Favorite Loadout (with names)

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  1. urida

    Partially wanted to post my own,but I mostly want to hear what your guys fav's are. Here's mine:

    Faction: NC Class: Infiltraitor

    Angel of Death
    • EM4 Longshot
      • M7 Optics
      • Suppressor
      • Straight Pull Bolt
    • NC4 Mag-Shot
      • Laser Sight
      • Suppressor
    • Recon Detection Device 6
    • Hunter Cloak 6
    • Chameleon Module
    • Decoy Grenade
    • Bouncing Betty
    • Mag-Cutter
    • Implants
      • Ammo Printer 4
      • Target Focus 5
    I've been having a lot of fun with this one getting behind enemy lines and just picking off people. It's nothing special I know (i mostly just like the name :p ) but the decoy grenade + bouncing betty combo for small choke points is hilarious.
    So what are your guys fav's?
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  2. Droid15.24.3

    Sure, why not!

    Faction: VS | Class: Infiltrator

    [Shadow Blitz]
    • Eridani SX5 / Skorpios
      • VHO Reflex (2x)
      • Compensator
      • Extended Mags
      • (Soft Point / High Velocity) Ammunition
    • Beamer VS3 / The Immortal
      • Supressor (Beamer VS3)
      • Laser Sight (Beamer VS3)
    • Recon Detection Device 6
    • Nano-Armor Cloak 5
    • Nanoweave Armor 5
    • EMP Grenade
    • Proximity Mines
    • (Preferred Knife)
    • Implants
      • Deep Operative 5
      • Regeneration 5 / Sweeper HUD 3/ Sensor Shield 5
    This is a very aggressive style for Infiltrators, especially in close quarters and areas with lots of blind spots. You can easily take out spawn beacons, motion trackers, and those pesky HA overshields (and their normal shields to boot). Use darts to reveal enemy locations or shoot them somewhere else to draw eyes in the wrong direction. Drop mines behind turrets, step back, fire a shot, and go about your business while some poor TR/NC explodes when they try to investigate. Drop them off a roof into a crowd, in an escape route whatever works for you. Got spotted while sneaking around a building? Well jokes on them, because so were they!

    Tl;dr: Move fast, hit them hard, leave a gift, keep their eyes searching!
  3. Campagne

    Heh, I always just title my loadouts with whatever primary weapon is equipped, aside from "Stalker Cloak."

    Hard to say which is a favourite, I guess if I had to choose only one loadout...

    Faction: NC | Class Heavy Assault

      • TekLyte Reflex [1x] - Yellow Dot
    • (Whatever sidearm I happen to be aurax'ing)
      • TekLyte Reflex [1x] - Yellow Dot (NC)/NiCO [1x] - Yellow Dot (NS)
      • Darklight flashlight
    • Hawk GD-68
    • Adrenaline Shield 5
    • Nanoweave 5
    • Medical Kit (x4)
    • Frag Grenade
    • Mag-Cutter
    • Implants
      • Battle Hardened 5
      • Catlike 5
    Excellent all-rounder. High versatility, high practicality. Can engage virtually any target with at least some effectiveness and has a high base-survivability against most enemies. Universally useful and always powerful. If I had to chose only one sidearm, it'd be a Commissioner.
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  4. Rydenan

    Meme Conglomerate:
    Heavy Assault
    Max resto kits
    Catlike 5

    -- or --

    Shadow Healer:
    S-Variant AR
    + UB Smoke launcher
    + HS/NV Scope
    + Smoke Bolts
    Rez nades
    Grenade Bandolier 3
    Catlike 5
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  5. UberNoob1337101

    Grenadier :

    • Battle Rifle/S-variant carbine
      • mandatory UBGL and attachments of choice.
    • Commissioner/Pistol of choice
    • Knife of choice
    • Sticky Grenades (x4)
    • Grenade Bandoleer
    • Hardlight Barrier/AI MANA Turret
    • Tank Mines
    • Battle Hardened 5 to make the constant grenade spam less nauseating
    • Implant of choice

    Find a good position, deploy the ammo pack along with your cover and spam all the 'nades! Is it good? Depends on the fight. Is it entertaining? Absolutely.
  6. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Faction: VS
    Class: Light Assault

    lvl120 Arch Latencymage
    • Phobos/Daimos
      Extended Mags
    • Hunter
      Laser sight
      Smoke Bolts
    • Rocklet Rifle
      Typhoon Rocklets
    • Ambusher Jump Jets 5
    • Grenade Bandolier 3
    • Frag Grenade
    • C4
    • Lumine Edge
    • Nightmare 5
    • Aerial Combatant 5
    How to use: Find a camped room/choke point, blast in, ultra violence ensues, Blast out.

