Feb. 02, 2022 - Lunar New Year

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    All PC servers will be offline for the following update, Feb. 02, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CET), downtime is expected to last up to two hours.

    Oshur Launch Thoughts
    Hey there, just wanted to take a moment to remark on how amazing the reception to Oshur has been so far. It's rare to see this level of excitement and (dare I say) satisfaction with the gameplay to come out of an update. While there's still plenty of work to be done on the continent and its systems, the comments regarding how reminiscent Oshur is of PlanetSide 2's early glory, have been heartening and much appreciated.

    There are certainly folks who don't have an interest in the type of gameplay being fostered on the continent, and that's totally valid. We sought to create an logistics heavy, strategy rich, and combined arms experience with Oshur, and the groundswell of support makes it seem like we landed pretty close to that mark. So thank you all for giving us (and Oshur) a chance, and we'll be keeping an eye out for more feedback as things become less new and shiny, and the meta of the continent starts to settle.

    -Wrel, Lead Designer

    Lunar New Year
    Happy Lunar New Year! For the Year of the Tiger, we've deployed the new Tigerstrike Decimator to the Depot, that comes bundled with a new decal and banner. These items will be available in the Depot through Feb. 28.



    Oshur Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • You can now hear footsteps on the Flotilla Bastions.
    • War Table NPCs show as correct faction on Oshur Flotillas.
    • Fort Arceo now has infantry terminals in the spawn room.
    • You can now find Warpgate Terminals in the Flotillas.
    • Fixed a "fake" cortium vein north of Dekat Interlink.
    • Oshur's World Map thumbnail no longer says "PLACEHOLDER".
    • The northern Flotilla can now use the air vehicle pad on the northern most Bastion.
    • Anat Interlink now considers you in the facility area while in the spawn room.
    • Gildad Cliffs now considers you in the facility area while in the spawn room.
    • Dekat Interlink's Sunderer no-deploy zone no longer affects normal deployables and vehicles.
    • Wellerman Watch capture time is now equal to most Large Outposts.
    • Seapost K12 can now be captured.
    • Painfield at Terran Genetics should no longer kill friendlies who spawn into the spawn room.
    • Air Terminal at Gildad Cliffs now functions.
    • Eagle Outpost now uses the correct Tower spawnroom shields.
    • Nascent Shipping and Storage capture timer is now on par with other single-point bases.
    • Astira Hydroelectric now has a spawn room pain field.
    • Pommel Gardens now has a spawn room pain field.
    • Pommel Gardens, Astira Hydroelectric, and Mirror Bay Watchtower now all have no-construction zones.
    • Fixed a broken Sunderer Garage shield at Mirror Bay Watchtower's eastern garage.
    • Added Ammo Tower at Sibo Interlink.
    • Capturing or defending Trident Relays now provide experience.
    • Trident Relays and Interlinks won't provide the outfit resources shown in the UI in this update, but this will be 1 Polystellarite and 8 Synthium once the bug preventing delivery is resolved.
    • Various terrain and object cleanup.
    • A no-construction zone now prevents players from building on a campaign-related island.
    • Seapost K10 now appears on the map and mini-map.
    • Weapon models no longer glow on the loadout screen.
    • Fixed an issue where firing from some of the rocks at Tannae Power wouldn't register your hits.
    • Underwater lighting effects no longer persist when teleporting to a different continent while submerged.
    Interlink Facilities
    • Changes have been made to the Interlink Facilities throughout the continent. The goal for the changes are mainly to give defenders more room to push out of the spawn room, and interact with more of the facility and its surroundings.
    • A hallway shield has been added to all Interlinks, and the cover inside has been adjusted to allow for more progression pushing from the hallway.
    • The interior space has been segmented more, closing off some longer sight lines, and making flow around the capture point a bit better.
    • Imbanon Interlink, Dekat Interlink, and Anat Interlink all have functional teleporters that take you to safe rooms outside the main structure. Other interlinks should receive teleporters when there's time.
    • Additional cover from aircraft has been added on the roof of the spawn room and the main structure.
    • The spawn room now has a sniper's perch on the top floor, to make it easier to clear the rooftop approach.
    • Bollards have been added to the four main entrances to help prevent vehicles from entering.

    Testing Banners
    Players who participated in the Test Build 01 and/or Test Build 02 events for Oshur, your Work in Progress banners will be making their way to your account before the week is over.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Reduced the global base respawn time from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
    • Dervish Fire Suppression now heals the described 25% health over 5 seconds. (175 health per second, instead of 150 per second.)
    • Third person vehicle reticle shows for all vehicle passengers.
    • Fixed an issue with aircraft thrust not decaying properly when switching seats.
    • UBP-1 Starfish's reload animation now works correctly.
    • Fixed various animation issues related to underwater rifles.
    • Moss Ravine on Amerish no longer submerges players near the magical, physics-defying streams.
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