while even without my mouse movement. I tried to compensate that with increased mouse sensitivity compared to live (don't worry, I checked) but only with moderate success. Might be that it's just me and I'm dumb, but that's how it felt too me. I enjoy flyling, but I simply don't have the experience other pilots have. So their opinion is probably more valuable.^^
  7. FritzKruppski

    On Ultra Grafik, everything looks fine.
    But Character sometimes flickering, so the turrets, arms of a Max and anti aircraft

    I Cant Fly with the old Controls, a little bit tricky for me, but with the "new " controlls its also difficult for me..
    I WONT fly with a plane from PS2.
  8. SvengalPlaysGames

    Their are quite some bugs I noticed only by flying.

    1. Ammo pads at the warpgate don't resupply aircraft (Don't know if this is the same for vehicles).
    2. Locked on (G) missles sometimes aren't displayed on the minimap when they are fired on you.
    3. It's very unclear where you can fly on the map without going into a ristricted area.
    4. For vehicles it isn't possible to position next to an enemy warpgate while infantry can (This makes for very irritating campers next to the warpgate).

    The flying overall felt like it was less responsive and making a reverse manouvre or just turning with your mouse became much harder while the sensetivity for aiming on enemy's is almost the same. Turning around or making any kind of 180 degree turns are way harder to pull off now.

    Other problems I found that it's very easy to camp a warpgate if you control the base infront of it thanks to the turrets.
  9. Rhumald

    FYI Koltyr can experience psudo lockdown (capturing all territories flips all the warpgates to your faction). This does not seem intentional.
  10. RocknRoll

    Yeah what a ********. Koltyr is completely locked by VS (all warpgates!) and NC/TR cannot spawn anywhere . How is one supposed to test Koltyr if one cannot spawn?
  11. Jinguuji

    Well, since I'm not really an airplane kind of guy, the flight controls for me seems the same as the one from the live server. No difference...
  12. SKuLLdRaG3

    Few more things. I don't fly much and nothing really seems to be changed for me except that scythes land terribly. For some reason my scythe explodes ( a lot) after landing( i'm not that bad at flying). Also i often disappear from the minimap, which is annoying.
    And my afterburner often shows either only full or only empty so i can't know how much i have left.
  13. IanRecon

    The new flight system is very good, Koltyr seems very good idea but if not ubiera aeronabes because it is very easy to weather the wargate.
  14. IshanDeston

    Love the new Flight controls, it takes a bit getting used to it, and i am not regularily a pilot, but they felt much tighter than they do on the life server. I'd be more inclined to fly with the new controls.

    Koltyr... for the love of all things hole, whoever was the smart guy that thought it would be a good idea to make warpgates capturable, that guy needs a stern talking to. What the F... seriously, how are we supposed to test anything, with grief points enabled and no enemies to shoot at?!

    I somehow managed to get to BR5.. thanks to a random alert running down some other continent, but seriously... that was about the least enjoyable test experience. I am all for testing and stuff, but at least allow me to TEST!

    And i have no idea how the dynamic on the new island would be, since there was no enemy to fight, because some smart guy thought that capturing Warpgates with no ability to get them back was a good idea!
  15. YiffyFeros

    I just did also the 30 minutes flying.. (about 2 hours in air).
    And i must say... I dont rly like the new flying system. It feels very linearly.. But flying backwards is still possible. So i think im okay with it, even i dont rly like this changes., (if they come to live server)

    Dont forget my helmet SOE :p .
  16. untwerth

    How is this even possible?
  17. jolafritasse

    Hi all,
    I fly about 30min today and 10min yesterday before the update.
    I have to say it was much more fun yesterday with ennemies...

    I am not an expert in flying things in PS2. But I think the feeling was very close to what I experienced in-game. Maybe I have to fine-tune the mouse settings to retrieve exactly the same feeling, I don't know. I am satisfied this way.

    By the way I spotted in bug with liberator:
    When flying, I was damaged and the level of damage becomes red with the alarm ringing.
    As an engineer I land on ground, repair the stuff and take off afterwards.
    But the alarm was still ringing whereas the liberator was fully repaired.

    It's up to you of you could improve this.
    Thx for the opportunity of testing to new game settings and THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR THE HELMET!
  18. metrotw

    After playing around with it more, i really dont like the delay when using pitch up & down...makes everything feel sluggish.

    Also, the boundary zones need to be pushed further out. It would be disconcerting for a newbie to fly ten feet outside of his warpgate and start getting the countdown timer.

    Tower base design is great and needs to be brought to a few indar\hossin\easmir\amerish bases immediately.

    Some of the new helmets and camos are pretty nice.

    "Mini" maps like Koltyr can and should be developed asap and brought live. lock them at 100 people per side and you have a winner. Quick, fast paced maps. Make them with varied terrain types, new and simpler base design...forget the amp stations and tech plants...enough of those already.
  19. TheMaze7

    Hello! Test server is locked down by the VS... xD

    Flightcontrols looks okay to me... not as bad as i expected.

    The scout raidar on my mossy doesn't work right. Only shows objects on the map not on the screen, if a fighter is in proximity.

    vgg guys... vgg
  20. thingymajigy

    I exit my ESF and it rolls and blows up.