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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. JGood

    Learning how to play the game under live fire conditions can be pretty daunting. To help address this, we’re planning on adding in a VR Training zone that will be a safe haven for players to try out weapons, practice piloting vehicles, and get comfortable with basic game mechanics.
    • Initially, this area would be more of a sandbox for players to experiment in, but down the road we’d potentially look to leverage it for in game tutorials.
    • Highlights include:
      • Your faction only
      • Friendly fire disabled
      • No vehicle spawn timers or resource cost
      • All weapons available for use
      • Areas set up for firing ranges and vehicle courses
    Just to clarify, the goal would certainly be to allow individual weapon attachments to be unlocked by default in the VR training zone as well.
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  2. KaMiKaZePiG

    What about cert mechanics? Because ... I mean, you can't preview scopes right now and that's a cert thing. You can't really see "like, what exactly does this reload mechanic feel like if I cert it out all the way?" etc.

    Either certs should be sandboxed here, too (unlimited and reset-able or something) or certs should always be refundable.
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  3. Bloodmyth

    This is excellent, should have been with release to help out those poor newbs that took a bullet before they realised what was going on lol (we were all there)
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  4. VampHunter

    Yes great idea. But definitely make it so you can edit the friendly fire settings, it would be nice to be able to do dual/squad vs. squad practice.
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  5. Richardsonnn

    It would be nice if this VR training also had lots of geometry to practice maneuvering around in vehicles, including airborne structures to practice flying around in.

    As a whole, I support this.
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  6. CaptainTenneal

    They probably won't allow duels, they want people in the field as much as possible.
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  7. Shockfrosted

    I'm certainly a fan, especially after purchasing a new weapon and trying to form muscle memory for its recoil direction.
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  8. Ender Wiggen

    I can think of nothing bad about this, it was great in planetside one and it would be awesome to have it back again in PS2
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  9. GamerOfFreedom

    I'd love to have numbers pop off the target(s) showing the amount of damage done and maybe more stats like time to kill etc.
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  10. Salutem

    Ah the ps1 tutorial
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  11. Scienta

    YES PLEASE. was needed from the begining
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  12. Jackalmaster

    This should be a high priority as it shouldn't be that difficult to implement a simple firing rang e
  13. Nathaniak

    No objection. I'd love to be able to practice my flying without worrying about the resource costs.
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  14. Pikeman84

  15. Davelantor

    Give option to remove the tags, open friendly fire for people of same platoon and you got a deal
  16. Phattie

    Excellent idea but can't give you credit as it was in the first one and is desperately needed in this one too. All certs should be unlocked so people can try weapons out to their full potential.
  17. kymcman

    Definitely needed. There's only so much room in the warpgate for people to "practice."
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  18. Streetfighter

    Good to see that you changed your mind. It was about time.
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  19. Killjoy2503

    hope to see this facility on the warpgates soon =)
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  20. SgtCharlesZim

    Sounds like a great idea. Only issue I can see is if players start playing in VR in preference to the continents since they'll be able to use any weapon they like without paying for it. More for SOE's protection than the player's as they've still got to make a profit somehow.
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