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  1. PS2_Luke Lead Designer

    Status: In progress

    In addition to squad vehicle spawning we will also be making these changes:

    Deploy on login
    • Players will start on the deployment screen instead of in the warpgate after login and after zoning. This reduces the player’s initial time to combat and downtime when changing continents.
    Cross Continent Reinforcements
    • The reinforcement system allows players to spawn at active fights on their continent as long as the fight isn’t too overpopulated by the player’s own faction or too overpopulated in general. This system has been working well, a little too well actually, and continents will often reach a state where all active fights are considered balanced (or near enough), which causes there to be no active reinforcement spawn points on the player’s current continent.
    • We want players to still be able to quickly jump into fights when the above situation happens, so we’re going to allow spawning at reinforcement points on other continents.

    Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station certification line is becoming passive
    • The AMS cert line is dominating its slot (~96% equip rate for those curious). It’s an important cert line for the game and we don’t want to change its functionality, so we’re going to make the certification line passive to the Sunderer. This opens up the Utility loadout slot on the Sunderer, which allows players to have more varied and creative loadout combinations.
    • All existing certs will convert over cleanly
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  2. RyanGUK

    Is this coming in today?! Also AMS sunderers becoming passive? Best decision ever. Now that Gate diffusion utility is going to be hella useful.
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  3. LordMondando

    So your making every sundy an AMS sundy, including gatecrasher.

    That changes gameplay quite a bit, not necessarily for the better.

    Generally speaking though, the current mechanics forcing you to do 6-10 spawn jumps some times to get to certain fights are just laborious and do nothing to stop overpopulation.
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  4. vincent-

    It will change gameplay a bit but honestly glad to see happen. Most sundies have this attachment making the other ones very mute it can't be helped, this will actually make it very important now which types will be brought into fights.
  5. cruczi

    Such a big change to go from 96% equip rate to 100%. :rolleyes:

    And since it's a passive cert line, you might see lower levels of the cert line have some limitations (for higher levels, some advantages) compared to the current AMS.
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  6. blueangleofdeath

    YES!! I'm so glad you're going this way with the sundy's. I'm still deciding what I want to do with mine. I was thinking of doing ams but as stated above pretty much everybody has one which means I would waste 50 certs to rarely use it. I was kinda questioning why they wouldn't as it's already built into the thing anyway. The one use I would like to see changed is to still be able to deploy it just for people to changes classes or whatever instead of for both reload and spawning.
  7. Blarg20011

    Yeah, this will be interesting...
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  8. cruczi

    Yeah, it will be for the better. I love the idea of being able to bypass a gate AND deploy. It will definitely make it important for defenders to place mines on the inner side of the gate, as these can't be destroyed without bypassing the gate (and the blurry shield will also make them harder to notice).
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  9. Ryko Nailo

    Excellent, now if only Sunderer had Scout Radar, then no one would let any C4 fairys near my AMS! Well not like they could defeat my blockade armor anyway.

    Although I think with this change Sunderers need to be taken off ALL vehicle pads and moved to the 'heavy pads' only. Otherwise we might just see a huge flood of AMS constantly now that every infantry only player doesn't need to 'waste' certs for it. And frankly it'll give more time for the enemy to intercept these things before they deploy which in turn means you'll want it escorted which means a better chance at field battles.
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  10. HadesR

    Should maybe look into toning down the repair aspect of a repair sundy .. Can see repair + AMS being a popular combo

    Ie: Having X in the same area making the repair so it doesn't stack ( if it doesn't work like that already :) )
  11. Jeslis

    No its not.. because nodeploy zones still exist.
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  12. Blarg20011

    The big change is not how many of them will have it, but that you'll be able to have AMS and gate crasher, so taking down vehicle shields could become almost pointless.
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  13. Ryekir

    It's not such a big change as you might initially think, because most places where GSD is really useful (AMP stations and Tech Plants) are already covered by AMS no-deploy zones.
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  14. Ryekir

