Favorite voice macro?

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  1. bodmans

    Tribes: Ascend voice
    Also, no yellow text
  2. PrimePriest

    V6 - Points for style!

    After epic stunt in harasser
  3. Sovereign533

    panicky voice : "I THINK I BROKE IT!"
    panicky voice : "CAN ANYONE FIX THIS!?"
    Those are the best reasons to play an NC female character =p

    Sometimes I just run around a broken terminal, running up to everybody I see yelling "I THINK I BROKE IT!"
    And then running to the next one to yell "CAN ANYONE FIX IT!?"

    edit : best thing that happened to me with the voice commands is when I ran out of ammo. And I saw a TR engie... just ran up to him and asked for ammo (fully expected him to answer with his carbine, pistol or knife). But he dropped ammo for me. I thanked him and ran away.
  4. PieBringer

    *Louis voice* PILLS HERE!

    ... What? Am I the only one?
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  5. Amundsenkalmah

    haha the NC female voice is great.
    So anyone know how to extract the file of the macro so i can have a funny ringtone or something?
  6. WaiZen

    NC - That was cute, Good Try / Points for Style
    TR - That was Painful to Watch / YOU WANT SOME?
    VS - "I'm in need of Repairs" - Female version VS and anything Battery related xD
  7. Zyrina

    I need a ride!
  8. BlueRizla

    The above fondly reminded me of this

    As for PS 2 its.. I think I broke it. Followed by an Engi V+9 you betcha!
  9. Loclear

    Thanks for posting that video, I have not seen it in years so it's like watching it for the first time... again. Still, that made my day!
  10. Juho

    NC ones are mostly my faves

    "Lend a hand" - says it so funny way
    "Help!!" - dramatic
    "Boom!" - when destroying a harasser
    "Splat!" - when destroying Mosquito

    For TR
    "Where's the combat medic???!!!!"

    ...and VS
    "I require medical attention!"
    "I appreciate your assistance"