February - Infiltrator Update

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  1. PS2_Luke Lead Designer

    UPDATED: more details will be added as implementation is more complete.

    Status: On Test

    Goal: Add more reconnaissance team play tools and more loadout choices to the Infiltrator class

    New Sniper Rifles
    • 1 faction unique sniper rifle
      • We've re-examined these designs and came up with some new ideas. These are highly subject to change based on Test server feedback and balance adjustments
      • After getting feedback and play testing we've made changes.
      • NC Sniper Rifle
        • A high powered railgun with the fastest bolt-action velocity in the game.
      • TR Sniper Rifle
        • Three fire mode battle rifle. Accurate 2x burst for mid-to-long range, 3x burst for medium range, and semi-auto for extremely long ranges.
      • VS Charge Sniper Rifle
        • A semi-auto sniper rifle with unlimited ammunition and a heat mechanic that replaces the usual magazine. It can also be charged up to deliver a more powerful shot.
      • TR: This bolt-action features the highest magazine size in its class
      • VS: Higher mobility when compared to all other bolt sniper rifles
      • NC: Highest damage in its class
      • TR: fully automatic, medium damage, long-range rifle with accurate burst firemode
      • NC: Gauss powered railgun which can switch between firing a single high damage projectile or multiple mini-flechettes on the fly.
      • VS: semi-automatic sniper rifle with a charged shot doing bolt action damage. This weapons uses heat displacement mechanics instead of standard ammo
    • 1 shared semi-auto sniper rifle for the aggressive forward snipers

    These tasks are live:

    New weapons
    • A new faction shared SMG: Has an integrated suppressor. Has the highest damage and kill times for a SMG with a suppressor attached.
    • A new faction shared Crossbow: Secondary weapon that can be used by all classes. Has two unique rail attachments.
      • Explosive Bolt: shoots a small exploding projectile that does increased damage against MAXs
      • Recon Bolt: Provides limited recon dart functionality
    New tools

    Recon Drone Moved out of this update to be used in a wider capacity in the future
    • This remote controlled flying drone will allow Infiltrators to safely gather intel and spot enemies from a distance.
    • Enemies will be able to shoot the drone down to prevent the intel gathering.
    Motion Sensor
    • This tool will give more detailed information when compared to Recon Detect Device, but it can only be placed at the infiltrator’s current location (unlike the Detect Tool, which can be fired to a forward location).
    New loadout choices

    Stalker Cloak
    • When equipped, the Stalker Cloak allows the player to regen their ability meter while cloaked, but the regen will only activate when completely stationary. Moving will cause the cloak meter to be consumed, just like the other two cloak types.
    • The player cannot equip a primary weapon when this cloak is equipped
    Bolt Attachment
    • This attachment will allow the bolt-action rifles to chamber the next round while still scoped
    Adrenaline Pump
    • We’re adding the adrenaline pump (faster sprint speed) cert line to the Infiltrator to match it being a lighter class
    Flashlight Functionality
    • All Flashlight attachments will now help with detection of cloaked enemies
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  2. jettblakk

    A bigger mag for sniper rifles is useless. give the TR something that matters.
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  3. DeadliestMoon

    Having a built-in Ammunition Belt doesn't matter? Okay, what do you suggest?
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  4. Amouris

    Can we get some details on visibility while using stalker cloak, specifically how visible will it be when stationary.
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    It all sounds good to me!
  6. Ryko Nailo

    Can you buff the Adrenaline Pump cert while you are at it? Compared to the other suit options it's SEVERELY lacking.

