Feb. 09, 2022 - Valentine's Day Events (PC Update)

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    All PC servers will be offline for the following update, Feb. 09, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CET), downtime is expected to last up to two hours.

    Valentine's Day Events from Feb. 09 - Feb. 14
    The eternal grind of the war machine may keep the vendors of Sanctuary single, but it won't stop them from treating themselves this Valentine's Day season.

    Complete all 6 Matchmaker missions to gain access to Operation: Matchmaker, a scheme by FL-34 to earn some extra cash by running a matchmaking contest. And he's willing to cut you in if you, ya know, do pretty much all of the legwork.
    • Matchmaker Missions: Up to two Matchmaker missions will appear in your list each day, providing progress in the Valentine's Day directive tree... as well as making someone feel loved and appreciated.
    • Valentine's Day Directive: This special event has its own directive, rewarding the "Lovestruck" title on completion.
    • Holiday Items: A lovely list of war implements and camouflage are making a return for this event, as well as some new items listed below!

    New this year!
    Seraphim HLX - Heavy Crossbow - 1499 DBC
    Get this heavenly new heavy crossbow, complete with new audio and progress in the Exceptional V directive.

    Lovestruck Bundle - 2999 DBC
    Catch the Seraphim HLX, and loads of cosmetic goodies in this sweet new bundle.
    • Seraphim HLX
    • Heartless Outfit Decal
    • Dark Chocolate Camo
    • Mosquito Pink Afterburner FX
    • Scythe Pink Afterburner FX
    • Reaver Pink Afterburner FX
    • Dervish Pink Afterburner FX
    • Liberator Pink Afterburner FX
    • Valkyrie Cupid Contrails
    • Liberator Cupid Contrails
    • Galaxy Cupid Contrails
    • Mosquito Cupid Contrails
    • Scythe Cupid Contrails
    • Reaver Cupid Contrails
    • Dervish Cupid Contrails
    Shown: Pink Afterburner FX on the Liberator.

    Oshur and Water-related Updates
    • You can no longer Flail within no-construction areas on Oshur.
    • Increased Cortium respawn rate on Oshur by 50%.
    • Oshur now has a Conquest Alert that triggers when the continent population is greater than 800.
    • Connection territory to an enemy Flotilla will now award 34 Empire Strength on Oshur.
    • Lockon weaponry can no longer target vehicles in water deeper than 20 meters.
    • Vehicle gunners can no longer fire while underwater.
    • Fixed an issue where seat swapping in a vehicle could prevent you from firing above water.
    • Reavers no longer spin uncontrollably while underwater.
    • Galaxy now feels more weighty while submerged, slightly slower overall, and doesn't roll as quickly.
    • Valkyrie has received a large speed increase while submerged.
    • ANT has received additional speed while floating.
    • Using the Flash's Turbo no longer slows you down while floating.
    • Added bollards to the bottom floor of all Oshur tower bases to prevent vehicles from being silly.
    • Fixed an LoD issue on one of the large Oshur rocks that would cause it to disappear too quickly.
    • Sunderer Gate Shields no longer disappear before ~700 meters.
    • Trident Relays and Interlink Outposts now generate outfit resources.
    • Updated the Trident Relay mission board objects to use better visuals.
    • War table NPC can now be found at the Southwest Flotilla.
    • Added underwater detonation FX for Flash/Concussion grenades.
    • Heavy Crossbow no longer uses an explosive underwater impact effect unless it's using Fracture Bolts.

    Mission Updates
    • Elysium Drill mission is now possible to complete on Oshur, and the NE-11 PML can now be used underwater.
    • Guerilla Warfare mission no longer counts damage against inanimate objects.
    • Guerilla Warfare mission now requires 3000 damage to enemies, instead of needing to inflict damage 30 times.
    • Sunderer of Service and Galaxy of Service missions no longer require you to unlock attachments before making further mission progress.
    • Daily missions that required you to acquire a vehicle before making further mission progress have had that step removed.
    • Fixed an issue where waypoints leading you to different zones could appear as small green circular areas on the minimap, and not display a directive waypoint above the warpgate NPCs.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • There should no longer be a minimum of two continents unlocked at any time.
    • Fixed various construction and deployable-related placement exploits.
    • Routing Spires now show their possible placement area on the map and minimap.
    • Remote clients can now see when other vehicles use their afterburners.
    • Added a UI option to toggle the third person vehicle dot reticle.
    • Fixed an empty chat line that could be created when a Mentor would speak in the chatbox.
    • The Structure Shield Module construction item's activated effect now prevents damage from Cortium Bombs, Mauler Cannons, and other forms of damage that bypass armor.
    • The WLT-Weaver has an updated description, and no longer plays machinegun audio when firing the weapon.
    • UBP-1 Starfish now triggers sidearm-related implants and objectives.
    • Fixed some pinched textures on the Tigerstrike Decimator.

    Spawn System
    Some quick thoughts here toward the end: Feedback regarding the recent spawn changes has shown some unnecessary frustration on the non-Oshur continents. We're going to take a look at the controls and see if we can make improvements for a future update. Some features (like Reinforcements Needed and Join Combat) aren't as helpful as we anticipated they'd be with these changes, and in general the movement around the map is a bit too restrictive on the continents that have lots of bases.

    The worst case scenario is that we can revert back to the Spawn Priority system in place prior to Oshur's release, but we'd prefer not to do that as that system tends to create significant server performance bottlenecks with its existing implementation. We'll be sure to message out when we've got updates to share.

    Thanks folks.
    -Wrel, Lead Designer
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