Favorite stuff to do in Planetside 2

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  1. lilleAllan

    We all know there's plenty of Things wrong with Planetside - time spent searching for actual fights, lack of meta game, bla bla whatever

    But what are your favorite Things to do in this game? Here's my list

    1. Dogfighting. Engaging ESFs and Libs with the Rotary is lots of fun to be had. Dodging, using the terrain, stalking the skies from the ceiling. It's mighty intense, and there's a certain sense of honor among pilots. Once in a while one will write the other "gg" or "well played" even after losing, just in appreciation of the good fight. That's sportsmanship.

    2. Late night harasser / lib runs with friends - especially drunk. One moment there's no action and you're like "yo, man, you ever stop and Watch the skies in this game?" then it's "OH **** **** TANKS EVERYWHERE GO FASTER DON*T HIT THE TREE WHAT IS HAPPENING"

    3. Killing people with the sidearm. There's something immensely satisfying in switching to the sidearm when your mag runs out and just pistolling a fool. Anyone can get a kill with a big Automatic weapon from a distance. Mag-shotting a guy to death is big boys League. Sometime I will run mag-shot only, Deagle style. The repeater is also pretty damn great, but the mag shot is just all business.

    Edit: 4. Getting vengeance on your killer with a mine. This is insanely annoying when you're on the receiving end, but it's great carthasis when the guy WHO just kills you runs in to recharge his shield and steps on the mine, you put Down seconds earlier. It's like divine karma or something, getting the kill +vengenace bonus while you're still in your death screen.
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  2. Chiss

    1. Proper ESF vs ESF chases/fights. I mean where both ESFs are flying at full speed constantly, weaving through terrain, trying to lose your tail.
    Not rolling around on the spot like morons, which all Scythe pilots seem to do. Probably because they have the best agility... and thats the only way they can win, other than ramming...

    2. LA + Semi-Auto Shotgun + Tower Battle.

    3. Spending like 5 minutes sneaking up on vehicles to C4 them. I feel like im hunting a deer or something. It's great fun.

    4. Pulling off heroic stuff, like soloing an enemy sunderer and 20 people.
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  3. Xericor

    1. Manning AA guns. I love the pum-pum-pum-pum of the guns and the challenge of predicting enemy flight paths. Its the sweetest take down, seeing the red cross flash as you hit the target and the enemy pilot panic, seconds before his plane explodes.

    2. Tank Duels. Going head to head in my Vanguard against other MBT's. It doesn't have the heroic image of air duels, but the cranking of gears and the watching of the reload disc, before aiming/firing/evading the enemy's counter shots is mucho fun. But then I love World of Tanks....
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  4. Liquid23

  5. Rentago

  6. Dasparian

    Getting a massive killstreak, then ctr+v /suicide to keep the enemy from getting the streak bonus.
  7. lilleAllan

    wat? >_>
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  8. Carnivombre

    Equipping Mossie with scout radar and going after ghostcappers. "Oh you drove there for 5 minutes, here's some rockets as a reward."

    Sniping engineers who are repairing MAXes. Sniping engineers who are spamming rockets from AV turrets. Sniping engineers who are repairing their ESF. Sniping medics who are reviving people. Sniping snipers who are sniping.

    I like to go behind enemy lines with my infiltrator. Placing claymores behind manned turrets is more fun than hacking them.

    Skyguard is also very satisfying to use. Just wait till they start doing the hovering before they realize that I'm equipped with AA.

    Driving Sunderer where ever is defense/attack order. Feels nice to contribute for my team.
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  9. NovaAustralis

    Both VERY satisfying. :D

    Nothing beats a good and proper dogfight.

    Also, yes, tank stalking is fantastically tense but fun!

    So many people miss out on this but simply ignoring AA turrets!
    They are there for a very good (and profitable) reason!

    A proper tank vs tank duel is rare, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

    So, sniping? ;)

    This, with Betties... LOL ;)
  10. Zopar

    Low and fast with a fully loaded galaxy doing combat drops on bases. My favorite part of the game by far!
  11. itzCujo666

    Shooting lots and lots of enemies. Hopefully causing a few QQs, by people outplayed.
  12. Prudentia

    GAAAALDROOOOPS i have like 20% of my certs in my gal and there is not one thing as satisfing as flying a fully loaded over a base, dropping some grunts on the cappoint and your gunners raining pain and death out of your wings. I<3My Thunderbird
  13. Vashyo

    cataloging the wildlife of Auraxis.
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  14. Bolticus

    Don`t want to derail the thread, but due to the Reaver`s vertical thrust, it can turn faster than the other 2 ESFs pitch. Making it the king of hover battles. If you use it correctly of course.
  15. Ravenorth

    I just love getting on enemy towers and tech plants, which are far behind their lines, so majority of enemies think they are safe. I´ll just sit there and wait for enemy pilots coming to repair their ESF/Libs and then kill them and blow up their vehicles with hacked turrets. Then I lay down some ap mines and go hiding somewhere while they´ll search the whole place thoroughly and possibly get blown up by my mines.

    Lots of juicy extreme menace kills.
  16. Pivke

    get the Underboss and do it like a boss! :D
  17. Chiss

    Regardless, those battles are boring. If someones on your tail, try to lose them like a man.
  18. Bolticus

    That is true. I wish ESF fights would be high-speed. It's no fun with all the hovering.
    Just look at War Thunder. That game has amazing dogfights.
  19. Zakuak

    LOL hilarious!

    #1 Reading these forums, we have such a wonderful and caring community and I am blessed to be a part of it.....

    #2 My TR HA with TMG-50/Striker, I smile every time I log in, it's just wicked looking.

    #3 Firing my weapon, all the time, at everything, always.

    #4 TB devastation in my Lib...but I don't fly much anymore now that I'm TR.
  20. Teegeeack

    Logging out before I'm shot down in my ESF