    Faction: TR
    Class: Heavy Assault

    • Minigun + extended mags ('nuff said)
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  8. Icehole1999

    Faction: TR
    Class: HA
    Loadout Name: Hillbilly, Get Off Of Your Sister

    MCG with BRRT

    Nanoweave 5

    Nanite Mesh Generator 5

    Medkits x4

    Frag Grenade

    Default Launcher

    Any knife

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  9. Rydenan

  10. urida

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  11. Mianera

    The Terminator

    Heavy Assault:
    - Betelgeuse
    - Underboss
    - Adrenal shield
    - Nanoweave armor
    - Concussion grenade
    - C4
    - Nemesis
    - Battle hardened
    - Regeneration
  12. That_One_Kane_Guy

    The Red Team:
    Edgy Quiet Guy

    Infiltraitor (because no ES = treason?)
    NSX Daimyo (because gimmicks aren't always bad)
    NV-6 IR 6X (because not seeing enemy infils is fun!)
    Extended Mag (because aiming is hard)
    NS-45 Pilot (because clicking twice isn't easy)
    Laser Sight (because darklight=waste)
    Recon Detection Device 6 (because fair fights are for losers)
    Hunter Cloak 6 (see above)
    Ammo Pouch (because teammates drop ammo. always)
    EMP (pronounced "imp")
    Claymores (pronounced "skill")
    PointyThingINeverUse (because we invented guns for a reason)
    Target Focus 4 (because no more goldfish lungs)
    Health Regen 4 (because there's always a medic, he's just dead)
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  13. AvalancheZ250

    Faction: New Conglomerate
    Class: Heavy

      • NC6 Gauss SAW
        • 1x Reflex
        • Advanced Foward Grip
        • Compensator
      • NS-357 Underboss
        • 2x Reflex
        • Laser sight
      • Shrike or Hawk GD-68 depending on air situation
      • NMG (penultimate rank)
      • Nanoweave 5
      • Anti-Vehicle grenade
      • 2x C4
      • TMC - "His Regards"
      • Implants:
        • Catlike 5
        • Regen 4
    Its just the typical loadout. Back to the basics, I guess. Excellent versatility and very, very NC.
    HAVOK (or more accurately, KEK)
    • AF-4 Cyclone
      • 2x Reflex
      • Extended Magazines
      • SPA
    • NS-357 Underboss
      • 2x Reflex
      • Laser sight
    • Shrike or Hawk GD-68 depending on air situation
    • NMG (penultimate rank)
    • Nanoweave 5
    • Anti-Vehicle grenade
    • 2x C4
    • TMC - "His Regards"
    • Implants:
      • Catlike 5
      • Regen 4
    Its almost exactly the same because I've never seen other options being worth the cert investment. The Keklone however, was well worth it. And yes, I have a higher magnificent sight on my SMG than on my long-range LMG. 2x Reflex makes head popping easier with the Keklone out to 25m (you can hip fire it up to 10m) and its quite hard to aim properly with a 2x Reflex on the Gauss SAW because it kicks so much.
    Huh, I just realized I really haven't got a varied selection of capabilities because I rarely cert into new abilities/suit slots. Can someone tell me if Adren is worth it over NMG?
  14. urida

    I rarely play heavy but from what I understand Adren is better but only in that hands of someone who knows how shoot really well, otherwise it just burns out.
    Again, not from personal experience but what some outfit mates told me
  15. urida

    I'll toss another of my fav's out there using the IMHO criminally underrated drifter jets:
    Faction: NC Class: Light Assault

    Tank Hunter
    • GD-7F
      • Reflex Sight 1x
      • Laser Sight
      • Flash Suppressor
    I like the GD-7F with drifters because the high fire rate means even a quick strafe is likely to get you some hits to finish off low health runners, and the laser sight helps with the cone of fire not expanding as far during the strafe. Flash suppressor is nice because of some of the weird places you can get to with drifters.
    • NC4 Mag-Shot
      • Laser Sight
      • Suppressor
    I like having a suppressed weapon option with this build for all the times you randomly find yourself behind snipers. Silent taedown ftw.
    • Rocket Rifle
      • Typhoon Rocklets
    7 shots (1 right click and 1 shot) add enough extra damage to finish off a Sundy after double C4ing it. Personly, I tend to place the C4 first, then fire off the rocklets, and only then blow the C4, less time they realize whats happening.
    • Drifter Jump Jets 5 (omg so much airtime)
    • Grenade Bandoleer (carpet bombing run on high density areas)
    • Frag Grenade
    • C4 (duh)
    • Mag-Cutter
    • Implants
      • Ammo Printer 3 (temporary)
      • Target Focus 4 (temporary)
    I don't have a lot of implants yet so these are just stand in's till i get some better ones, although the ammo printer has come in handy occasionally. The things that makes this for me are the drifters(obv) and the crazy wierd flanks you can pull off with this.