February patch, I'm getting anxious

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arquin, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Arquin

    Like a kid waiting to hit the toilet. It's already 18th of Feb and we haven't even gotten an announcement. Does SOE want to keep it a secret not to get any hype up? I just wish we get it this month. I need my monthly content add until the meatgame gets updated :/

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  2. TheEvilBlight

    I wonder who they will choose to piss of this time around.
  3. Nocturnal7x

    they haven't fixed the last patch yet lol.
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  4. Arquin

    I actually liked the bugs. I had hilarious moments for 3 days after the patch. Seeing all those Vanguards shooting blanks at me and then destroying them with my Turtle Get-stuck-in-a-small-ditch Magrider.
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  5. ps2x518

    Yeah I have no hopes for the Feb patch. It'll be delayed and when it finally hits it'll mess up a bunch of other things. They've been doing this since tech tech.
  6. Flix

    You wont get any information prior to them getting the patch rolling...maybe higsby telling you something if you follow him on his private forum...oh wait no...I mean Twitter. beeing all proffesional and such.
    But I happyly wait what they destroy now with their normal patchbugs...testservers? Those are for other developers..we rather piss of customers. Its way more funny.
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  7. Nikushimi

    Unless said patch includes some from of automated cheat detection, its not really going to matter.
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  8. TheEvilBlight

    Performance is fair in everything except Renderside; latency appears to go up in proportion to square of players present.

    If I play it as a seamless-map-FPS instead of a Massively Multiplayer it seems to do alright. :|

    Feb patch will probably have common pool handcannons, ES AV...not sure what else.
  9. Arkha3

    Last weeks FNO it was stated that the next set of SMG's are coming possibly before the next FNO. We'll see :)
  10. Ash87

    Probably be around the end of the month If I had to guess. 31st or something like last time.

    It's good to see the game is attracting so many console gamers too, since the idea of hotfixes and such is so foreign to many people who have posted thusfar in this thread.
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  11. Lazaruz

    I'll be amazed if the patch is released on the 31st of this month.
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  12. Sinist

    Pretty soon we are going to have to goto Higby's favorite cafe and wear toe socks in order to get updates on the game.

    But back to topic, its only the 18th. They have a couple more weeks of work left. There are ALOT of things on the list for February. Heck there are alot of things on the list for the next few months. I respect that they can get it working as well as they do.

    As a computer programmer I am slow as molasses. As an artist I am hopeless.

    So yeah I try not to complain too much.
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  13. sobadass

    Yep !!!
  14. Fox234

    I hope they keep their patch to themselves. I can't take another 20% performance hit.
  15. TimeyWimey

    so... never?
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  16. Sharpe

    I have been and still am an avid supporter of this game, and I still enjoy playing it to bits, however I've been questioning how serious they are taking that roadmap business - it's starting to seem like a simple PR ploy to me.

    Take the pump action shotguns - it's been downvoted enough to be second to last on the list for this month, yet they are still using dev time on them and probably bringing them live on this next Game Update.
    And yet, the most voted item of ANY month (Account wide unlocks) has gotten nothing but silence from the powers that be. We literally know -nothing- more about it than we knew when the roadmap was put up.

    I think it'd be reasonable to expect at least some info on the by far, most voted item in there.
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  17. 01101010

    Weeks? 10 days mate..
  18. Dovahkiin

    The real question is... How long is it before PS2 dies??
    And the answer is... What is PS2? (hint: it's already dead)

    LOL at your sig!!
  19. Kumaro

    Just to be a crack shot optimist. I hope the increase of guns will lower the prizes from a wall 1k certs to something more balanced compared to the in game cert gain system. 8D

    But that's just me overdosing in happy thoughts. <.<
  20. Chipskream

    People realizing that the roadmap is basically an empty promise..massive nonshock, news at 11.

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