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  1. Darkwulf

    Many cycles ago when you purchased an all access pass you would get your 500 DB cash every month without having to click on the button in game.

    Daybreak changed how you collect the DB cash to having to click the button each month or lose your DB cash.

    I canceled my all access on that day because the cash is part of the all access membership and I don't always have time to log on and sometimes miss my DB cash. I would have stayed subbed this entire time if they didn't make this change. I just came back and subbed for 1 month and still this problem exists today.

    Guess what, I canceled again. That DB cash is part of the access deal. Until you give it to me each month there is no way I am paying you to try to make me log in to collect it.
  2. Campagne

    You don't have time to log in once a month?

    Or am I not understanding, is it only available on one day or something?
  3. JibbaJabba

    I just find it funny you're paying for a game you're not playing.
  4. Beerbeerbeer

    They need to change it so the passive experience gain is achieved without having to log the character in.

    Everyday I’m stuck logging six characters in and out. Come on, give us a break. We’re your best customers and what keeps this game alive and yet you can’t offer some quality of life changes? You’re just antagonizing the very hand that feeds you...

    Sometimes we can’t play for a day or two, but that shouldn’t deprive us of something we’re paying for...
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  5. Exileant

    o_O I can agree with this.... :eek: D.C.U.O. gives you your loyalty points automatically. :confused: Something can happen to where a person cannot play, such as getting hurt. :( They should not be punished for this; they should have their reward as well as passive gain for supporting the game waiting on them upon their return like D.C. does.
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  6. Liewec123

    I actually did the math back when I was a subber
    and it turned out that buying a year sub cost me over an entire day of my life logging in and out of PS2.
    5 minutes a day over a year is 30 hours.

    I thought recently that I might sub in the future again, but the feeling of not needing to cert-log is soooo good.
    I've suggested repeatedly over the years that they just give us what we pay for, without the hoops to jump through.
    Because the mandatory cert-logs are one of the biggest reasons not to sub.
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  7. pnkdth

    We've been pushing for this for years and years but apparently a solid customer experience has remained a low priority. I would probably have remained a sub for longer anyways knowing that my past time spent + money spent would count for something but apparently we gotta live with the paranoid notion of, "What have you done for me lately, huh?!", relationship with DBG.
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  8. TR5L4Y3R

    and? there can be many reasons why one may not play for a period of time but not neccesarily wants to miss passive bonuses when he/she decides to come back every once in a while ..
    i too many times do not play for months between a number of times were i play the game ..
    yes i´m not a member but i can see why he is annoyed with HAVING TO log in to the game JUST for the DBCash and certs .. it´s a silly inconviniece and especialy in case of DBC .. this is clearly lost money when missed .. which is simply bullscrap and shouldn´t be a neccesaty ..
  9. Liewec123

    +1 for this,
    For the past few years I've only really had one good gaming session each week, but I was still a sub,
    Partly for the bonuses, partly to support the game that I love.

    It was nice being able to skip faction queues (I play all 3 factions on my gamey night if I can) So less time waiting is awesome!
    The bonus nanites per minute also meant that I could pull fun stuff like vehicles/nades/maxes more often,

    On the flip side, the sub meant that on the 6 days that I wasn't playing much I was spending 5 minutes each day
    logging in and out of characters to get the certs that I'd paid for, jumping through DBGs unneccesarry hoops, and paying to do it.
  10. Pelojian

    they changed it because they didn't want to pay taxes on the SC/DBC sitting in people's accounts.

    by removing the auto-grant and replacing it with a manual grant people with active subscriptions that haven't logged for a while will lose out on the DBC grants as a result there is less DBG on account so daybreak pays less tax on it each year.

    the reason why they pay tax is because it has real world value and in held in trust until you redeem it, they can only count DBC as profit and transfer the cash it represents into the profit margin when you spend it.
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  11. DocLorria

  12. JibbaJabba

    My point is: You griping about a scenario where you may not get your moneys worth that ONLY arises when you are engaging in an unrelated behavior that also causes you not to get your moneys worth.

    What? Don't get uppity with me about it. I'm just saying the truth.

    But here's the big picture:
    It's to encourage you to get back into the game, at least long enough to click the button. If they get you in that far there is a chance you'll play.

    It's the same mechanic behind having to log in characters to get the bonus certs.

    It is a mechanic designed to help the monetization of the game.

    Why I gotta explain this? Is it not obvious?
    And no, they aren't going to change it.
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  13. TR5L4Y3R

    ignoring the other bullscrap you saying
    it´s not encouraging at all though (it´s made into a obligation to log in or lose currency, to which the only other choice is to cancel subscription) considering especialy how flawed the game is in many areas still ..

    it doesn´t help monetization cause it pisses people off and discourages further using the membership (or using it in the first place) for those who play irregularly considering PS2 is at a state where it may need every penny it can get, so pretty stupid to deny people their currency just for a stupid missed period to click one single damn button for any RL reason ..

    the only people who may not care about these issues are players who have the time and motivation to play regularly per week or month ... and these also become less as time goes on ...

    they not gonna change that, their loss .. pretty simple ..
  14. Exileant

    :mad::p *Tackles and squeezes* :eek: MIIIIINE!!!! STAY BACK!!!! I FOUND IT FIRST!!!! o_O You..... YOU shall be part of my collection.... People will pay GOOD money to see one of the rare "Life Timers". :confused: I will used these funds to fuel my OWN membership, AND by doing so I.... WILL BECOME ONE OF THEM!!!!! :oops::eek:AaaaaaaAAAAAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-Minty fresh breath-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :Do_O *Lightning strikes*
  15. Exileant

    :eek: I had no idea. Thank you for the information. ;) Less taxes for them is less high prices for us.

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