Favourite TR Engi rife?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by ProperBo, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. ProperBo

    Hi all,

    Ive got some spare SC and I was wondering if any of the sidegrades are worth it or if I should spend them on something else?
  2. Lowerydro

    The trac-5 S can use all of the attachments, including the different ammo, smoke/grenade launcher and shotgun and all the barrel attachments. It also has the select fire modes.

    Try to learn to keep your bursts to about 20 shots each and it stays extremely accurate.
  3. Delbaeth

    Trac-5 is good all around, but I personally love my T5-AMC. It's a more long range heavy hitter, and the 3.4 red dot is awesome.

    But that's just me.
  4. ProperBo

    I've heard good things about both of those. I think I'd go for the T5 AMC as it seems to be more different than the stock than the TRAC 5 S is. So I can always use the stock if I want to get up close and personal like.
  5. LoneMaverick

    Use a Trac-5 S with the grenade launcher attachment, not only is it fun as hell, but so useful for clearing out entrenched enemies in doors/rocks.

    Once they fix the ammo bug and the unable to switch weapons due to reload bug I think it'll be the go-to gun for engies.
  6. Sarcasmo

    Trac-5 Burst with 3.4 DMO. most wonderful little Barnypopper around
  7. InZanity

    Im running with the LC2 Lynx and so far its kept me alive more than once even at the far end of mid range and it is a real killer at shorter ranges due to its high ROF
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  8. Semaj

    Has anyone tried the TR battle rifle? The AMR 66 or something like that. I trialed it and it seems pretty good for long range encounters, plus at close range I can usually get some kills too with a quick three shots, but that was only for 30 minutes and it is a lot more expensive then the guns you guys are commenting on.
  9. Doogle

    Got it with a forward grip and compensator and its still lackluster sadly, shots are inaccurate for semi auto after the first shot, the bullet drop is bad and projectile speed is slow, damage per shot is not that great either when you have the fire at the speed of a sniper rifle to control the bloom.

    but hey at least it looks cool.
  10. Ice Pirate

    I use AS16 nighthawk with extended mag. All my engagements are almost always close range offense or defense and it will chew apart any class even multiples if they are tight. You shouldn't be sniping much if at all on the class. Ammo packs, repairs, or dropping a turret to reap xp are the game. T5 Burst or the AMC even the LC2 Lynx are better suited to Light Assault where sniping mid range is effective due to being up on a roof etc. You can make about 100-150 certs in as little two or three hours with a constant defense or offense in my experience.
  11. Binkus

    I run the Lynx

    and i would NOT get the AMR 66 (you can use for heavy too) but i found it to be awful, all round awful
  12. InZanity

    Tried the AMR today, the base gun has potential i have to give it that, but without unlocks it is hard to give it a fair rating.
    However it seems to be a fairly good choice at longer ranges and doable in short/mid
    Was testing it during a techplant defence and i did get several mid/short range kills without breaking my armor and ALMOST won a long range duel with a sniper even tho i only had iron sights(he had one or two bars left when i died)
  13. Semaj

    Well based on your guys feedback, I think I might save up for the Trac 5 S because many people say it is a pretty good all round gun with a lot of attachments unlock able for it. I think that the AMR 66 would not be the best for Engineers because I think there are fewer long range situations compared to short range, so I think I will get the Trac 5 S and put a 3 or 4 zoom scope on it so that it can be doable in a hunch on burst at long er ranges, and I will likely get and underslung grenade launcher on it which I jear is very good in close quarters. Any other thoughts on the Trac 5 S? or something better then that?
  14. Binkus

    the Lynx is imo the best carbine for TR fast and good, i wouldnt play at range with it but how many long range fights are you really going to rumble into as an Engi

    a friend played engi for the first time after mainly playing HA and loved the Lynx

    close quarters you will rule. give the lynx some thought above the trac (although in all honesty they are pretty similar)

    i always run the Infrared sight personally aswell makes it awesome for indoor fights
  15. Exmortius

    you have me interested in trying a few other guns. i'm kind of eyeing thermal sights on my prowler just to see if it is more handy than night vision after that i'll probably take a look at these guns. the default engy gun i tend to do ok with so far. even better than when i tried the full auto TR shotty with extended mag and slugs.
  16. KestrelM1

    I'm quite enjoying the TRAC-5 S. It's not that expensive to cert into, and you can attach pretty much anything to it. The weapon comparer says that it has a slightly lower Rate of Fire - but I've personally never noticed the difference. I've been having a lot of fun with the Shotgun attachment, it really gives you an edge in CQC fights if you get used to switching back to the rifle quickly afterward.

    Having the 3 fire modes less useful than it seems at first, but the three-round burst is quite accurate at medium range. The Grenade Launcher attachment's hit detection is a little wonky sometimes, but I can see it being useful for hanging outside a spawn/choke point with an ammo container down spamming grenades. It doesn't kill except on direct hits, but it will certainly weaken your targets enough that they're easy to finish off later.

    Basically, if you like the default carbine, and I do, then the TRAC-5 S is essentially a straight upgrade.
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  17. InducedApathy

    I like thel ynx or as16 nighthawk shotty. The as16 is my primary as I'm usually repairing something or turned around 90% of the time and people think it's kosher to come up on me from behind. My buttocks must look good or something. The nighthawk lets me shoo away unwanted visitors (las or infs usually) in under a second.
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  18. TokyoShoe

    It sounds like the TRAC-5 S is the gun for me. Will have to give it a look-see.
  19. Nubadak

    Thought I would chime in.
    Get the "FAwhatever" top of the line shotgun with slugg ammo!
    I one shot players all the time if its a headshot.. sometimes two shot if its a body. But it harder until you get the slug ammo.
  20. NoctD

    I can't decide what I want to do - the basic TRAC-5 is working very well for me, with just IRNV scope. Is the TRAC-5 S really better... seems like you lose DPS due to the lesser ROF. The LC2 Lynx seems interesting... for close/medium range encounters, would you say I should look at the LC2 for a bit more punch?

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