Favorite voice macro?

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  1. Amundsenkalmah

    Yeah when you press V
    Mine is #7 NC
    I think it says "lend a hand?"
    But for me sounds like what the hell??!!
    It's better on the female voice.
    TR that was painful to watch is also cool
  2. Loclear

    Mine is from PS1, but here we go.

    V-V-F "Fabulous!"
  3. Pikachu

    "I need repairs!" - TR MAX :D Its just funny to hear. I always imagine him jumping up and down.
    "Somebody fix this up!" - NC MAX or NC vehicle that is stuck.
    "I need more batteries." - Any vanu. I donno why but its always funny to hear.
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  4. FateJH

    Your best is my worst.
    The chat wiondow doesn't lie.
  5. bodmans

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  6. Sen7rygun

    I need more batteries for my vibr.... Lancer!
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  7. -Synapse-

    "You want some!?"
    "I'm a little banged up doc..."

    "I think I broke it!"
    "Live free in the NC."

    "I need more batteries!"
    "You have any batteries?"
  8. deggy

    "Find enlightenment."

    "I think I broke it!"
  9. Blarg20011

    "Batteries," or any variation thereof.
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  10. CrashB111


    "That was painful to watch."
    "You call yourself a soldier?"
  11. Pikachu

    What is this? :confused:
  12. yllom001

    "We are your only salvation" -The VS soldier who just killed your buddy, and is in the worst position to fight you
  13. Lazaruz


    I always try to apologize when I kill people. There's no reason we can't be civil...
  14. Cuze

    NC Female:

    and for some reason I think the way they say "Spotted an an enemy heavy" sounds funny.
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  15. zib1911

    Thank you.
  16. MuchachoBob

  17. Lazaruz

    "Dude, you have any any batteries? C'mon man, I just need a quick fix... FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS VANU, GIVE ME MY BATTERIES!!!"

    Bloody battery addicts...
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  18. Van Dax

    sorry, I know that plasma melting your internal organs has got to hurt but I'm confident you'll find the truth.
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  19. deggy

    I've been known to do V-1 "Thanks" to enemies just before finishing them off. I have it macro'd to a mouse button, it's easy to reach.
  20. DashRendar

    VAF - GET THE ENEMY FLAG! (particularly annoying when it's a light class)
    VDG - DEFEND OUR GENERATOR! (annoying on premises because only bad scrubs play capture the generator)
    VED - The enemy is in disarray (nobody ever used this one, but I liked using it)

    Some good chains:
    VGTG - VGS (I am the Shazbot!)
    VED + VGS (The enemy is in Shazbot!)
    VAF + VGS (Get the enemy Shazbot!)
    VDG - VGO - VVS (at match end after everyone finished spamming VGW, light comedy) (DESTROY THE ENEMY GENERATOR! ...oops, sorry!)
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