Feedback: Restore stalker cloak duration

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Bape, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Bape

    Right now cloak it self is basically "Kill me now" because it just easy to see in medium+ settings. Now we have the stalker cloak which takes away our primary weapon which only let us use our secondary weapon. Before the nerf I believe the stalker cloak was perfect the way it is max rank gives you 24 seconds while moving but now it last even less then hunter cloak?

    My feedback: Please bring back the old stalker cloak it was perfect the way it is since you aren't carrying a primary weapon like SMG and it still dam easy to see. If you believe im right everyone like my post or reply but if you have an opinion feel free to throw it down below.
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  2. ironeddie

    Totally agree. The stalker cloak should keep us cloaked longer than hunter and certainly not for less time.

    It would be idiotic to think that we are safe when we stop to recharge the cloak just because we can remain cloaked. The fact even whilst cloaked we are visible on good graphics settings plus counters like the new darklight make us vulnerable.

    So the least we should be able to do is have enough time to get to other cover. Where we can pause to recharge.