Feedback on Capture Mechanics.

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  1. JibbaJabba

    The changes regarding conduits and notifications on the map are welcome, thanks!

    Please do NOT make the changes to the contested timer! I beg you not to do this!

    It will exacerbate existing problems in the game. I'll try to explain.

    This is a very pro-Zerg change. The game is suffering from pop imbalance at most fights. The single point capture mechanic is a tool used by smaller squads to deal with large zergs. It allows a nimble force to flank a larger force, to nip at it's heels, to slow it's momentum.

    The proposed change allows the ever-present zerg ball to just roll down a lattice with no skill and no coordination. The underpopped group can do nothing to slow them down.

    We do NOT want this solved! But we want this mechanic!

    A very large force can spare a detachment to deal with a single player. But we're not just impacting single players with this. It also impacts small squads. It also impacts large platoons that show coordination. They will no have no advantage over large platoons without coordination.

    This also breaks forward capping!

    Consider this scenario:
    Smaller force hold a point as a large zerg moves in. They capture the base but are immediately wiped off the point afterwards. But the small force was clever and quick and sent a detatchment forward to get a point on the next base. Now the large force is standing around a point they can no longer capture! They have been outplayed!

    But now we have a change in game mechanics that eliminates skill and tactics. The large force wins just by being large.

    This change lowers the skill ceiling for leaders drastically. It lessens the game.
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  2. JibbaJabba

    And yes, this will also obliterate the playsyle of point holding a single point to stop a 96+ zerg from advancing down the lattice.

    No more pointholds at Crown B point. Or Howling Pass A/C points. Ascent A point, etc.

    Big zergs can now simply ignore this and roll down the lane.

    This is a BAD change.

    I suspect it's caused by zergfit leaders whining about being outskilled by a smaller force.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    And this will impact the 96 v 96 fights as well. It's not just a "solo player"

    96 v 96 fight at crossroads watchtower. It starts as always not going well for the defenders. But they claw back and manage to capture A point and B point. After a moment the defenders can send a single player to Xeno Tech Labs. It doesn't matter if 96 people still hold C point at crossroads. The solo player can still back cap them.

    OR. The defenders could move all 96 of their forces to the crown. They don't even have to secure their own Crossroads base. Leave 96 players holding a point for nothing...

    Bad change. Do not do this please. Please take feedback while in TEST before this goes live. Thanks!
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  4. FLHuk


    Not a great idea.
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  5. melioa

    just a certain youtube guy who is now in charge, showing just how inept and useless he really is, you know he will not listen to us, he will add it to the game....he will get what he wanted.....his game for him and him alone, as he will be the only person playing the game if he continues with these stupid and crap ideas he insists on forcing into the game. as what he adds to the game is fun......right? :confused:
  6. Johannes Kaiser

    That is already all I see in game whenever I log in (e.g. 2 fights 60 vs 10, 1 20 vs 5 and the rest is peanuts), which leads to step 2 of the process, me logging right off again. The slowing isn't done pretty much at all.
    But I agree that the change would make matters even worse by removing the only tool the underpopped side has of slowing the zerg for a hot minute, however little used it appears to be. Not that that's worth much, reinforcements will very much not come (defending being equally profitable as attacking when??!), but it feels good to sting the bullies.
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  7. RabidIBM

    I have to agree with the OP here. I would ask for a UI change for the main map to show when 1 point has been capped even if a timer hasn't started.

    In general though, OP is right. Zergs are too strong already, the last thing we need is to buff zergs.