    Does this mean that then the Ammo and Proximity Repair modules will be moved to the Utility Slot (where they really should be anyway)? It never made any sense to be that they were "defensive" modules...
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  15. Ryekir

    They used to stack (infinitely) in beta, which lead to invincible Sunderer balls slowly inching their way across the battlefield. As far as I know, they no longer stack at all (meaning the most-certed one wins)
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  16. Ryekir

    True, but all decent AMS drivers already run with full mine-guard (which takes 7 mines to fully kill)
  17. cruczi

    Except that vehicle shields are the only thing standing between a base worth fighting for one already lost to a spawn bombing vehicle zerg, and that a lone Sunderer won't last for long without friendly vehicles to protect it. The enemies will still have to take down vehicle shields after the Sunderers are deployed inside the shielded area, or it will be a short-lived attempt at a base capture.
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  18. UKAvenger

    Deploy on login
    Cross Continent Reinforcements

    For me, having played PS and now PS2, this kind of pulls away from that 'sanctuary' feel? Nice to appear at the warpgate on login at least as its the closest you can get to feeling at home. A place to plan etc. So you login and pick a battle straight away. You dont even have to go back to the WARP gate to warp to another cont anymore! A bit too instant actiony in my opinion. Are people foaming at the mouths for battle so much that they cant wait a few seconds to redeploy using the already, way too flexible respawn system? I wonder if most of those that play PS2 could even stand the pace that PlanetSide was running at! hehe.

    Same with cross cont spawning, opens up more flexibility what with mobile SL spawns, beacons, IA etc... wheres the regroup and use a transport love? The more you feel like your actually there, the less teleporting around the more you feel immersed in the gaming environment. Just like PlanetSide, distances would matter and all that. PS2 would certainly feel bigger too.

    edit, on the subject of 'spawn changes' you should concentrate on making people spawn in the correct places that would have the effect of creating faction vs faction warfare between or over the less useful small outposts. Creating one equal force to counter attack the one thats hitting your forward areas. Spawning back and creating one rather than spawning in the damn spawn room of every indefensible outpost every time every time you get knocked back.

    Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station certification line is becoming passive

    Fair enough, will definitely make them more durable as they can use IR smoke or fire supression. As HadesR points out, some things could lead to undesired outcomes though... I'd prefer you made things more specialized however rather than continually making this vehicle the do it all vehicle.

    Put in a PS style cloak field that u cant see in or out of and stick it in the defense slot. (needs radar stealth too though, so a cloaked radar ams at cost of weak armour and no effective weapons when deployed.)
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  19. JonboyX

    This is the lazy / easy solution to spawn zerging. I can't begin to say how much I detest this idea.

    Really; giving the sunderer a carte blanche AMS option? Please stop and think. Please put the AMS on a separate vehicle. You've made so many compromises with the sunderer it's just not true:
    YES. You should be able to spawn in an enemy SOI. Why not?
    NO. Gate shield diffusers shouldn't overlap with an AMS.
    NO. The Sunderer shouldn't be a troop transport, uber tank, spawn point, shield penetrator and anti infantry machine all in one.
    Really. PLEASE consider separating troop transport from troop spawning.

    What role do you see the galaxy fulfilling? Seriously?
    Real life war is more logistics, less frills. You are stripping every and all aspect(s) of logistics from this game by letting any player move anywhere at any time. If anything, the last thing we want are people logging in and hitting the zerg front line. We need variety on the battle fronts, and we need to encourage those smaller fights elsewhere, as this brings a semblance of thought and strategy to the game. If you want to just have us zerg front lines, why bother with a continent? Why not run a series of three base battle islands on a 200 vs 200 scale ... aka a souped up BF4?

    Clearly the development team want this to be a shooter. But most long term players want some strategy involving team play. Instant action <> teamplay. At it's heart, PS2 is a shooter. But it becomes more than that when you have to plan, organise and execute. That's what separates the top outfits from everyone else. tl;dr Please make it more than just a shooter by allowing people to be better than the zerg with some thought and some execution?
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  20. cruczi

    Pretty sure many decent Sundy drivers prefer blockade armor

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