Feb. 4 - PS4 Extended Maintenance (4:30 AM PST - 2:30 PM PST)

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    Hey everyone,

    I want to apologize to our PS4 community for the lack of notice for today's extended downtime (related to the database migration we performed on PC a few weeks ago - same patch, hence the longer than normal downtimes). Servers came down extra early, at 4:30 AM PST, and we're hoping to have them back up by 2:30 PM PST. I'll update this post as soon as that happens.

    Normally, we'd try to inform you AT LEAST 24 hours in advance, especially for a long downtime like this one, but I dropped the ball on this one. I wanted to let you guys know this wasn't the Dev's team fault, and it certainly isn't because we don't want to be transparent with our PS4 community. It was just a simple miscommunication, and it falls on me to be better going forward.

    Stay tuned for an update this afternoon as soon as servers are back up.

    Justin aka "jgolenbo"

    Rogue Planet Games, Community Manager
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