    Also if Stalker cloak really does get rid of the primary weapons then I hope it's TRUE invisibility. Regen alone isn't worth the price especially with how fast the default recharges anyway.
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  7. Jeslis

    RE: Stalker cloak.. fire while stealthed? or have to turn off rq to fire pistol?
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  8. DeadliestMoon

    I don't like how they are taking something that is unique to the Light Assault Class and giving it to the Infiltrator class.
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  9. Ardoc

    Both Classes are supposed to be high mobility, it wont make the light assault any less effective, it will just help the infiltrator move quicker so their cloak doesn't wear out in the middle of a field 2 feet from cover. Its not like their giving infiltrators the power to fly, that I would have a problem with. ^.^
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  10. Ravenorth

    EMP grenade needs to be made more useful, currently its not even worth to be called as Electromagnetic Pulse grenade.

    It should do the following things for a short duration:

    • Blackout huds of each tank and also sunderer/harassers secondary gunner huds(affects also 3rd person) We can do no harm to vehicles, so it would be most reasonable thing to give us something, which might help us to escape from them.
    • Disable every single class ability
    • Disable base turrets and Engineer turrets
    • Disable consoles
    • Destroy enemy explosives(this was removed on the latest PU, so bring it back!)
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  11. Plague Rat

    Sweet! Really looking forward to all this! The NS semi-auto is a surprise as is Adrenaline Pump, never really thought about getting the latter as an infiltrator but I am suddenly intrigued as hell.

    My only real worry about any of this is the Motion Sensor. a lot of people have been down on the darts due to enemies now being able to see the scanning area. Will it have a similar effect, and if so is it still going to be destroyable as they mentioned back at SoE live?
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  12. DeadliestMoon

    True, it doesn't make the Light Assault class less effective, it'll just make it less unique.
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  13. Plague Rat

    So we're going to assume then that a culture of spacefarers and colonists don't have a basic level of EM protection on their hard tech?

    Why do so many people want this grenade to do everything? Ask for a separate grenade to do this stuff, the EMP is already the only grenade in the game capable of damage (shield strip) AND disruptions (HUD removal) and blows up on impact on top of that making it inescapable. You're going to need something balanced appropriately to the effect, and the EMP is already there.
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  14. Ardoc

    I'll give you that, but we will just have to see what effect this has. though i am looking forward to the recon drone, wonder if u can put c4 on it and ram it into a group of enemies....could be fun!
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  15. cruczi

    Sounds really nice, looking forward to this. Especially the motion sensor.
  16. AnuErebus

    Two things I think should try and make it in as quality of life improvements.

    1: Trying to fire while cloaked should be equivalent to turning off the cloak. There'd still be a delay before you can actually fire but since it's a very common bug for one to appear uncloaked when cloaked and vice versa, this would be a workaround to make that bug less annoying until a full fix is found.

    2: Breath meter. Long requested and would also just help make life easier.
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  17. AdmiralArcher

    faster chamber time obviously, or faster reload, TR is about speed and capacity, but BASRs are not really affected by magazine size, id much rather have a faster reload, plus, reloading helps keep you aware of your sourrdounings, killed alot of guys sneaking up on me while im reloading lately
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  18. St0mpy

    I hope the recon drone has a super long cooldown between uses, like minutes. It sounds completely OP and makes there nowhere to hide.

    If I was a sniper id probably not want it in the game since its gonna be super effective against snipers, even finding them when youre fighting in a base and get shot from long distance. As it is now I have to change to infi and go scout the mountain I think they are behind, taking me out of the fight for quite a while but with a drone, say at Esamir Munitions Corp I can send it out over the side, find the hotspots and go straight there, cap the scurvy battle hiders and get back to fighting.

    As well as the cooldown my suggestions would be to not see cloaked infiltrators at all, and make fully stealthed vehicles shimmer like the infi cloak unless you fly right up to it.
  19. AdmiralArcher

  20. Stncold

    Bigger magazine size for more shots before reloading vs mobility that's probably only gonna be useful for escaping in a few situations or more damage that will most likely bring somebody to like 30% at most through full shield? Cause no way they're going to make it OHK on a bodyshot.

    Seems like TR are getting the best deal to me, depending on how much the NC rifle does to MAX's.
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