Feedback about the Tengu.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rhello, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Rhello

    I've got to say, that's a mixed bag. While a shotgun-smg sounds great on paper, it just doesn't works, it's just some useless gimmick hurting the effective range of the weapon, and it also makes it nearly unusable in close range because of the pellets dispersion when hip-firing.

    First, I think the thing that bugs me the most is that NSX weapons were meant to be skill-cannons, but this is as noobish as it gets, it's literally made for players who can't aim properly, and penalizes those who can aim with 200dmg weapons. But ok, lets say it's an exception, what's actually wrong with the weapon itself ?

    - it burns through ammo like crazy, and the need to reload is way too frequent.
    - it has worthless hipfire, unless you're in barrel-stuffing range
    - the horizontal recoil and bloom associated with 200 damage weapons, combined with the pellet's mechanics make this weapon unusable beyond 25m against normal targets, leave alone heavy assaults
    - and overall, it can be summed up by two adjectives : unreliable and outclassed.

    I'm harsh on this weapon since I've died deaths I shouldn't have, since you'll sometimes see your pellets going everywhere after the second shot, which can mean you'll die against a skilled opponent, becayse he has regular weapons, able to shoot well beyond 35m, with better velocity, accuracy and damage degradation. Sure, you'll reliably hit them at that range, but you're not going to see anything but hitmarkers, while they'll return fire and instagib you as soon as they realize what's up, same story for close quarters, unless you're landing headshots while being very close to your target (or the pellets will miss), you'll end up with sub-par DPS, and often be left reloading after one or two kills at most.

    TLDR : Perhaps the weapon is not for experienced players at all (it's very likely), but the "shotgun" part of the weapon just weighs it down way too much to be used by anyone seriously, adding RNG to a weapon line-up meant to reward skill with an interesting mechanic in return. Right now, it's worse than conventional SMGs at range (40-ish meters), and worse than conventional shotguns at close range (unreal dispersion of pellets after a couple of shots).
  2. Masyaka

    Nobody cares
  3. Rhello

    You don't, but perhaps devs are looking for feedback, one can dream.
  4. SixNineFour

    Easily the best SMG for me at any range. Maybe because I go for bodyshots normally?
  5. Exitus Acta Probat

    I enjoy the weapon, I find it excels at close quarters ambushing, perfect for infiltrators.

    It is a auto so it does go through ammo as would be expected, I personally would prefer a larger ammo pool, but what it has does suffice, and there is always the ammo bando option.

    You just need to know how to use it, I've taken out 2-3 enemies in close proximity with a single burst on multiple different occasions.
  6. DeadlyOmen

    Alrighty, then.
  7. Sazukata

    I'd rather something is released underpowered and gets incrementally brought in line with other things, than to be released overpowered, imbalancing gameplay until it's potentially over-nerfed.


    I'm a fan of highly accurate weapons with large ammo pools, even if it's at the cost of DPS. I haven't tried any NSX weapons, but I believe the Tanto fits this description, and I'm also very interested in the Yumi. Someone point me in the right direction?

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