Feb. 14, 2024 - Valentine's Day Update (PC Update)

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    Game servers will go down for our scheduled pc update tomorrow @ 6am pt / 3pm ct. for a 3hr downtime window.

    Hello Auraxians! We're kicking off this month's update with some Valentine's Day festivities along with some bug fixes and changes. Check it out below!
    Construction Terminal & Key bind changes
    • Added a nanite cost (half the static terminal cost) to vehicles spawned from construction terminals. This should throttle the length at which vehicles can be pulled from construction bases at speed by individual players. The Cortium cost remains the same, increasing the overall cost of spawning vehicles from construction terminals.
    • There have been changes to the key binds for vehicle utility abilities in preparation for the sunderer rework. This should not affect the current function ("F" still triggers single abilities), but additional slots have been added and can be triggered using the number keys 3-5 by default.
    Valentine's Day Event
    Valentine's Day is here! Share the love by completing this year's missions starting Wednesday, February 14th until Wednesday February 28th.
    Also available is the new Love Bomber Bundle containing:
    • Helmet
    • Camo
    • Decal
    • 1-month Boost
    In addition, because we want to share the good times there is also...
    Double XP For All Weekend
    • Double XP For All Weekend from Friday, February 16th to Sunday, February 18th.
    • The return of previous years Valentine's Day Bundles
    Directive Missions and Rewards
    Always Better Together
    Kill enemies as a passenger or gunner while in a vehicle with at least two occupants.

    Cupid's Arrow
    Kill enemies with crossbows.

    Friends Forever
    As a MAX suit, guard allies by taking damage with at least one ally within 10 meters.

    I'd Walk 500 Meters
    Travel on foot with at least 1 ally within 10 meters. Cannot be completed in Sanctuary or at warp gates.

    Complete Daily Matchmaker Missions.

    Your Max Looks Great
    As an engineer, repair ally MAX suits.

    Earn the following Positive Defacement rewards for participating in the event.

    Tier 1
    Positive Defacement Decal
    Title: Love Bomber
    250 Certs

    Tier 2
    Positive Defacement Banner Frame
    Positive Defacement Banner
    500 ISO-4

    Tier 3
    Basic Implant Pack
    Positive Defacement Camo

    Tier 4
    Love Bomber Glass
    Deluxe Implant Pack
    500 A7

    Presidents Day Sale
    Enjoy 40% off vehicle camos from February 18th to February 21st!

    Bug Fixes
    • Synthium should now properly be collected by outfits that own relevant facilities
    • The Rocket Rifle now plays the magazine empty sound (click) when fired without any ammunition
    • The NS11 (all versions) and Cycler TRV will no longer double the audio effect when fired in semi-auto mode from the 1st person view
    • Added shell audio to the the NS Baron G5, NS 45 Pilot , Deimos VA29, and Phobos VX86 to match corresponding VFX
    • Low Ammo audio indicator for the following NSO weapons has been fixed: CB-100, SG-100, CB-200, CB-X75, PMG-100, PMG-200, PMG-3XB, SG-A25, AR-100, AR-101, AR-N203, BAR-A50, SR-100, SR-150, SR-L75, XMG-100, XMG-155, XMG-200
    • 1st person reload animation sounds for many NC and TR heavy weapons have fixed or adjusted
    • Added instructional text to inactive repositories instructing players to bring flags to them to enable capture
    • NS Baron G5AE loadout screen icon resolution fixed
    • 3rd Person generator repair tool VFX have been fixed
    • Up x 5
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